Monday, April 6, 2009


Since I have already done the introduction about AWHYO. Let me continue with the introduction of each member. I will add a post about each member when I am free. So dont rush me man. Starting with the oldest.

The girl you see above. Is none other than our clan lord. AWHYO|SieN aka Wong Sing Sien. Melo's Ai Ren. How can she balance so many gfs? Sure damn rich to support all umm.... how many gf does Melo have? 6? No wonder she so emo. Cant balance properly. Hehe.

Anyway, back to AWHYO|SieN. Known her since Form 2. I use to sit behind her back in the days. My row was the last row closest to the window while one of AWHYO|SieN's best pal. Wan Xin sat next row. I remember i would always fall asleep in class especially classes like History and BM. There was one very funny case though. One fine morning, during Arts class. I fell asleep. The way i slept is with my hand supporting my head. And with the stealth and silence of a ninja. The art teacher came to me, and wrote the words "Sleeping Beauty" on my hand. When I woke up and saw it, I was so baffled. But it was funny.

Ok. Back to topic. AWHYO|SieN is an evil evil evil girl. She can talk bad things about a teacher for like the whole lesson. She dares to skip Community Service when she was punished to. She dares not to go to school for few days straight without any reasons at all. She dares to forge the AirAsia tickets to say that she leaves one day earlier than she was suppose to, just to get out of school. Hehe.

Other from the evilness in her. She is a good friend. Willing to help people out when needed. I remember she taught me the accounting that was needed to help me passed that particular exam. Although I dropped Accounting in the end. Oh, and she is damn Kia Su. But i guess that suits her since she is going to Singapore soon and the people there are also as Kia Su. She dint dare tell us she went for her driving test until she passed. Come on girl. I failed my theory exam and i dared to tell also. Zzz. Why dont you?

Oh most important thing. The guys who are reading my blog and you think you have a chance. Just scram. She's taken, unless you can buy her a Ferrari then she will consider. If you cant. Dont even bother dreaming. Lol.

What else to say? I guess nothing anymore. Just a shout out i suppose. Good luck my friend while in Singapore. AWHYO will always remember you as the Clan Lord. Do start a AWHYO-Singpore Division. Hehe. Once again. Good luck, take care and be careful.



NOtObEaLOnE^^ said...

scare me eh, saw my pic at ur blog!!! LOLS.. hahahaa... write good things can le ma! stil write d bad 1.. hahaha

NOtObEaLOnE^^ said...

eh, this pic not pretty le.. Should ask frm me get the prettier 1 ma, help me promote! hahahaha...

BlueBerry~ said...

Then you send me better one lor. I just go friendster ambil saja. Hehe.

MeLo♥ said...

=.= lol ai ren.
ehhs, how come har u must say my bad thing then happy? what i knot balance that's why emo. LOL!!

BlueBerry~ said...

I will try to make a record to see how many times i can jio you. 13 times. Hehe.

MeLo♥ said...

13 times only?
you sure?!?!?!

BlueBerry~ said...

13 times is the minimum. I can try to do it every post. Hehe.

MeLo♥ said...

u mean 13 times in this post o what? @@