Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I'm going to be MIA from my blog for some time. Due to exams and so on. Gotta study. Hehe. Sorry to my readers. Although I dont think i have many. Thats all I have to say. See ya peeps.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why Melaka????

Man. Was looking so forward to going to watch SMM Grand National DotA Tournament this year end. But why does it have to be held in Melaka??? Transport is going to be so hard for me as there is no direct flight from Miri to Melaka. Makes me rethink whether I should go or not. Grr. Grr. Lets hope for the best.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

AWHYO Clan listen up.

All those who still consider themselves part of the AWHYO clan listen up, especially those going to KL for the trip next January. I have an announcement to make. And that is, the hotel has been booked. The hotel in question is So just for a heads-up on the pricing of it. Here are the details of the bookings:

Jan 14 1x Deluxe room
Jan 15 1x Deluxe room, 1x Standard room
Jan 16 1x Deluxe room, 2x Standard rooms
Jan 17 1x Deluxe room
Jan 18 1x Deluxe room

The price for each room is as follows(All after tax):

As for the room allocation, I took the liberty of arranging who sleeps with who so that it is easier for me to see who needs to pay how much. So here it is.

Jan 14 Deluxe: Terry, Melo, Susan, Hui Wen
Jan 15 Deluxe: Melo, Susan, Hui Wen, Karen, Sing Sien
Standard: Terry, Bryan, Poh Lim
Jan 16 Deluxe: Melo, Susan, Hui Wen, Karen
Standard: Terry, Bryan, Poh Lim
Standard: Sing Sien, Carrie, Doris
Jan 17 Deluxe: Terry, Melo, Susan, Hui Wen, Poh Lim
Jan 18 Deluxe: Terry, Melo, Susan, Hui Wen, Poh Lim

The amount need to be paid per person is the room cost divided by the amount of people staying. So it will be as follows:

Terry: RM168.7
Melo: RM151.8
Susan: RM151.8
Hui Wen: RM151.8
Karen: RM62.1
Sing Sien: RM67.1
Bryan: RM79
Poh Lim:RM134.2
Carrie: RM39.5
Doris: RM39.5

Basically, this post is to inform you guys about it. And there is no backing out now. Even if you decided not to stay in the hotel. You still have to pay me. As there is no way of canceling the booking now. Any question. Please leave comments.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Time to continue with my long overdue post about my AWHYO clan. This time, its the member that i hate the most. The one i despise so very much that I dream on how to kill her every single night. lol. Like tradition. Photo first.

Look at her. That evil face hugging that Hello Kitty. I bet you she's thinking how to kill the cat while taking that photo. Such an evil face. Dont you guys agree?

Besides concocting ways on how to kill that innocent cat. AWHYO|Emo likes to dream a lot. While there are a lot of dreams, there's only a few category of dreams.

The first is the *insert male celebrity name here*-is-so-going-marry-me kind of dreams. Where she drools all night in her dream of a certain celebrity being her lovely husband. Hugging her to sleep, kissing her everywhere, or just standing there so that she can show of to here imaginary dream friends that she has such a popular husband. Mind you, the celebrities that she dreams about arent the good looking ones too. Look absolutely hideous. If not mistaken, the current craze right now is Calvin something, from some random band.

The second one is the I-am-so-damn-rich kind of dream. Where she dreams that she sleeps on money, wipes her ass with money after she goes to the toiler and swim in money. That she can buy all the latest gadgets which she wants, which is always doesnt suite her at all. That she can buy all the top brands like Gucci, LV and Nike. Not knowing that if she buys them, those brands would become a nobody-cares-about brand ever in just one night.

Finally, the most disturbing kind of dream ever, the I-wish-all-my-lesbian-partners-would-love-me-equally dream. You see. AWHYO|Emo has like 10 different partners at once, ranging form being Darling to ai ren to laopo. Too much of a headache to list them all. Having step on so many boats at once, there's bound to be some strife between her 10 partners. So in her dreams, all of her partners love her equally. Giving her the attention that she desperately needs.

Due to the fact that she has so many dreams and she never wants to wake up from these dreams. She is always late for all his appointments, gathering, school etc. By the time she decides to wake up, it would already be half an hour pass the scheduled time. So, a tip to all. Whenever asking AWHYO|Emo out for a gathering of whatever sort, its best to tell her the time is half an hour earlier than the scheduled time.

If your wondering why this particular member has such a name AWHYO|Emo. It can be attributed to her having to balance her love life between her 10 patterns and the dreams that she can never achieve. Also, being cheated every time of the time for gatherings is another factor too.

And thats all about AWHYO|Emo. She is so going to kill me. But meh, its my blog. See ya peeps.