Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sony PSP-3000

What? Sony PSP-3000? Whats that? Unless your an avid gamer. You wont have any idea what i am talking about. OK here is the deal, the first generation PSP, also know as the Phat are the 1000 series, the slim and lite is the 2000 series. And now, a few days ago Sony just announced the 3000 series.

As you may know, the slim boost some big improvements over the phat. Big, big BIG improvements. So i was wondering what exactly does this new PSP 3000 series have to offer. I was expecting something big. But reality hit me in the face. Slap. It dint really offer much. Here is a low down on what new features they added:

-A new screen which is twice as fast and with anti-glare
-Built in microphone
-Changed the "home" button to the "PS" button

Bug surprise eh? Not. Anti-glare on the PSP is nice, but as something an LYN member said. After applying a screen protector on the PSP 3000 series. The anti-glare would be gone just the same. Built in microphone is nice for frequent skype users. Lastly, i liked the "PS" button instead of the "Home" button. But that is purely cosmetic. Not so much difference.

No comes the question i am asking myself. Should i get this new PSP? I already have two PSPs. Why would i need another one? Well, to complete my collection of gaming consoles and games. Hehe. And whats my answer? I might just get it, only if i have the cash and so on. Even if i would get it. I wont get it as soon as it releases in September. Will wait it out a bit. Maybe wait for a Limited edition one. Anyway, click here for more info on the PSP 3000 series.

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