Friday, October 31, 2008

Malaysian team in for finals in Farm 4 Fame 3

Wasnt really expecting this. But despite all odds. Our Malaysian DotA team will definitely be going to the finals for Farm 4 Fame 3. Its either team Kingsurf or ucpro-tbun`w4sl will represent team Malaysian to the Finals. Well, this tournament isnt about representing your country anyway. But, the fact that Kingsurf and ucpro-tbun`w4sl will be fighting out for a spot in the finals leaves a spectacle to behold. They will be going against a name strangely named as Mom equals Toilet. Very strange name indeed.

What i wasnt really expecting was that Kingsurf could beat out MYM during the prelimanaries. Kingsurf is a good team, but due to connection issues. We normally lose in online games. KS-hyhy even said the ping during that game was 250. 250 man. Thats freaking high. And considering on MYM's part, the connection should be alot better. Also note that MYM placed second in F4F 2. Another amazing thing is that ucpro-tbun`w4sl was also able to beat out mousesports. Again due to connection issues. Very amazing indeed. Mousesports was the champion for both F4F 1 and F4F 2.

Anyway, thats all i can say about both teams. Great achievement for the DotA teams of Malaysian. Means a guaranteed 3rd place finishing for Malaysia. But we cant be content with 3rd right? Hehe. Aim for 1st!!!! I'm hoping Kingsurf would win. But either way, good luck to both teams.

Click for results of F4F 3


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Knowledge and Wisdom

Knowledge and Wisdom. Two words which are similar in meaning, yet mean totally different things. An old man with no education since young can have zero knowledge of the world, yet he can have a wealth of wisdom in him. Likewise, a person with a degree, pHd or any other high level education certificate can have lots of knowledge of the world, and yet, be poor in wisdom.

Wisdom is the understanding of how to treat people, things and the environment properly. In short, wisdom teaches you the virtues of life. Be fair to people, love the environment and so on. Wisdom can only be obtained through experiences in life. Through the daily routine of interacting with people. It can be thaught from one person to another, but i can never be learnt through the books we see everyday.

Knowledge is but the understanding of how our world works. Why do plants need sunlight to survive? How can fish survive in water? The quest to understand anything and everything about our small small world. These knowledge although important, but if not used right. Can be deadly. Just to the opposite of wisdom. Knowledge can be thaught from one person to another, and it can also be learnt through the thousands of books we find lying all around us.

How does these two things affect us? In a big way. Those who have great knowledge, yet no wisdom on how to use it can cause great havoc on this world. Those who have great wisdom, but lacks knowledge can still make this world a better place by teaching the great virtues of life. A balance of both is the best anyone can hope for.

As humanity's search for greater knowledge about outer space, about nano particles continue. May we pause and think. Do we need all these knowledge? Does all these contribute to the greater good of the world? May we discard all those that is unneeded and strive for better.

With this i end my post by leaving a quote i thought myself

"Knowledge can be learnt through books, but Wisdom can only be learnt through the experiences in life."


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bitten by a Lachesis

Ouch it hurts. I have just been bitten by a Lachesis. What is a Lachesis you may ask? Its the largest pit viper in the world. Oddly enough, i'm enjoying being bitten. Hurts, but enjoyable. But wait, its not really the snake that bit me. Its the new gaming mouse i got. The Razer Lachesis. Where does it hurt you may ask? The wallet. Man is it painful. The thing cost me RM200+. Ouch.

Short introduction to Razer. Razer is a company which makes premium gaming equipments for professional gamers worldwide. I know some of you may think, Professional gamers? Theres such a thing? Mind you, there is, and they get paid for playing games. Professional gamers are the athletes of the new era of sports-eSports. Razer makes professional gaming keyboards, mouses, sound cards and headsets. Their products are very well-made and very expensive. Your paying for what you buy, so I'm not that fussy. Hehe.

Anyway, like I said, I got a Razer gaming mouse. The Lachesis, its the best mouse in the current product portfolio of Razer. Whats so special about it? Well, for one thing. It has 9 keys on the mouse alone. 9 keys man. How many does yours have? Hehe. Another thing is the DPI, it has sensitivity which you can adjust up to 4000 DPI. Normal mouses have less than 1000 DPI if not mistaken. Another feature that i like is the Profile selection. You can customize what all the 9 keys of the mouse can do, and you can set specific profiles for specific programs. Like when i launch FireFox, I have one button which goes back a page, a button which opens another tab, and another which refreshes the page. Very cool. Expensive, but worth it.

EDIT: Forgot to add the part where i got the mouse pad too. Well, i originally wanted to get the Destructor gaming mouse pad, which is the preferred mouse pad for the Lachesis from what i saw on the Razer website. But my mum got an eXactmat instead. Still cool either way. The eXactMat is great too. It has two surfaces. The X Control for low sensitivity games such as DotA and Starcraft, another surface is the X Speed for high sensitivity games such as CS. What i like about it, is that it comes with a handrest with memory comformance. Meaning the handrest will change its shape according to you wrist and it wont change shape unless you delibrately squeeze it. Another thing which i like is they made the pad so that it has these "feet" on them. They keep the pad in its position so that it doesnt move about when you are gaming.

That should be all about the Lachesis and eXactMat for now. Now i shall poison everyone with some photos of my Lachesis and eXactMat. Next target: Razer Lycosa Mirror edition gaming keyboard. After my PS3 and laptop that is.

The Razer Lachesis in the box

The Razer Lachesis and eXactMat in its glory

Lachesis out of the box.

The Lachesis and eXactMat at work.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My future.

Yesterday, I just got my offer letter to join Canning College for my further studies next year. What does this mean? Well. its official. I'll be leaving this place where i call my home next year and start a new life, with new friends and new environment.

If you know me, I think most of you would agree that i look like someone who is more than looking forward to leave this country. I guess, its true to some extent. I used to have this thinking, but its changed. I am quite a sentimental guy. I cant easily leave everything behind. My feelings towards my friends. Towards my family. Towards my dear. Its something that i have been accustomed to. People who i have been with all my life. Its hard for me to just leave them.

Although I may think like this. I know i have to leave one day. Every bird leaves its nest when it has grown up. Same thing to a boy when he grows to become a man. Its just a matter of time. I guess going earlier is good, learn about other people and culture more than other people. All i can do is suck all those feelings up and just head over to my new life as a college student next year. May God's peace be with me. I really need it.

It may be a new place to me. But I think it wont be too unfamiliar. My aunts and cousins have already migrated there long before i was born. I will be living with them. But still, I'll need to be accustomed to being alone. With no Mum, no Dad and no Sister. Ironically, I'll miss them. But what to do? Its for my own future. I'll just leave everything to the big guy in heaven to decide for me.

This is to my new life next year. May God's peace be with me and guide over while i am there.

For your info, my class starts 18th January 2009. Means no CNY for me. Thats all for now. Cyaz.


Thursday, October 16, 2008


Death. A very frightening word indeed. Death symbolises the end of a persons life. The ending to a very very long soap opera about your life. Quite a number of people are afraid of death. Why? Cause, well they dont know how is life after death. Where they will go after they die? Will they go to heaven? Will their preparations for the afterworld during their time of living enough? And so on.

I for one, am not afraid of death. For i know, when i take my last breathe in this world and leave this world. I will be somewhere better. Somewhere without pain and suffering. Although i am not afraid of death. I wont be looking for forward to it. To me, theres still a lot of things in this world i have yet to accomplish. My studies. My career. My future spouse. My future kids.

I have this thinking which my former BM tuition teacher told me. Only towards the end of your life would you know how much you have impacted the world around you. The people and everything. Its just as the saying "When a tiger dies, it leaves its fur; when a person dies, he leaves his name and legacy". I really like this saying. When you die, everything you once owned, you once cherished is all gone. You cant bring anything to your grave.

You may leave your money, your property, your car behind. But those thing will change ownerships in just a blink of an eye. But what you can leave behind is your undying legacy. People will forget that you once left them RM1000. But people wont ever forget that you helped them during their times of greatest despair. This, to me, is one of the most important things you can do in life. Affect people. Help people and so on.

You can see how a person is greatly respected and impacted people's lives during their funeral session. It is during the funeral. There are a lot of people who attend it. It shows that he/she is a greatly respected person. One that people do not want to see dead if possible.

This is to hope that once day, when my last breathe have been taken. I will leave a great legacy behind. One which will be remembered by people. This is to hoping that during my funeral. There would be a great number of people attending. People who i have helped and so on.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trial 2 over

Wootie, woot woot. Trials just ended a few days ago. But just thought of posting it up now. Overall. I think it went rather well. Second trial was easier than the first trial, which is a good thing. As my trial one result was rather bad. Dont dare use those results for my college application. Hope i get better result for this trial. Fingers crossed. Heres a recap on my exams:

Physics: Just one part in structure i dint manage to do. Damn, forgot to study the Logic gates and transistor part. Still should be able to do ok.
Chemistry: Ok ok too. Hehe. Paper 3 was damn lucky. Saw Doris when going to the toilet. She told me how to plan and write the experiment.
Biology: Quite confident with this subject. Always did like Biology more. Paper 3 was a breeze. Managed to read the subject on Variation.
English: One of my best subjects. Nuff said.
English for Science and Technology: EST=English. Do the math.
Malay Language: Useless for me. Go figure.
Moral Education: Useless. Go figure again.
History: Uselss. Go figure x 3.
Additional maths: Worried about this one. No idea why, but i was so moodless to do the paper one after paper two. The simplest question i wasnt even able to do. Dang. Hope its alright.
Maths: Maths teacher said i got 69 i think. Not bad.
Bible Knowledge: Just had it today. Dint study. Test based on memory. Wonder how it goes?

Thats all for now. Cyaz peeps.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Time. A word synonymous to all. People fight for fairness. To get the worth of money from your boss. To get the love from parents. But one thing is for sure, time is always fair. Everyone is gifted with the same 24hours a day. 7 days a week. 52 weeks a year. And so on. As time passes, so does the memories of our past. Good memories, bad memories. Its all there.

Been reading Ah Sian's blog. Went through every single entry. Damn my eyes are blur right now. But his blog. It brings back lots of memories. Lots of fun times and lots of sad times. The time when we were all together. Serving in the name of GOD for Pujut's Teenage society. Those were the times. I dare say this. My times as a teenage is well lived. I wouldnt exchange it for anything. Some people might spend their teenage years going to cyber cafes and everything. But i dint. I stuck to my religion. I never ever regretted.

My teenager years were full of joy and laughter. Me, Ah Sian, Ah Yap, Josh and Chi Enn. We were the invincible five brothers. We worked for the Teenage society. We served GOD in all the small small ways we can at that time. It was the best. The camps, the game everything. I miss them. But if you ask me now. Would i trade something to reset the past. I would bravely answer you. NO. Why? Memories are meant to be that memories. If you can relive that part of your life that you call a memory. It wont be a memory anymore. It will be like a show you downloaded off the internet. Where you can watch it over and over and over again. Its no longer precious. Its not longer a memory.

With that. I end my post.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Time to pee your pants.

Today is the Nintendo Media Conference. And guess what? The big N just announced the new DSi. It has all the features that Nikkei stated. A slightly larger screen .25 more inches than the DSl. SD card slot and camera. Pretty cool. Gotta buy. Oh now. My wallet. Zzz. Anyway. I'm rather sleepy right now. Lazy to add more for now. So hope over to DSFanboy and take a look at the new DSi.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Did I mix with the wrong group of friends?

Did I mix with the wrong group of friends?