Friday, July 25, 2008

Probation Ge Si meh?

Strange title eh? Let me elaborate more below.

Wednesday Rebecca message me and told me to bring my blazer,nail cliper, notebook and pen on friday. Being part of the Disciplinary department of the prefectorial board i already had a gut feeling there was going to be a spot check this Friday.

Fast forward today. This morning there is a spot check. Woah, i'm psychic. lolz. Anyways, senior prefects were asked to enter the hall during the third period at around 8.20am. While the juniors are to come in at 8.50am. Whats with the time gap? Well, its for a small briefing on today's spot check. Each department's councillor briefed their own prefects on the reason for today's spot check. And what may that be? I was rather pissed at the reason actually.

The reason being some juniors wrote in their reports complaining that the spot check demo we did for them are just for show. We seniors dont do that during real spot check. And here is where the above title comes from. You probabtion prefects so ge si meh? Let you guys go on your own, think so dai sai har? Bull shit lar. What spot check we dont do all those we taught you guys. You come and see us check lar. And that is the reason, show those idiot juniors how we conduct spot checks.

I wont go into detail about the time period during spot checks. Just tell you guys that i was assigned to be in group 3 with Joanne as leader and we checked class 1G. Oh yeah, i can tell you, i checked very thoroughly. Those who complained come find my faults lar. I dare you.

After that, we had a debriefing at the hall. And guess what? Juniors took 25 minutes to finish checking block D and we seniors took 10 minutes to finsih block E. In your face. We are faster and more thorough. Anyway, thats all for tonight. School tomorrow. I'll update on more tomorrow.


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