Friday, July 25, 2008

Probation Ge Si meh?

Strange title eh? Let me elaborate more below.

Wednesday Rebecca message me and told me to bring my blazer,nail cliper, notebook and pen on friday. Being part of the Disciplinary department of the prefectorial board i already had a gut feeling there was going to be a spot check this Friday.

Fast forward today. This morning there is a spot check. Woah, i'm psychic. lolz. Anyways, senior prefects were asked to enter the hall during the third period at around 8.20am. While the juniors are to come in at 8.50am. Whats with the time gap? Well, its for a small briefing on today's spot check. Each department's councillor briefed their own prefects on the reason for today's spot check. And what may that be? I was rather pissed at the reason actually.

The reason being some juniors wrote in their reports complaining that the spot check demo we did for them are just for show. We seniors dont do that during real spot check. And here is where the above title comes from. You probabtion prefects so ge si meh? Let you guys go on your own, think so dai sai har? Bull shit lar. What spot check we dont do all those we taught you guys. You come and see us check lar. And that is the reason, show those idiot juniors how we conduct spot checks.

I wont go into detail about the time period during spot checks. Just tell you guys that i was assigned to be in group 3 with Joanne as leader and we checked class 1G. Oh yeah, i can tell you, i checked very thoroughly. Those who complained come find my faults lar. I dare you.

After that, we had a debriefing at the hall. And guess what? Juniors took 25 minutes to finish checking block D and we seniors took 10 minutes to finsih block E. In your face. We are faster and more thorough. Anyway, thats all for tonight. School tomorrow. I'll update on more tomorrow.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Play-asia haul

Woot. Play asia was having a sale last week. Was so desperate to buy somethings since some are really cheap. The problem? No credit card. But luckily corez from agreed to help me purchase some games. And here it is. The haul for this sale. So happy:

There is it. My babies. lolz. Arkanoid DS with paddle controller, Contra 4 and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fate.

Oh yeah. Arkanoid with paddle controller rocks. So much more fun.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Get unplugged

Unplugged? Whats that? Strange blog title eh? Whats this conspiracy all about? Well, let me dig deep in the vault of Satech. Dig dig dig. Found it!!! What is it anyway? Well, to put things short. I got my Nyko's Nunchuck Kama for my Wii today. If you've played Wii boxing or any Wii games that require the Wiimote+Nunchuck. You will know how annoying it is to have wired ones. For games like Wii boxing anyway. So i decided to ask corez from LYN to help me order them. Before i go on about it. Here is a photo of it:

There they are. Beauties aint they? And i must say. The performance while using them to play Wii boxing is so much better. Really ALOT better. The punches are more fluid and so on. Never regret spending on these nunchucks. Need to try them with some other games. Maybe Link's Crossbow training and RE:UC. Hmm. So much possibility.

BTW, I have no idea what is Satech from above. Its just something random i typed out. Thats all for today.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Big D's birthday

Dum diddy dum. Its big D's birthday yo.

Ok enough with the lame attempt at trying to rap on the blog. Anyway, who is big D? Our infamous, Labuan kid, Daryl. lolz. Wonder should i put Labuan kid or not? He is from Labuan, but he was born in KL i think. Zzz. Anyway, he's part of the AWHYO gang. So we must remember his birthday.

As with all birthday traditions, we must have celebrations. And whats big D's birthday this year like? A Barbeque. And oh my, there are so much food during the bbq. And i mean alot.Oh yeah, this bbq is solely for the gang of AWHYO. lolz. Whats that? Well. Cant tell, confidential. lolz.

Anyway, i was late at going to Daryl's house on sat, dint expect them to be there so soon. But i brought the entertainment, so guess they cant complain. Hehe. They were crazy playing with my Wii. Especially Doris. Jumping around the whole living room. So afraid she might break Daryl's TV. Zzz. We played Wii sports and SSBB. Hao Hsiu and Daryl were owning the whole gang in Wii Tennis. Zzz. Crazy man.

Dont really know what else to write actually. Will get the photos from Daryl soon. Then i will post them. Till then. Cyaz Peeps.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Haul for July

Woot. Woot. Woot. Big haul for this month. Got myself four DS games and one PS3 game. Before you ask where i get my money. Well, three of the DS games are second hand ones. The three second hand ones equal to one new one. And the PS3 game is RM290. A bit pricey, but worth the money.

And again, you might ask why i bought a PS3 game and yet i dont have a PS3. Well, its the limited edition Metal Gear Solid 4 game. And heck, i love limited edition games. lolz. Besides, me getting a PS3 is just a matter of time. Damn you SPM!!!!!!

Anyway, here are the photos for this month's haul:

The three second hand DS games and the MGS4 LE. Nice eh? Oh yeah. The three DS title i got are New Super Mario Bros, Trauma Center and Metoes

This is the new DS game i got. Megaman Star Force: Zerker X Saurian


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Second week of probation

Another school week is ending tomorrow. It also marks the end of the second week of probation for the new batch of prefects. Nothing much about it though. Just the same routine of training my juniors and stuff. Oh yeah. I got a new junior.

My old juniors. One Yi Loi was changed to SK2 starting on monday. And Rebecca changed Joseph to be Suk Sin's junior. So guess what? I'm juniourless. Lolz. Nah. I got a new junior. This time a girl. Muahahaha. Her name is Winnie Wa. Strange surname if i must add. But unique. Have to ask what surname is that in Chinese.

Anyway, comments about my new junior? Well. She is alot better than Yi Loi, she dares to talk and catch the offenders much better than Yi Loi. Which is a big relief. And the impression she gives me is that she is rather willing to learn the ups and downs of the prefectorial board. Well, the Discipline department anyway. lolz. And she does practice what i teach. Which is a very good thing.

Although i think she is, how should i put it? A bit passive sometimes. Just sometimes. She sees offenders and she would ask me about it and then go catch them. Not a serious problem. Some more training would help. lolz.

Anyway, i think thats all about her. Thats all for now. Cyaz peeps.