Thursday, August 28, 2008

Its over!!!!!!

BuYeah. Its over!!!!!! Hell yeah. And i mean my trial exams by the way. Its over. Although far from the real thing. But its over for now. So what the heck. Relax a bit. And a recap on how i did on the subjects:

BM: I think i can pass this time. I surprisingly have enough points to write my long essay until 4 pages. Woah. Thats amazing.
English: Duh. This will be an A. English has never been a problem for me.
English for Science and Technology: Should be able to ace this one. Except for the information transfer which is a bit confusing and the objective question's answer being very similar, the rest are rather easy.
Sejarah: I think i can pass also. Cause, well, the essay and structured questions are the ones that come out from the Adabi book. Which i happen to read the day before the exam. Still able to answer some of the questions.
Moral: Meh. Useless subject. Nuff said.
Maths: Aceable. Again, they somehow dint test the chapters which i am weak in. God must be on my side.
Additional Maths: OMG, this paper is hard like hell. Especially the second paper. I cant even do the progression question. Dammit.
Chemistry: I am always weakest in Chemistry out of the three science subjects. So this one. Damn had. Dead
Physics: Miraculously, they dint test much on the form 4 topics. Which i am weakest in. Thank God.
Biology: This paper was quite easy in my opinion. But i know i lost at least 6 marks on my paper two. How should i know that tissue was a cardiac muscle? Dang.

Thats all for my test. I still have one bible knowledge test on Saturday. But that shouldnt be a problem for me. Hehe.

Anyway, in unrelated news. KingSurf.Dota of Malaysia just got second placing in the ESWC held in San Jose, USA. Grats to them. I was rather surprised they could beat the powerhouses of dota such as SK.Dota from Germany and MYM.Dota of the Danes . But great achievement nontheless. Oh, they lost to Zenith of Singapore. Interesting to see two asian countries beating the rest of the world. No?

Thats all for now folks. Cyaz.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sony PSP-3000

What? Sony PSP-3000? Whats that? Unless your an avid gamer. You wont have any idea what i am talking about. OK here is the deal, the first generation PSP, also know as the Phat are the 1000 series, the slim and lite is the 2000 series. And now, a few days ago Sony just announced the 3000 series.

As you may know, the slim boost some big improvements over the phat. Big, big BIG improvements. So i was wondering what exactly does this new PSP 3000 series have to offer. I was expecting something big. But reality hit me in the face. Slap. It dint really offer much. Here is a low down on what new features they added:

-A new screen which is twice as fast and with anti-glare
-Built in microphone
-Changed the "home" button to the "PS" button

Bug surprise eh? Not. Anti-glare on the PSP is nice, but as something an LYN member said. After applying a screen protector on the PSP 3000 series. The anti-glare would be gone just the same. Built in microphone is nice for frequent skype users. Lastly, i liked the "PS" button instead of the "Home" button. But that is purely cosmetic. Not so much difference.

No comes the question i am asking myself. Should i get this new PSP? I already have two PSPs. Why would i need another one? Well, to complete my collection of gaming consoles and games. Hehe. And whats my answer? I might just get it, only if i have the cash and so on. Even if i would get it. I wont get it as soon as it releases in September. Will wait it out a bit. Maybe wait for a Limited edition one. Anyway, click here for more info on the PSP 3000 series.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back from camp

Woah. Its so damn tiring. I am back from the dead. Nah. No one can be risen from the dead. Expect for Jesus. Anyway. Back from a 3 days, 2 nights camp. Camp name being "529". Strange name eh? Not strange if you know the meaning. If you read "529" in chinese it can be read as "I love God". A very fitting theme for the church camp.

I wasnt very keen on joining actually. Because mum wouldnt be so happy and everything. And i think she still isnt very happy. Anyway. I went, joined and came back. Its rather tiring. The games they thought of are just crazy. Pure craziness, but very fun. Good job to the committee. Clap. Clap. Clap. Hehe.

Oh, you wanna know what is my luggage for this camp? I can tell you. I brought absolutely nothing at all. Hehe. Church is just a 5 minutes drive from house. No need luggage. Just come home and shower and sleep. Hehe. I guess thats all for now. Cant think of much to add about the camp. Cyaz peeps


Thursday, August 14, 2008


OK here is the deal. Gamestop USA is selling the limited edition Pokemon DS lite soon in US. And i really want to get it. The problem? I dont have that much cash. So i am going to sell my old DS. Anyone interested. Please contact me via e-mail: Really urgent sale.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Trials=Dead Terry

Aduh. SPM first trial comes so soon. Zzz. But then, the older you get the faster you think time passes by. Its already August. Zzz. First trial is very important for me. I need it to apply for my college. So rather stressed lar. Finished BM today, Chemistry, Physics and Biology paper 3 were all taken on Saturday. Good luck to myself to the rest of the exams. Need to force myself to study for the rest. Also need to try and get rid of the distractions. Way too many. Zzz. Help. Anyway, thats all for now Cyaz peeps.


Friday, August 1, 2008

2nd hand haul

Woot. What a steal. Got another 2nd hand DS game haul again this month. So happy. Hehe. Well, zio from Lowyat forums decided to let go of some of his DS games. And I happen to snatched 3 of them. Woot. The games i got are Mario Kart DS, Professor Layton and the Curios Village and lastly Trauma Center: Under the knife 2. What a steal indeed. Especially the Trauma Center 2 if you ask me. Since its quite a new game. Anyway. Photos!!!! Hehe.

The 2nd hand games haul

This is my entire DS game collection. Hehe.