Thursday, July 3, 2008

Second week of probation

Another school week is ending tomorrow. It also marks the end of the second week of probation for the new batch of prefects. Nothing much about it though. Just the same routine of training my juniors and stuff. Oh yeah. I got a new junior.

My old juniors. One Yi Loi was changed to SK2 starting on monday. And Rebecca changed Joseph to be Suk Sin's junior. So guess what? I'm juniourless. Lolz. Nah. I got a new junior. This time a girl. Muahahaha. Her name is Winnie Wa. Strange surname if i must add. But unique. Have to ask what surname is that in Chinese.

Anyway, comments about my new junior? Well. She is alot better than Yi Loi, she dares to talk and catch the offenders much better than Yi Loi. Which is a big relief. And the impression she gives me is that she is rather willing to learn the ups and downs of the prefectorial board. Well, the Discipline department anyway. lolz. And she does practice what i teach. Which is a very good thing.

Although i think she is, how should i put it? A bit passive sometimes. Just sometimes. She sees offenders and she would ask me about it and then go catch them. Not a serious problem. Some more training would help. lolz.

Anyway, i think thats all about her. Thats all for now. Cyaz peeps.


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