Sunday, April 18, 2010

My life as an eSports journalist

Hmm. Not sure why I had this inspiration to write this post. Just though I would write about my volunteer job over at GosuGamers and what I hope to achieve from it.

Well what do I do? Basically I do whatever a sports reporter does on the newspaper. I write about the latest player transfer in the professional DotA scene. Do interview with players about their wins at certain tournaments or just a fun interview in general. Besides that, I also help my other colleagues with other things. Such as organizing events and talking with peoples of the scene about some things. Thats more or less what I do I suppose. A lot of people will say that its so stupid to do such a thing. I respect their views, but I dont think its a stupid thing to do. I believe in the future, maybe not the near future but in the future. Wars will be fought out on the computer rather than on the battlefields. Scores between nations will be settled using a mouse and keyboard.

On to what I expect to gain from this. To be honest, I dont know. I know I like writing and getting to know more about the eSports scene. Learning how things work and so on. Its pretty cool. Writing for GosuGamers, is to me something that I can be very proud about. One of the reason being, I am the only Malaysian to write for them. Not only that, I believe that i have contributed to the team in a very positive way. The fact that GosuGamers is one of the biggest sites for DotA and also one of the biggest eSports site in general makes me that much more proud. Coming from a small city in Malaysia, i can write on such a level speaks volumes to me. I may not write as good as some of the better editors from Fnatic, MYM or SK-Gaming. But hei I'm still damn proud of it.

Ok, kinda off topic there. lol. Back to topic. What do I expect to gain. Like I said, I'm not sure exactly. I suppose one of the things that i would like to gain is how to help promote eSports in Malaysia. It may not seem like it, but Malaysia has a pretty thriving eSports scene with very iconic people. For example, our FIFA representative for WCG, Si_Jali can give the top players from Germany a hard time in the final eight matches. We also have a very renowned eSports organization, DuskBin which houses one of the best StarCraft team outside of Korea. While these are all great, I would like to help promote eSports to be more accepted publicly, it doesnt have to be like what you see in Korea, but at least we dont get the stereotype look when we say we play on a competitive level.

That should be all that I seek to gain from this I suppose. Well, thats all I have on my mind right now. So I guess I'll sign off here. See ya dudes.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Random Ramblings

Cant really think of much to write actually. But still feel like updating. Hmm. I guess I'll just post random stuff going in my mind right now.

Lets see, first thing on my mind. I want to go to Singapore. lol. Want to go to USS to have some fun. Hoping I can head over this year end or maybe beginning of next year. The best would be this June or July. I'm kinda hoping its June or July, well also provided that WCG Asia is being hosted during that time. Go and so some live coverage in Singapore. Woot. But not sure, see how things pan out first.

Second thought, uber STRESSNESS. I got exams coming up and I havent done study at all. MicroEcons and Financial Accounting. Die. Need to do some work next week. Need to slap myself to work. Its going to be hard. But need to try. Come on Terry. You can do it.

Third thing, as some may know, I write for a very big DotA website called GosuGamers. I love the job, if you can call it a "job" as i dont get paid. But well I like it, thats for sure. Anyway, back to topic. Not sure how to say this, but my writing skill seems to be really good that the guys over at myMYM(second largest DotA site) have offered me to work with them. And this time, with some monetary incentive if I do very well. Cool eh? You'd think I'd jump the gun and go to work with them right? Well, I dint, I chose to work at Gosu. Reason? Quite a few, but I cant be bothered to write it down. Hehe. So whatever, next thing, if there is any.

Hmm. Fourth, thinking of something. Hmm. Ok cant think of any. Oh wait, there is. Just to annoy Melo. HyungJun sucks!!!!! He sucks at StarCraft and singing.

Ok thats it for now. Out.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Update Update Update

Finally going to update my blog. Guess I've gotten lazy of blogging again. Caught up with way too much stuff in Uni I suppose. Studies, newswriting on Gosu, DotAing and so much more. But meh, life's good so far. Uni is pretty good I suppose. Surprisingly I kinda like Financial Accounting and MircoEconomics as well. Pretty surprised with myself actually. Oh and there was this major HailStorm that happened in Perth, it was like the worse in 15 years. Pretty serious, my Uni's Architecture building and Engineering build was destroyed. Kinda ironic dont you think? The architecture and Engineering building was destroyed but the arts and Business building are all in tact. Anyway, dont know what else to write. So I think i'll just post some photos from my phone for you guys.

The above two are the aftermath of the hailstorm. First photo is taken outside my room. Imagine if one of those hits your head. Ouch. And the second is some of the hail in my hand. Pretty big. As big as golf balls.

This is of course my room. My bed, closet and table.

This is my setup when I frag. Come on baby.

A failed omellete that I tried to make.

Steak and Mash. I make some really good mash potatoes.

Ok thats all for now peeps. Goodbye,


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stress, emoness and homesick

Finally decided to post something. Well, like I expected, I will start posting when I am in Perth. Due to three factors. The stress, emoness of life and homesickness. Hence the current post title.

Its been over three weeks since i came back to Perth to pursue my studies once again. This time though, I continue my studies in one of Perth's most prestigious universities, The University of Western Australia. In short, UWA. So yeah, I'm currently studying Computer Science/Commerce. It was Engineering/Commerce before, but i decided to change it like three days before lectures start. Why? You may ask. Its something that I've thought about in the past few weeks. Being an engineer is not something that attracts me. Engineering isn't even something that comes close to being part of my interest. Many people wont agree with my choice. They will look down at me for not giving a try and so on. Fair argument. In the end however, its me who is going to be studying, not you. So respect my choice.

Besides that, I've been pretty homesick this time around. Have no idea why, but I just do. I figured its because this time around, I'll be staying alone unlike last year with my aunt. Staying with relatives changes things so much. Makes you feel much accepted easier. Feels so different living with friends. I guess that is part of life that I have to learn. So be it, bring it on baby.

I guess that will be all for today. See ya later peeps.