Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Un-MIA myself

Oh well. Got back to Miri quite a while ago. Feels good to be back once again, miss the food here so much. Kolok mee, Claypot Prawn Noodles and everything else. Woah. They never tasted this good. lol. Anyway some updates on my life so far:

On the 27th to 29th of November, I was at Meleka. Doing what? Attending the world's most prestigious DotA tournament-SMM Grand National DotA Tournament. Where teams from all around the world to grab the prize pool that is involved. RM42000 to the champions. I dint go just as a spectator, I went as a Media. You see, I am an editor for one of the biggest DotA website in the world-Gosugamers. So I represented GosuGamers at SMM. Went and covered the whole event for them. I did pretty well considering this is my very first LAN and coverage done. Also I was doing it solo. So yeah, pretty good effort from me. Anyway the event was great, I get to meet some really cool players, some I never thought I would ever meet. For example, the whole MYM line-up, PMS girls and the guys from PokerIdol. They are all pretty cool dudes. Also met up with the GameStath shoutcasters, TobiWanKenobi and Will. They shoutcast DotA games really well, props to them for making the event that much better. Oh yeah, one of the highlights of the event was the funmatch between team Media vs team MCiTY from Australia. Team Media lost, but meh, it was damn fun to play. Team media consisted of Me(GosuGamers), ReiNN(myMYM), Toby(GameStath), Will(GameStath) and Phil(Gamestath). Should have seen Toby shouting during the game. He was so loud, guess thats what happens when you shoutcast DotA. lol. The other highlight is of course meeting PMS|furryfish*, the cutest DotA player around. She is a girl btw, I aint gay. Cant really bother reblogging about SMM as I've done it on GosuGamers already. So if you want to read it click here.

What else after that? Hmm. Nothing much I guess. Un-MIA myself for blogging. Got my results. Damn happy about my results. I got 77.3 for my CPS, which I only needed 67. WooHoo!!!! UWA here I come!!!!!!!!! Now to ask my dad for a PS3. Hmm.

Oh and I've decided to close my blog to the public, only those close to me can read it. I'd prefer not to, but things happened so I choose to protect myself. Till next time, see yaz peeps.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I'm going to be MIA from my blog for some time. Due to exams and so on. Gotta study. Hehe. Sorry to my readers. Although I dont think i have many. Thats all I have to say. See ya peeps.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why Melaka????

Man. Was looking so forward to going to watch SMM Grand National DotA Tournament this year end. But why does it have to be held in Melaka??? Transport is going to be so hard for me as there is no direct flight from Miri to Melaka. Makes me rethink whether I should go or not. Grr. Grr. Lets hope for the best.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

AWHYO Clan listen up.

All those who still consider themselves part of the AWHYO clan listen up, especially those going to KL for the trip next January. I have an announcement to make. And that is, the hotel has been booked. The hotel in question is So just for a heads-up on the pricing of it. Here are the details of the bookings:

Jan 14 1x Deluxe room
Jan 15 1x Deluxe room, 1x Standard room
Jan 16 1x Deluxe room, 2x Standard rooms
Jan 17 1x Deluxe room
Jan 18 1x Deluxe room

The price for each room is as follows(All after tax):

As for the room allocation, I took the liberty of arranging who sleeps with who so that it is easier for me to see who needs to pay how much. So here it is.

Jan 14 Deluxe: Terry, Melo, Susan, Hui Wen
Jan 15 Deluxe: Melo, Susan, Hui Wen, Karen, Sing Sien
Standard: Terry, Bryan, Poh Lim
Jan 16 Deluxe: Melo, Susan, Hui Wen, Karen
Standard: Terry, Bryan, Poh Lim
Standard: Sing Sien, Carrie, Doris
Jan 17 Deluxe: Terry, Melo, Susan, Hui Wen, Poh Lim
Jan 18 Deluxe: Terry, Melo, Susan, Hui Wen, Poh Lim

The amount need to be paid per person is the room cost divided by the amount of people staying. So it will be as follows:

Terry: RM168.7
Melo: RM151.8
Susan: RM151.8
Hui Wen: RM151.8
Karen: RM62.1
Sing Sien: RM67.1
Bryan: RM79
Poh Lim:RM134.2
Carrie: RM39.5
Doris: RM39.5

Basically, this post is to inform you guys about it. And there is no backing out now. Even if you decided not to stay in the hotel. You still have to pay me. As there is no way of canceling the booking now. Any question. Please leave comments.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Time to continue with my long overdue post about my AWHYO clan. This time, its the member that i hate the most. The one i despise so very much that I dream on how to kill her every single night. lol. Like tradition. Photo first.

Look at her. That evil face hugging that Hello Kitty. I bet you she's thinking how to kill the cat while taking that photo. Such an evil face. Dont you guys agree?

Besides concocting ways on how to kill that innocent cat. AWHYO|Emo likes to dream a lot. While there are a lot of dreams, there's only a few category of dreams.

The first is the *insert male celebrity name here*-is-so-going-marry-me kind of dreams. Where she drools all night in her dream of a certain celebrity being her lovely husband. Hugging her to sleep, kissing her everywhere, or just standing there so that she can show of to here imaginary dream friends that she has such a popular husband. Mind you, the celebrities that she dreams about arent the good looking ones too. Look absolutely hideous. If not mistaken, the current craze right now is Calvin something, from some random band.

The second one is the I-am-so-damn-rich kind of dream. Where she dreams that she sleeps on money, wipes her ass with money after she goes to the toiler and swim in money. That she can buy all the latest gadgets which she wants, which is always doesnt suite her at all. That she can buy all the top brands like Gucci, LV and Nike. Not knowing that if she buys them, those brands would become a nobody-cares-about brand ever in just one night.

Finally, the most disturbing kind of dream ever, the I-wish-all-my-lesbian-partners-would-love-me-equally dream. You see. AWHYO|Emo has like 10 different partners at once, ranging form being Darling to ai ren to laopo. Too much of a headache to list them all. Having step on so many boats at once, there's bound to be some strife between her 10 partners. So in her dreams, all of her partners love her equally. Giving her the attention that she desperately needs.

Due to the fact that she has so many dreams and she never wants to wake up from these dreams. She is always late for all his appointments, gathering, school etc. By the time she decides to wake up, it would already be half an hour pass the scheduled time. So, a tip to all. Whenever asking AWHYO|Emo out for a gathering of whatever sort, its best to tell her the time is half an hour earlier than the scheduled time.

If your wondering why this particular member has such a name AWHYO|Emo. It can be attributed to her having to balance her love life between her 10 patterns and the dreams that she can never achieve. Also, being cheated every time of the time for gatherings is another factor too.

And thats all about AWHYO|Emo. She is so going to kill me. But meh, its my blog. See ya peeps.


Monday, August 31, 2009


Happy 52nd Birthday to my country of origin. Malaysia. 52 years ago we got independance from the British. Fast forward 52 years to now. We are a prospering country. However we stil got a long way to go. Long live Malaysia!!!!!!!

Oh. And Happy Birthday to fellow AWHYO member-Eric Chong Hao Hsiu. Our very own Merdeka baby. 18 liao. Legal to do most things now. Have a great one although we arent there to help you celebrate.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PS3 slim looks so crap.

Grr. Sony just announced the new PS3 slim this morning. I am excited for the announcement of it. But heck, can it not look so crap? Its like a very old console man. Like those from the 80s. I cant show you guys the photos now. Internet has been shaped. So just google it. It'll turn up. Lets just hope when I get it this year the fat would still be around. Or I think i'm going second-hand. End of rant.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Bus accident

The bus I was riding on to get to school got into an accident. It was just epicness to the max. It happened at the traffic light at Leach Highway. Heres briefly how it happened.

While i was sitting on the bus that was driving down leach hightway, and then it stopped at the lights and for some reason, I breaked from my regular asian pop 'rockin out' to take stock of the scenery that was, bateman. *Above sentence was typed by an Australian friend of mine* The traffic light just turned yellow and the car at the front was suppose to go. But decided to brake instead. The bus driver thinking she(the car driver) would stop went at normal speed so that he can have more braking distance. You know what happened next.

Off to class. Mr^Blue~ out


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gamers do have a life

Just read this on Kotaku. Very fascinating read. It comes to show that we as gamers do have a life. And we do care about our society. Dont see us in a stereotypical way that all we do is just play games, pee in bottles and so on. We do contribute to society and we do give back to it. Treat us with more respect. From a fellow gamer.


Monday, August 3, 2009


Hmm. Been a long time since I updated. No idea why. Couldnt think of much to update I suppose. I could continue with the AWHYO clan, but it's now Melody's turn. Couldnt be bothered. lol. Anyway, here are some updates on what happened these past few weeks.

-Got my results back. Not what I expected. Rather disappointed at myself. Barely passed Physics. Got 70% for Computer Science when I was expecting at least 80%. Chemistry was pretty surprising that I got 68%. Applicable Maths was rather disappointing too. Expected higher. Grr. ELACS nothing to talk about since it doesnt matter in my final mark anyway.

-Confirmed myself going to KL next January for the AWHYO KL gathering. Flight is same as Susan and Melody. Going to be so damn crazy with Melody around. I will sit far away from her. lol. Flight has been booked. Left the most annoying part. The hotel. What want to save lar. What squeeze all together lar. Aduh. Annoying as hell.

-Annoyed and angry at Aunt for nagging about not going to do the Calculus brigding course. Its one of the things I hate most to hear. Comes second to talking about my results. I know my results arent good ok? Dont freaking pressure me anymore. I know what I should do. I'm already 19 for crying out loud. Just shut up and let me be. I will decide for myself.

-In DotA news. Eryc just left the Kingsurf organization and took Ks.Int, Ks.Cn, Ks.Sg and Ks.Cs with him. Just to clarify things. Here is the story as to why he left Kingsurf.
Before WCG-Asian Championship and Asian DotA championship. Eryc split Ks.DotA into Ks.Sg and Ks.my. Results of both teams were underwhelming. So Eryc decided to reform Ks.Dota. However, Ks-Yamateh dint want it reformed and wanted Eryc to just support Ks.My or Ks.Sg. Eryc stood his ground and wanted it reformed. Since Kingsurf has always sponsored Ks.My only. So Eryc left Kingsurf and found a new sponsor. Cyber Gaming Club along with their long time sponsor are the new teams sponsor. They are playing under the tag Razer.CGC until they find a better name. Speaking about names. To find the best name for the new time. Eryc is holding a competition to name the new team. The winner will win a Razer Destructor mousepad signed by Ks.Cn and Ks.DotA. I joined. Hehe. Cant help it. Fan of the team.

-Another DotA news and regarding Razer.CGC. Jolie is back. While Honey is out due to playing too much WoW and no motivation to play. Old school line-up. Woot. The most imba line-up ever. Here is the rooster:

Razer.CGC.Swy (Puppey)
Razer.CGC.LvnT (LevenT)
Razer.CGC.GK^K (Kuroky)
Razer.CGC.Mi (Miracle)

Thats all the updates I can think of. See yaz peeps.


Monday, July 20, 2009


On the 16th to 19th of July, I went to my first ever camp in another country. It was a camp organized by the church that I attend here in Perth. Comments on the camp? It was great. I really felt God's blessing upon us the whole camp. I can probably rename it into Blessing camp instead of CYPG camp. I'll write on why I think so later. But first. Let me tell you guys something more about this camp.

This camp was held at a location known as Leschenaultia camp site. Long name I know, very hard to pronounce too. The camp site is an one hour drive from the church. One and a half if your slow. Oh yeah. The camp site owner is a Christian, so its good for us too. The camp site isnt bad, there was no water and electricity for almost the whole of the first day. But no matter, its a blessing in disguise. The most amazing thing about this camp site, is that it actually has hot water for showers. Out of all the camps I have been to. None and absolutely none had hot water for showers. God bless. Oh yeah almost forgot. The theme for this camp was "我的团契,我的家".

Remember how I said there was no electricity and water for almost the whole of the first day? And how I said its a blessing in disguise? You might think I am crazy. But I can tell you, its really a blessing in disguise. If you guys know what the theme is about. It talks about being a family and loving one another. Through having no electricity and water we really felt the love and familism(is this even a word?). I think I see question marks appearing on my readers. Ok, here's the deal. Each group was suppose to cook their own dinner last night. The plan was for us to find the hidden ingredients then cook it. But due to the slight setback of no electricity and water. It wasnt possible. So in the end, we were given all the ingredients, a pot of water and a hint on what to cook. That's all. Imagine, a pot of water only. We need to wash our ingredients with that water, clean our utensils and so on with just a pot of water. How difficult is that?

Difficult yes, but its possible. So in the end, me and Kenneth's group decided to team-up to make one large feast. With no water and electricity you would imagine every group member would be whining or complaining here and there the whole time. Amazingly they dint, they did complain at the start but stop after about five minutes and just started preparing and cooking. You can really see the God's blessing in disguise here. Through this preparation progress we bonded together so much better. You could feel that we are just one big family in Christ. Instead of individuals. It was just great. If there was a chance, I would like to bring this activity(minus the no electricity and water part) back to my church in Miri. Its just too wonderful to pass. One of the blessing from the camp.

The second day, there was games to play. Wont talk too much about the games, its not exactly very important. The games was great, 4 man tug of war and a capture the flag style of water fights. Epic. That will be all about the games. In the evening, we were asked to get ready at around 5pm to be whisked away to a secret location. That location being Karakamia wildlife park. Due to some communication problems. The person who was suppose to lead us to the park went off without waiting for us. Because of that, all of the remaining cars lost their way to the park. We searched for the way to the park and found it in the end thanks to God's grace. But we were like 30 minutes late. Hey, we arrived dint we? All's good. Blessing number two.

After visiting the wildlife park, we went back to the camp site for dinner. Dont worry, not cooking it ourselves this night. While having dinner, Adrian started the camp fire outside. It was meant for our sharing that night. Just minutes before the sharing, it started to drizzle. We were all worried that our plans would be ruined. So me and a few other brothers prayed for good weather that night. Once we finished praying, and stepped out onto the campfire. There was no rain in sight. The dark clouds in the sky even cleared, showing us a wonderful night sky with lots of beautiful stars. We marveled at God's great creation and God's grace on this camp during the sharing. Another blessing from God.

There wasn't anything interesting happening on the last day. So I'll skip that. But when I sit back and reflect about this camp. I can really feel God's ever loving grace. How he blesses us in the strangest and most unthinkable way. I am sure many of the camp attendees went back with a lot more than when they came. God bless.


PS. I forgot to add that I forgot to bring my toothbrush during these three days of camp. I ended up using my finger to brush my teeth. Very unique experience. But not recommended.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I was watching Bones last night. And some of the comments that they made is rather interesting. Well, the episode was about the murder of a top researcher at a particular college. The motto of the college goes something like this. To Eternity, To *something*, to the future. They argue that science is about researching and studying for the future. Deeming anything that has to do with studying the pass such as carbon dating artifacts, Paleontology and so on, not a field science at all.

Since high school, they have thought us that the definition of Science is "The study of natural phenomena". In short, anything under the sun or anything above the sun for that matter is but a science in its own right. So is science suppose to be up and forward, or should science be in all directions?

Personally, I somewhat agree with what the show has to say. Up and forward. To the future and beyond. Feels so much like Buzz Lightyear's saying from Toy Story "To infinity and beyond!!!". If science wasnt about the future, I doubt that we as human beings would become what we are now. Computers, mobile phones and so on. Its all because scientist are obsessed with the future. Bigger harddisk space, smaller mobile phones, faster ram, farther out into space. Its all about the future. Space exploration is part of what Science should be. You may ask why would it be? Simply because space exploration can show us so many new things. Maybe we can mine meteorites in space? Maybe we can live on another planet? It possibility are endless. Science is all about these. The future and space.

Paleontology and carbon dating as such is just about the past. What has happened before. The origins of life, how old a certain artifact is. Its about the past. It doesnt improve humanities lifestyle at all. It just gives answers to questions that has been asked for generations. Like carbon dating. Its about identifying what timeline a certain artifact belongs to, so that it can be more well placed in human history. Because of this, I would believe that carbon dating is a subset of History. Paleontology is to figure out what happened to the great dinosaurs and so on. Is it necessary for our daily life? Not exactly, It answer questions. Not give us a more comfortable life.

In short, I agree with what the show has voiced out for us. Science should be about the future and beyond. Not the past. So what do you think folks?


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You guys are officially OBB(Orang Bodoh Bodoh)

I just saw the news that Science and Maths would be reverted back to be teaching in BM rather than English. This is one of the most biggest bullshit ever. If you want your country to increase their English proficiency, then why do such a thing? Its hell bullshit man. Re-introducing English Literature and have classes on grammar and composition? That wont make a difference people. People we just take those subjects as a useless subject like how History and Moral is now. Wake up man. How come out country is being run by a bunch of idiots. Especially the Educational department. And we want to be a modern country by 2020. Fat chance.

Keep up the good work guys, keep up the good work.



Monday, July 6, 2009


On with the AWHYO clan. This time, its AWHYO|$$MoneY$$. After this, theres four more members to go. Finally. Hehe. First up. Photos as per tradition.

Hei. What do you expect from someone whose nick is $$MoneY$$??? Of course she looks like money. lol.

Enough with the jokes. Heres the real AWHYO|$$MoneY$$

See that watch she is holding? Its the present given on behalf of the whole AWHYO clan during her birthday last year. Which is just two weeks away. Glad I am not in Miri or she would be hinting for her present. Phew. Birthday message would suffice.

If you havent already notice from the nickname that has been given to her. She is just so damn money face. If you borrow money from her, she will remind you every single day until you repay it. So be warn on what she would do for money. Also, she wont take anything less than RM100 for present. So yeah, thats a hint for anyone planning to get her any presents.

Money face aside. AWHYO|$$MoneY$$ is a very very very smart person. Straight As for SPM. With that, comes celebration. Guess what? She paid for part of the celebration. Which I can tell you, is extremely rare. Its like finding a dodo bird in Africa. I must thank her though. She introduced me to Sri Maju tuition center, which netted me my A1 in Physics and A2 in Chemistry. AWHYO|$$MoneY$$ is now doing her Matriculation in Labuan. A somewhat great achievement I must say, since Matriculation is very hard to get into especially for Chinese.

Last year, just after the first mock exam for our SPM. AWHYO|$$MoneY$$ got into a car accident. Due to that, her leg is still not fully recovered yet. But coming along fine. I think anyway. We were all really shocked when we heard that she got into an accident. We were even going to rush to the hospital to see her. But she was going to have a surgery when we decided to go. So we waited until the next day. Thank God she is all ok. Just her leg was injured and bones fractured. Besides that, all is ok.

I guess thats all i can think of now. Tired. I'm off. See yaz peeps.


Friday, July 3, 2009


Time to continue my long overdue post about my AWHYO clan. This time, its our own air assault leader AWHYO|Mr^Daryl!!!!!!!! First things first. Photo!!!!!!!

As you can see in the photo. AWHYO|Mr^Daryl is checking to make sure our best fighter airplane is in tip-top condition for the next flight. You better make sure its in tip top condition man. Dont want it to crash.

AWHYO|Mr^Daryl is very smart guy. Straight As in SPM. Almost straight A1s too. But due to the government's stupid system. Decided not to give him straight A1s. Blame the stupid government Malaysia has. Favorite subject has got to be English. I think anyway. His English is as good as mine. Hehe. But his is better than mine. He was part of the Chung Hua debate team for two years. So dont think you can beat him in English. Even I cant. Bryan couldnt too. lol.

What else about AWHYO|Mr^Daryl? He is a good pal of mine. Just as much of a techie as I do. He owns an iPhone!!!!! Which I dont. Drools with jealousy. Hehe. I will have to steal it when i meet him. Dont tell him I told you guys but. Hehe.

Oh yeah. One thing that he just loves is Football. The soccer football, not the aussie football or the rugby type football. The real football. Everyday you go to his class. You can hear him, AWHYO|Mr^Eric and AWHYO|Mr^Bryan talking about the latest match that is happening. The best goals. The player transfers and so on. Which I have no idea what they are talking about. Sobs. Sad AWHYO|Mr^Blue~.

AWHYO|Mr^Daryl has a very interesting hobby. That is he likes to fly planes. Not real planes though. Computer simulated ones. The ones on computer. He even bought a joystick with force feedback for it. Cool eh? This is probably due to the fact that his dream is to be a pilot. But due to some unknown circumstances he cannot pursue his dream. I find it sad actually, because I cant get him to help me buy the latest games next time. lol. Joking, just feel sad that someone cant follow his dreams. But all the best my friend. We're all rooting for you.

Its AWHYO|Mr^Daryl birthday is in 10 days. AWHYO|Mr^Blue~ here would like to give a be-earlied (is that even a word?) birthday wish to him. "Happy Birthday Daryl Soon. Good luck in whatever your doing. The gang is here for you."

And thats all for AWHYO|Mr^Daryl. I'm off. See yaz.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Last subject at 1.30pm

Woot. After 3.40pm today. I will be free from exam for 2 weeks. Yeah!!!!!! Last subject for the term. Waiting for term3 to come. Hmm. Not such a good thing. Anyway, very confident about today's subject. Computer Science. Yeah baby. Thes best thing yet. Tonight going to watch transformers at Imax. Woot!!!! Anyway, enough of being happy. See ya dudes.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mr^Blue~ is at school

Live from the school's library on a Saturday. Amazing eh? Studying with my friends. Taking a small break right now. Wish me luck guys. Good luck to all those taking exams too. Signing out.


Friday, June 26, 2009

One down four more to go.

ELACS has been conquered. Although I think I probably dint do so well on my essay. I chose one of the hardest topics to write. Which is pretty stupid of me. As to why I did that? I have no idea. Meh. Whats done is done. Four more subjects to go. Go Mr^Blue~!!!!!


R.I.P Michael Jackson

Not a big fan of Michael Jackson. I can probably say I am not a fan at all. Dont even like his song. But I must admit that he has changed the music industry greatly. Being one of the first Black singer to penetrate the US market. He also invented some incredible dance moves. Moonwalk anyway? Anyway. He just died. At the age of 50. RIP.

Thats all.

PS. ELACS in 30 minutes. Wish me luck.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trust me!!!!!

Cant you freaking trust me???? I am already damn stressed about my results liao. You dont need to do that to me. Give me some freedom and trust me. Please. I even beg it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Getting worried

So worried right now. I tried to do some of the past year chemistry papers and I cant seem to do any of them. I dont want my marks to be pulled down by my chemistry again. God please guide me.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mr^Blue~ is having exams soon.

Stressed out. Exams starting next Friday. So worried about my Chemistry and Physics. God please grant me a clear mind to study and a clear mind to answer my question. Keep me in your prayers guys. I really need it. Very stressed about things. Thenkius.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Definition of Mr^Blue~

Was sitting in the bust today while on the way home and this came into my mind. What defines Mr^Blue~? Or more specifically. What defines me? As in what makes me who I am? What characteristics do I have that makes me special? The ones that you can tell its me if there was a clone of me running around trying to pretend to be me. Been thinking about it. I have some ideas as to what makes me. Me. Not sure if everyone would agree or not. But its what I think it is. So leave a comment if you dont agree and say why. Thanks.

First off, I am loyal to my friends. Those that I am close to, I am willing to go to any lengths to help them when they are in need. Sometimes its probably a bit over for a friend. But heck. Thats what makes me tick. I've helped someone pay for something he cant. I've sent various friends home although its not on the way. I've helped check friend's Uni assignments late into the night although I am still in College. Sometimes, I think I treat friends better than family. I guess my circle of friends is a part of the defining me.

Another thing is probably my religion. I can say I am religious. My faith is what keeps me going day by day. Fellowships during weekends is something that I look forward to everyday. Sunday worship is a time when I feel at peace. I must be honest. If not for my religion. I probably wouldnt be here typing these words here right now. There are lots of time when life jus feels too much to bear. Too much stress. Too much expectations to meet. Too much of everything. But thank God, I still have him. He helped me through a lot of things. For that I am thankful He brought me into a Christian family.

I like to get myself busy with various activities. Before, in school. Concert, Prefect, Orientation. I've all been involved. I enjoy being involved in them. In the planning. The execution. And finally seeing everything come into perfection. Where every tiredness and stress pays off. Its actually my secret ambition to be an Event Manager. Managing events like concerts, weddings or better yet, game launch parties. Wonder would that happen? Time will tell.

Technology is something that can be closely labeled with me. I love technology. Computers(Macs only), phones, game consoles or anything technology. I love them. I like to read up on the latest news of anything happening in the tech world. I like to be updated on the latest game releases for every single console that I own or dont own. I like to drool on things that is too expensive for me to buy. Me and technology. We are so fit for each other.

"Warriors of the night assemble!!!" Famous quote by Priestess of the Moon of my favorite computer games of all. DotA!!!!! I really like this particular game. No idea why, but its the only game that can keep me hooked on for so long. Been playing it for at least 3 years already. Woah. Thats seriously long. I've seen the imba lifesteal Naix, the cant-kill-anything Storm Spirit and the boring old razor who just chain lightnings. Favorite heroes are Luna, Vengeful Spirit and Rogue Knight(Love the new one).

I am also an avid follower of eSports. Electronic Sports, the very young industry yet having a bright future at the same time. In particular, I am interested in the discipline of DotA. I follow the news of all major tournaments. I follow the news of all team disbandment or pick-ups. Ask me which team a certain player plays for. I am sure to be able to tell you. I'm particularly interested in the Malaysian DotA team and its sub-divisions. Kingsurf.Dota, Kingsurf.International and Kingsurf.China. Hope my application to be a reporter for them becomes reality.

Last but not least, I am an avid gamer. I like to play games. And unlike most DotAians. I do play other games. Not PC games though. Console games. I own a DS, two PSPs and one Wii. The PS3 is coming soon. Look my DS. Touch screen pawns them all. Hard to spread the love sometimes. Hehe. Favorite genre of games is of course. RPGs. Like to explore the virtual land and discover new virtual things. Only RPGs can keep me hooked for hours at ends.

Thats me, from my point of view. Agree or not? Up to you to decide. I might update this if i think there is more to me than those above. Please comment. Thanks for reading. And I am out.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

The dreaded word. Tests.

Grr. Lots of test next week. ELACS,Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Grr. Dont mind Maths and ELACS. But Physics and Chemistry. Grr. Same day too, one period after the next lagi. Grr. Hate it. Anyway, I've prepared what I should have. Lets hope I can do better this time. Pray for me. I need it.

Oh. I'm thinking of adding a new section to my blog. Not really a section but a category I will blog about. Its going to be called "Peoples in my Life". As some might have guessed. Its about the people around my life. My parents, friends, relatives and maybe enemies(dont have one). I'm going to try and finish the ones about AWHYO 1st then get the new one going. Hope its going to be a good read. Anyway. Thats all for now. See yaz.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy birthday to AWHO|Mr^Bryan

Happy birthday to AWHO clan's founder AWHO|Mr^Bryan. All the best in studies and so on. Dont forget us when you leave for some random place due to your JPA ok? We will kill you if you do.


Friday, June 5, 2009


Never enough.
Never happy.
Never satisfied.
Never good enough.
Never up to standard.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kingsurf updates

Meh. Stupid ELACS class right now. Just doing random stuff on the internet. Guess I will do some update about Kingsurf. So here goes.

Kingsurf International is now down to five players. Ks^Dendi.ua felt that he dint fit too well ino the team's playstyle and thus left to rejoin DTS. In other startling news. Ks^Jolie.ru joined up with a new team-RoX.KIS. Never heard of this team. But from what I read from comments. They are pretty good. So right now, the roster for Ks.Int looks like this:


In another division. Kingsurf China's captain Ks.longdd.cn just left the team. With someone leaving someone else has to join and that person is Kssssss from GooG. Interesting name eh? Now for the roster:

Ks.abc.cn (GooG.abc - Waiting for army confirmation)
Ks.Liuyifeu.cn (Under 18, unable to play - WCG Rule)

Ks.Cn will join in the DotA division of WCG asia and Ks.Liuyifeu.cn being underage cannot join.

Thats all for now peeps. See yaz.


Sunday, May 31, 2009


Marching on with the members of the AWHYO clan. This time its AWHYO|Mr^Bryan. To break tradition, the photo of him will be posted last. If I was to describe AWHYO|Mr^Bryan in one word. That word would be emo. He is rather emotional. Sometimes a bit over especially for a guy. Hehe. Dont kill me. Likes to do stupid yet funny things too.

Besides that AWHYO|Mr^Bryan is probably the tallest among the whole AWHYO clan. Very tall man. Its like two melo together in terms of height(Score for jioing melo). Dude, what the heck do you eat? I cant even get as tall as you. Grr. My goal for this year. Get taller than you. Hehe. Not that I care that much actually.

AWHYO|Mr^Bryan is also a very devout christian. A lot of times he cant join us on our gathering is due to his church activities and so on. I respect him for that cause I would do the same. Strangely enough, my activity time doesnt clash with any of the gathering times. Bad luck for him I suppose. God will bless you greatly.

Speaking about being blessed. AWHYO|Mr^Bryan is really blessed in my opinion. Gathering straight As in his SPM exams then getting JPA scholarship. Those who put God 1st shall be blessed by him bountifully. I can see from him that HE does. God bless my dear friend. God bless.

Feel a bit bad that I couldnt celebrate his birthday with him last year. Its probably the only one that I missed out of the whole AWHYO celebrations. Grandmother's birthday is apparently more important than a friend's. Grr. This year cant too. Sobs. Such a bad friend. Slap myself. Slap. Slap. Slap.

Currenly AWHYO|Mr^Bryan is studying in Riam. I heard he is the most handsome one in Riam for this year. lol. Not sure how true is that. Probably not true at all. Hmm. Dont kill me please. Hehe. Like I would be afraid of you. Hehe. Oh. He is also rather good at badminton. Beating everyone loads of times. All except maybe AWHYO|Mr^Soon. One things for sure. He will beat Melo with one hand tied to his back(score two).

Anyway. That will be all for now. Photo up next.

He is the one in specs. Handsome er? Your the judge.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fnatic parts way with dota.

FnaticMSI.dota. One of the most feared name in the Asian Dota community. Tearing through the scene with their prefect teamplay and unorthodox picks. The name will no longer bring fear into the scene no more. As FnaticMSI just parted ways with their DotA team. However, the team is still playing together. Just that they are without a sponsor. Really hope they can find a sponsor soon. Its just great to see their teamplay and picks. Kingsurf.id maybe? lol. Eryc can you consider? Heres the list of players that used to play under the FnaticMSI tag:

Neha "Rinoa" Nair (Manager)
Ritter "Ritter" Rusli (Team Captain)
Ariyanto "Lakuci" Sony
Sugiarto "BaHaMuT" Cahyadi
Farand "KoaLa" Kowara
Andreas "VeLeNo" Lien


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On-stage or backstage?

Given a choice to be a performer on-stage or a stagehand backstage. Which would you choose? I suppose most if not all would choose to be the performer on-stage rather than backstage. More glamor and fame. Personally, I would choose to be a stagehand. The one who helps silently at the back, supporting the show.

Why would i chose to be a stagehand at the back rather than a performer on-stage? I guess its how I am. I was never good at music, dance or any artistic performance that warrants a show on-stage. The times I have appeared on stage can be easily counted with my ten fingers. With that, I have always been involved in the backstage productions. With all those experience and so on, I felt that the stagehands are more important that the performers. I suppose some people would say that this argument is something like the chicken and egg argument. Which came first?

Any performer without the stagehands cannot perform to their fullest. In contrast, any stagehand can make the performance spectacular. From my time as my former school concert's logistics member to vice group leader and then leader. I have always held on to this fact. Can the drama go on with the logistics group? Or the PA? Can the brassband sit correctly? Can the choir stand properly? No. It has always been a no.

One thing I have to admit though, being a stagehand isnt the best. Theres lots of request to fulfill. Some very ridiculous. Theres also a lot sweat due to the heat backstage. Theres also the prospect that you will be scolded for your efforts. Theres also the probability that no one would thank you for your effort. Truth be told, its a hard job. But its worthwhile to see all your efforts in that one spectacular moment on stage.

Thats what I think anyway. All for now. See ya dudes.


Sunday, May 24, 2009


I find that theres a huge gap between my post nowadays. I'm posting like one article per week, which is rather sad. lol. Anyway, heres some random updates on happenings around me.

-Just found out Susan is going over to Labuan for Matriculation. Rather surprised by this to be honest. Cause well, going for Matriculation is like being trained to be half Muslim. Knowing how Susan is like, its a real wonder why she would chose to go. However, it is a good thing. That way she can have a better future. All the best.

-Melo became so emo due to Susan's leaving. No surprise there. Miss Emo. Hehe. Dont kill me. Hehe. You still got your dear and laopo. Theres like lots of your other "hubbies" too.

-Got 18/20 for my Oral presentation. Stupid Tawsif made my group lose one mark due to referencing. Tawsif got like 19/20. I lost one mark for my timing. Was suppose to talk for just 5 minutes. Ended up being 10 minutes and 50 seconds for mine. Ouch.

-Have a rough idea on what I wanna study next year. Hope its the right choice I make. It aint going to be easy. But I'll preserve. Double degree with Accounting and Software Engineering. Bring it on baby. Gotta study study study.

-Semester exams end of June. Gonna try and score high on my Computer Science, Applicable Maths and Physics. Try and do somewhat ok in my Chemistry. Stupid exams.

-Aunt is coming over here next week. Uncle is planning to buy a house here, so she is here to take a look too. Dont really care if they come or not also. Hehe.

-Got my Computer Science assignment on Hardware back. Got 31/35. Not bad eh? Was suppose to be 29.5/35. But my lecturer must have forgotten to turn the last page when she was tallying up the marks for my assignment. Went and told her and she gave me the 1.5 marks. Computer Science is going to help me so much in my final score this year end. Muahahahha.

Thats all the things that I can think of. Till next time. See ya dudes.


Monday, May 18, 2009


The above photo is the next member of the elite AWHYO clan. He will go by the name AWHYO|Mr^Sim. I just got word that AWHYO|Mr^Sim just returned back to Miri. As to what he's doing back there. I have no idea. Need to ask him or the other fellow members back in Miri some other time.

AWHYO|Mr^Sim. He is a person who likes to sing a lot. And i mean a lot. He's always the one to grab the microphone while singing Karaoke. Honestly, he doesnt sing that well. Zzz. The pitch and everything doesnt match at all. I can sing much much better. Hehe. I think i can start a concert soon. Free for all AWHYO members. Come come support.

Besides singing, AWHYO|Mr^Sim is an avid fan of cellphones. Whatever info you want to know about cellphones. The latest news, the best fads. He'll know. Even my knowledge isnt up to match with him. But I have more things to keep track of so I guess its forgivable that I dont know that much about phones.

"Sao ar" Thats the quote that AWHYO|Mr^Sim would always say. If something is too crazy, He'll say that. If theres like 10 clones of him. I would know which one is the real AWHYO|Mr^Sim by what he says. Hehe.

Basketball. AWHYO|Mr^Sim most favorite sport. He can do dunks like Kobe. Run like cheetah. Stamina of iron steel. Height of a giraffe. Yeah, he's that good. He is being contracted to play for the national team of Malaysia as we speak. It is rumoured that he will bring the first Olympic gold to Malaysia in the 2012 Olympic games. Gambateh!!!!!!!!!

Sadly, I ran out of ideas liao. Grr. So thats all for AWHYO|Mr^Sim. See ya peeps.


Monday, May 11, 2009

AWHYO sticker

Woot. Melo just sent me a photo of my AWHYO car sticker. Woot. Looks really nice. Cant wait to get a hand on it. Here is a photo of it.

And i failed my physics. I got to one question calculate the orbit radius of satellite. My answer was 2.8m. How impossible is that? Was so confidentless after that. Dint do so well. Dead meat.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Test much.

Grr..... College is killing me. So many test starting tomorrow. Physics tomorrow. English on Tuesday. Thursday Applicable Maths. Grr.

Rather worried about my English. Yes. You heard me right. Worried about my English test. I think I might fail it. Unbelievable eh? Its because of the kind of test I am having. Its a summary from an oral source. Meaning we just listen to a text being read out, while we take notes on it. Then we do the summary. Its gotta be the hardest summary I have ever done. The worse part is that its included in my final year exam. I think I'll just fail that part. Get more marks on the rest.

Physics quite confident to get some decent marks I think. Gravity and circular motion. Gravity having a larger percentage. Thank God. I suck so badly at anything that has to do with motion. Gravity is pretty straight forward. Not much formula to use and explain. Fingers crossed.

As for Applicable Maths. Not really sure about it. Need to revise my time series and I should be ok. Linear Programming sap sap water. Love those kind of questions. Anything that has to do with statistics I'm ok with. So just have to remember to revise time series and I should be a-ok.

Thats all for now folks. See ya.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


After a long hiatus. It is time to continue the introduction of the members of the AWHYO clan. This time, its the loudest and the one i hate the most. Hehe. AWHYO|Olic. As per usual. Photo first.

Lets see. First, let me tell you why i chose this photo. To answer that question, let me ask another question. Can you see a ghost in this photo? No right. But due to some great eyesight some of the other member have, mainly, AWHYO|SieN, AWHYO|BlurQueen, AWHYO|Olic and AWHYO|$$MoneY$$. They said they have seen a ghost in this photo. These members have some amazing imagination. All i see is a fan, and they can make it into a ghost. Amazing. Just amazing.

Ok. A bit off topic. Back on topic. AWHYO|Olic. The loudest member of the clan. When she gets excited, you can hear her voice from over a mile away. Thats not shouting too, thats just raising voice when being excited. Imagine when she shouts. I dont want to. Maybe I can hear it all the way from here in Perth. Hmm. I should do an experiment next time. Hehe.

I guess I should do an intro on how I know her. Well, its during that faithful year. The year when I was a committee member for the Orientation committee. Being the pervert I am, I arranged for her to be placed in my group. But due to some circumstances, it wasnt possible. However, due to AWHYO|SieN being in my group. I get to know her more. Score one for being perverty. lol. Thats how I get to know her. Through the years, I get to know she is just so damnn loud. Cool down a bit will you? Hehe.

AWHYO|Olic has a catchphrase that every member knows. When she says that, everyone would know it is her. If she doesnt say that. Then you better check if you have the real person or not. That catchphrase is "Wei!!! ____________________". Insert phrase of your choice in the blanks. Sometimes, I imagine her playing DotA. Wei!!! Dont kill me!!! Wei!!! How to move my hero!!!! Wei!!! How to buy items!!!! Would be so damn hilarious. Mission for going back to Miri, bring AWHYO|Olic to cyber to play DotA. Hehe.

By some strange chance, AWHYO|Olic loves to play with my Wii. Keeps wanting me to give her my Wii. Or just let her play my Wii. Which is a big no no from me. Its one of my most precious thing man. How can I give you? Grr... Warning to those who wants to challenge her at Wii Boxing. She is good, beat me quite a number of times, and i am the owner of the Wii. Malu. Zzzz. Got to brush up on my technique. Cant let her win.

Due to AWHYO|Olic's good relationship with AWHYO|SieN. She has formed a sub-division of AWHYO named FIB, which sadly consists of only three members. AWHYO|Olic as president, AWHYO|Mr^Blue~ and AWHYO|Mr^Eric. Due to the name of the subdivision being very vulgar, the full name will not be exposed to the public. Another guess work for all my precious readers. Hint, F is for AWHYO|Mr^Eric, I is for AWHYO|Mr^Blue~ and B is for AWHYO|Olic.

That should be all for this member. Before I end my post. I would like to add my traditional jio Melo sentence her. Melo, your a noob!!!!! Dont get my name wrong in the stickers or I will kill you!!!!!!


Friday, May 1, 2009

I am an Idiot.

I am a fucking useless idiot. No so use little piece of crap.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

SMM Grand National Dota Tournament

Woot. Just got news about the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament(SGDNT for short). Why is this just a good news? Cause its the biggest DotA tournament to be held every year in Malaysia. And it just got much much bigger. With bigger prize pool and more goodies to win. This is just going to be so cool. Another great thing about this tournament is that it is that international teams are allowed to join too. Meaning teams like Ravens and Evil Geniuses can join too. Would be so great to see the top teams from around the world duke it out in a LAN tournament. Personally, I'm hoping that eryc get all three Ks teams to go. Ks.DotA probably needs to go through the qualifying stages. But they can win that easily. As for Ks.Int and Ks.Cn. Eryc!!!!!!! Bring them in for this tournament!!!!! I beg you!!!!!!! lol. This would be the chance to see all three Ks teams battle it out. SMM should hold a showmatch before the whole event starts. I will definitely be there to watch this if that happens. Anyway, thats all for now. See yaz.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Kingsurf is getting better and better day by day. Just moments ago. Ks-eryc(Kingsurf's manager) just announced another DotA team. The new team being Kingsurf.Cn, the china division of the KS dota team. With that, Kingsurf now has altogether three DotA teams. Not just those mid-level entry team, but one of the best around.

Ks-Best in Malaysia
Ks.Int-One of the top teams in the world now.
Ks.Cn-One of the top teams that China has to offer.

Three great teams, this is such a great achievement for Kingsurf. I hope to see them win lots of tournaments around the world. Not to mention clanwar between each other. Going to be exciting to see Ks.Int vs Ks.Cn. Europe picks vs Asian picks. Lets wait and see. Besides that, with the addition of ex-MYM player H4nn1 to Ks.Int, the team has cemented themselves as the team to beat. Heres a recap on the players in each team:


Kingsurf International:

Kingsurf China:

Good luck to all three of Kingsurf's dota team. A fanboy here is rooting for you.

Edit:Something i remembered is that Ks.2009.cn has played for Ks.Int before during MGC last year. Its nice to see him back with the team again. Good luck once more.


Saturday, April 25, 2009


Update, update, update. Another post about another of the elite AWHYO clan member. This time its a very tall girl as opposed to the short one in the last one. As per tradition. A photo first.

There she is. Probably cant tell if she is tall. But trust me, she is. Anyway, enough about the tall part. Lets start with how I know her. It was four years ago. Towards the end of the school year of 2005. AWHYO|Shan and I among eighteen others were chosen to be junior committee members for the Orientation Program 2006 for the new students. Thats when I got to know AWHYO|Shan. If not mistaken, she wasnt as close or actually know AWHYO|SieN or AWHYO|BlurQueen yet. But it was all good. during that year's school holidays. We as the junior committee members were tasked to finished a drama that shows how great we are. Through that, I get to know AWHYO|Shan a little more better. Cause well, I was forced to dance the Cha Cha with here. Thats the last time you would see me doing that.

Anyway, fast forward to now. AWHYO|Shan is now doing further studies in Taiwan. Heard its very stressing there. Who told you to go Taiwan? I told you to come Perth liao lor. Hehe. If the readers are still wondering why, its rather simple. Her mum is from Taiwan, so going there would be easier for accommodation and so on. Anyway, more about her. Starting of our Form 4 year. I got to be in the same class with her and the rest of the elitist members. Thats how its was formed. With that, I get to know more about her. Firstly, she is rather smart. Forgot how many As in SPM. A fair bit I must say. Besides that, she knows how to cook rather well. I heard that her sushis are nice. I dont know about that, never had the chance to try it before. Probably not as nice as said, due to the high standard of my tastebud. Hehe.

She has two pet dogs which are so damn aggressive. Barks at anyone who goes near her house. Grr. Stupid dogs. Oops. Probably shouldnt have said that. Ahem. Next thing, due to her cooking talents. She wishes to open a restaurant named "Little Bear Restaurant". As to how that name came about, I have absolutely no idea. Your guesses are just as good as mine. So start guessing.

AWHYO|Shan, AWHYO|BlurQueen, AWHYO|SieN and AWHYO|Olic have formed a sub-group in the elitist clan, called the sisterhood. Its exclusive to the above members only. No addition, no subtraction. I guess Melo is way too emo to be considered as part of the sisterhood(Yeah Melo, I'm going to jio you in every post about AWHYO). As the sisterhood, share the deepest and most darkest secrets with each other which they have sworn to keep in utmost secrecy. Well, probably not darkest, definitely the deepest.

That should be all about her now. I cant think of much about her. Oh wait, she is just as evil as AWHYO|SieN. Very evil. Thats really all I can think off. Signing out now. See yaz peeps.

Edit: Something I forgot. How can I forget that? Thats like one of the most important things about her. What is it? Her birthday. Her birthday is the same day as mine. However she is one year younger than. Interesting eh?


Thursday, April 23, 2009


As a student here in Perth. I sometimes feel very sienz. Not because of the school or no friends and so on. Its just about life. Feeling stressed from parents, from my aunt here, about my results not being good enough. Its all very emotionally taxing for me.

Its been three months since I have came here. In three months. My parents only called me three times. Not to say hello or to ask how am I. But to scold me. First time I admit its my fault. I used up 30aud worth of credit in 1 week. That I admit. Second time was because I dint tell them I was going to the beach to play. Got scolded again. Third time, due to the ridiculous mobile phone call and sms rates, I decided on using the 29 aud cap. Which for your info, by paying 29aud, I get 150 of credit and last for 1 month. But the 30 dollars one, I just get 30 dollars, and it has to last me for 2 months. How de heck can anyone achieve that? Maybe some people who dont have friends can. But not me. So I got scold for deciding what i think its best.

My mum said 29 aud is equivalent to RM100. But honestly, I dont cant even make it out to that amount. At most it is would be RM70. That is expensive I agree. However I pay RM70 but its equivalent of getting RM300 of phone credit. Is that so wrong? Due to this, I now dont dare to spend money on anything anymore. From now on, I wont go out with my friends, I wont go out to the city, I wont go watch movies. I will just stay at home. Everyone needs entertainment right? I cant go out, so I stay at home. I stay at home to play games. I still get scolded for not spending money. I play to release stress and so on. But I get scolded for not doing any work. What do you guy want of me?

Looking some of my friends' blog. Those who have gone overseas studying. They seem to be living a better life than me. They can go out and hang out with friends. They can make their own decision about the amount of phone credit they want to reload. What about me? Deprived of all those. I cant spend. I cant play games. I cant even decide anything for myself now. I always thought you guys are two of the best parents around. I thought you guys would let me make my own decisions. I guess I was so totally wrong. I cant.

About my aunt. What the heck is wrong with you? When I go over the internet limit. I get scolded. When I have controlled myself and not go over the limit. I get scolded. So that means no matter how hard I try, I still get scolded right? Fine. I'll just use up the limit then. I'll get scolded anyway when the time is up, might as well download the series I want to watch and have fun while I can. No point at trying to save it. I'll get scolded anyway.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crazy japanese

Geez. I wonder how crazy those Japanese can get. Not that I dont like their craziness. But some of the things they do are just pure craziness. Maybe I should nag my dad to bring us over for once. Hmm. Anyway, Here are two things that show how crazy they are.

Life size Gundam
First thing. We all know the Japanese are into Mechas and Gundam. What better way to bring it to the whole otaku level than building a life-size gundam model? After completion, it would be 59-foot tall. Woah man. Otakuness at its best.

Next is giant robotic beetle. Its huge and it can be controlled by a remote or in a cockpit. It weighs over 15tonnes. Incredible. I want that. Hehe.

Thats all for now. I'll post more stuff about the crazy Japanese next time. See yaz.


Monday, April 20, 2009


AWHYO|Mr^Blue~ was a great guy eh? You cant ask to know someone better than that. Hehe. Anyway, now for the next person since I have been nagged continuously to continue with the AWHYO member's introduction. Starting it off. A photo of the next member. AWHYO|BlurQueen

There she is. The blur queen herself. Why is she called AWHYO|BlurQueen? The answer is extremely simple. She is so damn blur. You can tell her something straight and she can not get what is being tried to convey to here. This also means she is very forgetful. AWHYO|Olic once asked her to bring a CD to school to give her. Even going so far as to remind her, but AWHYO|BlurQueen still forgot about it. Blur eh? Forgetful too.

Actually, I dont really know that much about this particular member. Besides being extremely blur and extremely frogetful. She's not bad in her studies, netting 9As in her SPM. I think. Or was that someone else? Hmm. No idea. Dont care also. Hehe. Oh, another important feature about her. Get ready for it. Drumrolls.....................................................................................................................................................................She is short. Lol. Strange seeing one of her best sister is like hell tall. Tall and short. Maybe they compliment each other?

Adding something AWHYO|Olic said about her. She is a loud talker. Telling her something secretly, she would say it out loud like afraid no one can hear it. I have no idea about the validity of this character. Cause, well I dont tell her my secrets. So I'm just taking AWHYO|Olic's word for it.Dont blame me if I got it wrong.

Ok, thats all for the third member. I'm off


PS. Melo, I will skip your intro. Hehe.
PPS. Almost forgot to do my traditional jio melo in my post. MELO!!!!!! Your a big Noob. Ok. Done.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update on College life

Woot!!!!! Holidays right now!!!!!! But a bit boring. No car to drive to go around. Even if i do, Perth is a boring city nothing much to do. Hehe. So I guess I'll update on my friends and life in College. College life is stressful yet fun. Life in general is full of sadness and hardships. Not as cheerful as a person as I am before I suppose.

Anyway, life in college. All is ok i suppose. Trying very hard to get my grades better than what it used to be. But honestly, I dont even know why I am trying. My parents wont give me a word of encouragement when I do go. Not even calling to ask "How are you?" Just scolding me for the things I am doing wrong. It makes me to be so afraid to do things in case I did something wrong and got scolded again.

Right, back on topic. Life in college. Stressful but fun. Stressful cause my grades aint what i liked it to be. Fun because I have made new and great friends in the college. Friends from all walks of life, from all around the world. Friends who I may not be able to trust, but at least I can smile and pretend I am ok. For that little while, I can forget about my things.

As for the actual college itself, its not exactly very overwhelming. Its a rather small college. Yes, you heard it right. Small. Even Chung Hua is way bigger. And i mean WAY bigger. I think Chung Hua is like 2 times bigger than Canning College. What they fail in size, they make it up in its facilities. Computer lab, Library, Science labs. All of them way better than the ones back in Chung Hua. The teachers here are also much better. Patient and willing to go over the same thing until you understand it. Thats what college is about.

I guess thats enough with the talking, I'll upload some photos now. About my school and my friends here. Here it goes.

The door entrance to the International office. Where we international students pay our fews and make our enquiries here.

My science lab entrance. More specifically my Chemistry lab. Where all the booms and kapau happens.

The library. Big aint it? Theres lots of computers for students to use and a learning center where students can get help on subjects they are weak in.

This is Himal. No, not hamil. Its Himal. He's from Zambia. A country in Africa. A very friendly guy. Good in Chemistry too. Keeps beating me. Hehe.

Michael from...................... Miri!!!!!! A fellow Mirian. Met up with him during the orientation. Apparently he is Leh Bing's and Agan's mate too. He's lucky though. His family is migrating over to Perth.

A Hongky. Shirley. Pretty eh? Hehe. She loves Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. And I mean loves. All her things are Stitch. Bag, file, pens. Everything I tell you.

The black dude from Bangladesh. No offense meant in that last sentence. Anyway, this guy is Tawsif. He's the same class with me in ELACS and Physics. Pretty smart guy. Top of my ELACS class.

Probably cant see her face. But I'll introduce her anyway. She is Lyn from ummm.... I think Sabah. Hehe. Sleeping during Aplic class. Tsk Tsk Tsk.

Last one for this post. A shot taken during Chemistry class. See that teacher? He is the most boring Chemistry teacher ever. Damn boring. But his powerpoints are useful. Hehe.

Ok, thats all for now folks. See yaz. Signing out


Friday, April 10, 2009


Since I've done the post about our clan lord AWHYO|SieN. Let me do an introduction to another all time member: AWHYO|Mr^Blue~. As the title says it, he is a guy. A great guy to be exact. He has been with AWHYO through good times and bad. He is one of the most important and most prominent member out of the whole gang. Why so? Cause he is always the one to pay for the gatherings first.

AWHYO|Mr^Blue~ is a technology geek. He owns quite a few of the latest and greatest gadgets. Wii, Nokia N95 8GB, Apple MacBook Pro to name a few. Besides that, he loves to play games. From DotA, to DS, to PSP, to the Wii. PS3 coming soon for him. Hehe. He recently became a Windows hater due to Windows being an ass and Bill Gates being so damn rich. Support Mac!!!!!!!

Enough about his hobbies. Now to his character. To many, he is a funny person. And indeed he is. He crack jokes every now and then, lightening the atmosphere. Oh, he like to jio Melo alot. Hehe. Melo, your a noob hai. Design such a shirt for what? Back so ugly. Hehe. Besides that, he is a true friend. He's there when you need him. Willing to listen and help.

Saying so much. I guess everyone would want to see a photo of him right? Here it is:

Great guy eh? His name is Terrence Wong. Hehe.


Thursday, April 9, 2009


Guess what I am doing now? Having my computer science class. Its so boring right now. Half of the class isnt around because today is the last day of term 1. Everyone is just skipping class to go home and relax. Since I am such a good student. I decided to stay for the whole day which is until 3pm. Hehe. Apllicable Maths after lunch. All my friends arent around too. Its going to be lonely lunch today. Anyway, thats all for now. Lecturer is still talking so cant type too much. Hehe. See ya peeps.


Monday, April 6, 2009


Since I have already done the introduction about AWHYO. Let me continue with the introduction of each member. I will add a post about each member when I am free. So dont rush me man. Starting with the oldest.

The girl you see above. Is none other than our clan lord. AWHYO|SieN aka Wong Sing Sien. Melo's Ai Ren. How can she balance so many gfs? Sure damn rich to support all umm.... how many gf does Melo have? 6? No wonder she so emo. Cant balance properly. Hehe.

Anyway, back to AWHYO|SieN. Known her since Form 2. I use to sit behind her back in the days. My row was the last row closest to the window while one of AWHYO|SieN's best pal. Wan Xin sat next row. I remember i would always fall asleep in class especially classes like History and BM. There was one very funny case though. One fine morning, during Arts class. I fell asleep. The way i slept is with my hand supporting my head. And with the stealth and silence of a ninja. The art teacher came to me, and wrote the words "Sleeping Beauty" on my hand. When I woke up and saw it, I was so baffled. But it was funny.

Ok. Back to topic. AWHYO|SieN is an evil evil evil girl. She can talk bad things about a teacher for like the whole lesson. She dares to skip Community Service when she was punished to. She dares not to go to school for few days straight without any reasons at all. She dares to forge the AirAsia tickets to say that she leaves one day earlier than she was suppose to, just to get out of school. Hehe.

Other from the evilness in her. She is a good friend. Willing to help people out when needed. I remember she taught me the accounting that was needed to help me passed that particular exam. Although I dropped Accounting in the end. Oh, and she is damn Kia Su. But i guess that suits her since she is going to Singapore soon and the people there are also as Kia Su. She dint dare tell us she went for her driving test until she passed. Come on girl. I failed my theory exam and i dared to tell also. Zzz. Why dont you?

Oh most important thing. The guys who are reading my blog and you think you have a chance. Just scram. She's taken, unless you can buy her a Ferrari then she will consider. If you cant. Dont even bother dreaming. Lol.

What else to say? I guess nothing anymore. Just a shout out i suppose. Good luck my friend while in Singapore. AWHYO will always remember you as the Clan Lord. Do start a AWHYO-Singpore Division. Hehe. Once again. Good luck, take care and be careful.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Test again.

Aiks. I have test starting tomorrow. Phys and Chem tomorrow. English report writing and Phys Practical test on Wednesday. The best part. I have done much studying. So dead. Aiks. Got to go study again. On the bright side. I'll be having two weeks of holidays after next week. Woot. Come one baby. Ok off to study. See ya peeps.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu: Thin pieces of chicken folded with ham and cheese then sauteed.

See that? Chicken Cordon Bleu. For 19 years of my life. The first time i cooked something so delicious. I feel so proud of myself. Although its a rather simple dish and I had help from Brandon. But it was still a great dish. And its so damn delicious. I feel so good. Hehe. Going to cook it for my mum when i go back. Have a taste of my great Chicken Cordon Bleu. You wait mum. You wait. Hehe.

Anyway, I'll let the photos of my Chicken Cordon Bleu do the talking. Muahahahhaha.

During the baking process. Drools at the aroma being given out.

Taking out of oven. Drools somemore.

Ready to be eaten. Stops drooling.

Mr^Blue~ the top chef(lol)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday mum

Its your birthday mum. So happy birthday. Just want to say. I'm not such a bad child as you think I am. I dont think you will see this. But thats just to let some steam out. I will do what you want me to. I wont spend my money much and I will study. Dont worry.


Sunday, March 29, 2009


My heart hurts. My emotions are flying about. My mind cant think straight. My body shivers. God. Help me.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chariots of Fire

Chariots of Fire is an annual event organized by the student council of Canning College. That event was held today at the school field. Its a rather fun event to be honest. There's the tug of war against the lecturers and sausage sizzle. The sausage is just nice man. Anyway, enough of the talk. I'll let the photos do the talking.

Jon and Shirley enjoying their sausage bun. Hmm.

Aveline and Shirley kissing their sausage bun????

The lecturers getting ready for the tug of war. Dont think they dont have the strength to pull it because their so old. They won the war 2 out of 3 times. Very impressive if you ask me.

The students getting ready at the tug of war. The students won only once. Such a shame.

Jon trying his luck at the tug of war. I think his group lost. Bad Jon. Hehe.

Thats all the photos there is. There are some other photos about my friends and so on. But I'll leave them to some other time so that i actually have something to add. Thats all for tonight. See ya peeps.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Elites

Some time in the year 2008. A group of thirteen people banded together and formed one of the most elite clans in the school of SMK Chung Hua. All elite and great clans all have a great and bombastic name. Whats this one called? Its called AWHYO. As to what this means, its for us to know and you to find out. If you can that is. We have sworn to uphold the secrecy of this clan name.

This clan is made up of seven girls and six boys. Yes, the girls outnumber the boys here. Heres the elitist according to oldness:

AWHYO|SieN (Wong Sing Sien)
AWHYO|Mr^Blue~ (Terrence Wong)
AWHYO|BlurQueen (Carrie Wong)
AWHYO|Shan (Yii Hee Shan)
AWHYO|Olic (Doris Ting)
AWHYO|Mr^Sim (Sim Poh Lim)
AWHYO|Mr^Bryan (Bryan Goh)
AWHYO|Mr^Daryl (Daryl Soon)
AWHYO|$$MoneY$$ (Susan Ling)
AWHYO|Emo (Melody)
AWHYO|Mr^No.1 (Ee Hau)
AWHYO|Mr^Eric (Chong Hao Hsiu)
AWHYO|Genius (Karen Ung)

Some people may ask, Who is the clan lord? The big kahuna who makes all the decisions? Well, its non other than the oldest one around Wong Sing Sien. The most powerful of all. She has the ability to kick people form this clan, so everyone must obey him. Except me of course. I am just as old as her. So i get immunity. Muahahahhaha. Dont know u guys noticed or not. But the Wong family is big. Three out of thirteen. Woot. While the rest are just random surnames. Some dont even have one. *Ahem*Melody*Ahem*. Thats all for now. Will introduce each member one by one in Future posts. See ya.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What should I be in the future?

The road not taken. The road that I must walk on in due course. The path of choosing my career choice. Life is full of decisions. Some that can be mended if you chose the wrong one. Some cant. The ones that can be mended are not that important. The ones that is a no-turning-back decision is the most important one. One of the decision everyone needs to do is to choose their career choice.

Some people already have a set goal in their mind. Engineer, Accountants, Lawyet and the list goes on. But me, I have no idea at all. The field that i want to be in doesnt seem to tickle my parents' fancy. Dont blame them too. The mentality about gaming is still there. Its bad for you. It ruins your life. Blah blah blah. Besides being rejected by my parents, another problem is that its not that easy to earn a living as a game designer in Malaysia. So i've pretty much swept that idea under the carpet.

Whats next on my list? Software Engineer. That allows me some flexibility for going into the gaming industry as most large game companies would need software engineers to write the game codes and mechanics. Theres always a con to everything. With engineering, to me. Its hard to be independent. I mean once your engineer. You'll be working for someone for the rest of your life. Not many engineers are actually capable of coming out and open a company. But thats still an option.

Accountancy is also one of my choices. My dad has an accounting firm. And the job prospect of an accountant is very high. The demand is so high in Malaysia. Problem with it, is that my mum doesnt seem to want me to do Accountancy. No idea why. She just doesnt seem so. Dad should be ok i suppose. But i am not sure. Accountancy is good for being able to open an accounting firm when you have the experience and so on. Its not a bad field too. The pay is enough to sustain my lifestyle. If you know me, then you would know what my lifestyle is like.

What else can i be? I have not much idea anymore. Anyone suggest me a good profession to be in? I'm open to ideas. Leave comments please.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Emoing and ranting.

Boredom does strange things to people. In my case, makes me think about myself and my life. I dont know what there is so much to think about. But I just do. If someone was to ask me to describe myself in one sentence. This is what i would say "Its not easy being me". Indeed, its not easy being me. Its extremely hard to be me. Trust me, I know.

Sometimes i wonder if I actually know myself or not. Sometimes, its just so frustrating being me. Trying to be the good child to my parents. But they never seem to know that I am just that. Never have they said a word of encouragement when I help around. Always accusing me of playing too much games when I have already cut down a lot on it. Even now in Perth, its very discouraging. Every time my parents want to talk to me. Its always to scold me or to tell me off. Its never just to ask "How are you?" "What are you going to do tomorrow?". Always to scold me for what I have done wrong. Never seeing what I have been doing right.

I have told myself that i want to be filial to my parents. Want to make them happy. Want them to lead a good life when they are old. However, my efforts never seem to cross over their minds. I listen to what you want me to do. How many times do I actually scold back at you guys before? I just keep quiet and listen to what you have to say even though I am really unhappy with it. I never argue back that what I do is wrong because I know you wont understand me. Not many do. I dont think anyone do to be exact, because like I said. I dont think I understand myself in the first place.

My smile, my laughter, my naughtiness. All a mask of what i underneath me. Everyday going to school. It always crosses my mind what my parents said about me. What my aunt thinks. You wont know what its like. Its mentally and emotionally taxing for me. The only comfort is listening to music. The song from Hear us Out 3 "交给我吧" is the song that gets me through a lot of it. The only song that can comfort me. Its my favourite song.

My heart is bleeding. All these pain and hardships. It hurts a lot. I know God you would only do this to me because You know that i can handle them. I pray that you will help me through these hard times ahead of me. I leave all of this to you and let you lead. Please guide me. I need you.


Friday, March 20, 2009


Nothing to do while waiting for class to start. So some random stuff. Well, stuff about the eSports scene. More notably the DotA scene. Well, MYM's main sponsor ESNatioon just went bankrupt. So they let go of their whole gaming team. Which sucks big time. Recession hits them hard. Luckily the DotA team will still play together under the name dJooks. Very strange name if you ask me.

Besides that, my favourite DotA team KS. Int just added a new member. Ks^Dendi.au. Good Ganker. So here is the players list for Ks. Int:


Ok. Gotta go. See yaz.


Saturday, March 14, 2009


A tall building. A person on the verge of death. A normal teenager. What do all these things have in common? They all need support of some kind. A building needs strong and deep rafters to be able to climb the skies. A sick person needs oxygen masks for life support. A teenager needs the support of his/her parents to feel included.

Thats something that i cant seem to get. Support. Especially support from my family. Not the whole family, just one person. My mum. I dont know why, nor do i understand why she doesnt seem to give me any support at all. She goes to my sister's every single performance. No matter how expensive or hard to get the tickets are. She goes to great length to make sure my sister's performance is the best that it can be.

But me? Nothing. Nil. Zero. Nada. No support for any of my performances. Although I dont perform that many things, nor am I well versed in any special talents, I still need support from you.

Where were you during the numerous performances she had? Backstage helping or front stage watching, waiting for the time to take her photo. Where were you during her primary school graduation ceremony? Sitting at front stage, watching patiently from the start till the end. What did you do when the teacher in charge said they had to buy more expensive pieces of cloth to make the costume? Handed over the money without second though although the costume.

Where were you when i first danced on stage during MGC Pujut's teenage fellowships 20th anniversary? At home. Where were you when i sang in front of thousands of people as part of the Prefectorial Board's choir during last year's school concert? At home. Where were you when i received my service star award for being a prefect? At work. Where were you during my primary school graduation? At work. Where were you during my secondary school graduation? At work. What did you do when i said I bought the 20th anniversary Tee Shirt because i needed it? Scold me for buying more clothes.

During the 20th anniversary celebration. I wished so much you would come and watch me dance. I am dancing mum. On stage. Its nothing much, but I wished you would come and watch me. During last year's school concert. I hinted you to come and watch me sing in the choir. I even hoped that you would ask Yiyimama if she wanted to go so that the chances you would go is higher. But, throughout the three days that i performed. You dint even come close to the proximity of the hall. Last year was my secondary school graduation and prize giving ceremony. I was hoping you would at least ask if I wanted you to go or not. But you dint even say a word about it. When i saw Simon's parents' happy face when he got the service star award. I was so envious. He was a just a mere prefect like me mum. Not a very high ranking prefect and his parents would go and see him take the star award. Me? Just the thousands of random students watching.

I am your son mum. Please support me. I wonder sometimes. Would you even come to my graduation when I finish university in four to five years time? I know there are times that I dint ask if you would want to go or not. I know you dont want to. So I dint ask. She dint ask too, and you would show up every time she has a performance. At least dad is fair. He doesnt go for any of hers, nor my performances. Can you show me a little bit of support please? Just a bit.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Results out

Hmm. Resuls of my SPM are out today. What can I say about it? Well, still ok I suppose. Could have been slightly better. But I am overall quite satisfied. Heres a lowdown on what I got (in order of decreasing grade):

English A1
Physic A1
1119 A2
Chemistry A2
Moral 3B
Maths 3B
Add Maths 4B
Biology 4B
Malay Language 5C
History 6C
Bible Knowledge 8E

English A1 is expected from me. Hehe. Physics was an unexpected A1. I thought maybe would get a B or A2. Chemistry also. I thought will get B3. But get A2. Nice. Hehe. My Biology. Man, i expected an A for this, why give me a B? Why? Sucks. Cant do anything too. Just face it. The most shocking one to me is none other than----------------Bible Knowledge!!!!!!! 8E man. 8E!!!!!! Thats hell bad. One more grade lower and its fail. Like Leh Bing. Hehe. I always got better than 8E. At least will get a C or B. I expected that i will get a B for my SPM. Somehow it came out an 8E. The rest are somewhat expected especially History and Malay. A bit surprised my Moral got 3. However those are useless subjects. So whatever. Thats all for tonight folks. See yaz.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


God. Your son is very tired with the stress thats surrounding him. He knows that You wont forsake him. But he needs your guidance now. Support him like you have support your people since the beginning. Amen.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tests on Monday

Man. I have two tests on Monday. Not the east kind like English. Physics and Chemistry test. Argh. Why both on the same day? Why? There goes my weekend. Anyway, wish me luck. I need to study again. See ya peeps.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Five brothers, Three locations, One God

Memories long written in the hearts of many. Buried deep in the depth of people, only to be taken out and reflect and cherish upon. As i sit here in front of the computer at 11.30PM(Perth is fast by one hour due to Daylight Savings) after reading my brothers' Sian and Yap's blog. I begin to ponder upon the teenage life i had.

My teenage life? What can i say about it? Its probably going to be the phase of my life that I will remember and hold so dear to my heart once i grow old. Its the phase that I am most proud of. I can pretty much say I had a really uninteresting childhood. No playing with marbles, no catching fish in the sewers. None of them. Just tuition, and watching TV. But when i turned 12 and starting to go to my church's Teenage Fellowship. My life started to be more interesting, more fun.

It is here during my time at this teenage fellowship that i met them. Who are they? If you've read my last post. You can probably guess. My four brothers and me. There was once only four. Now five in total. We had so much fun during this short five years of our lives. Six for me. It is here we found the true meaning of fellowship. What is to serve our one and only God with happiness.

Sometimes, I wonder. How would I be like if I my dad dint ask me to join this fellowship in the first place? I would probably have wasted my time all around time. Going to cyber cafes and so on. But instead, i made a choice. A choice i have never ever forget. To devote my Saturdays to him, and his fellowship. During this period, i have learnt a great deal. How to lead a committee in meeting. How to solve problems that shouldnt be a problem in the first place and so on. Its a great experience and a great preparation for real life.

I remember clearly how this brotherhood of ours started. It started with four. This is how it started. It was a Saturday afternoon like any other, fellowship at church. The activity was Bao Jian Chao Lian or Kang Le. We were divided into four groups. Somehow, the four of us, Josh, Sian, Yap and Me were all split into different groups. Then, the person in charge told us to chose a group leader in each of the group. By God's grace, each group chose each four of us. We all took turns standing up to indicate that we were the group leaders. After the last one, it was Josh i think. Rui Yi said something along the lines "Shi Da Tian Wang" which means Four Kings. With that, this brotherhood of ours was formed.

During our time, this brotherhood was held closely together. We did everything together. Sang choir, had Sunday School together and the list goes on and on. But soon after, a few years back. We added another to this brotherhood. Making it five. Chee Enn. How did we add him? I am not really sure. But we just did. He is part of us now. The five kings. You could see all of us almost everytime in all of the church's big events. Helping out no matter how small the matter is.

But now, our of the five. Three remain in Miri. The other two. Left to further their studies. Although we may have been separated. Theres one thing i am certain about. That this brotherhood still holds strong in each of our hearts. Another thing is that although we are in three different places, one thing is still very common among all of us. We are all still serving the one true God we know in the places we are in. Josh, Sian and Enn are still active in MGC Pujut where I have come to love. Yap is in KL's Panda Church serving too. And me, the guy in Perth. Worshiping and going to fellowships at BPCWA(Bible-Prebetaryian Church of Western Australia).

This this title was born. Five brothers, Three locations, One God. So very true. With this, I want to give a shout out to my brothers.

To Sian the short one: Stay strong, your not the only one with problems. Family is what you have and what is most precious when you stop and think.

To Josh the strong one: I know your looking strong for everyone. I cant say much. Just Good Luck and God would not forsake you,

To Yap the quiet one: I know this probably doesnt sound much. But study the best you can, even by then you still cant get good results. You know you've done your best.

To Enn the chicken-like one: Good luck in your STPM this year. I may say that you fail it all the time, but i dont really mean it. I sincerely hope that you would get great results.