Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fed Up

I am so freaking fed up right now. Since 5th December, I have been waiting for an answer to get a new laptop from my dad. That amounts to 23 days. And not to mention the past year that i have to suffer using the freaking idiot ACER laptop that my dad let me use. I ask for the G71 during the PC fair, dad said he doesnt want me to get a gaming laptop. Fine i am ok with that. I suggest the Mac. He said its too expensive. I suggest a HP laptop. But they dont have stock. I told him, he said he wants to call and check. What the heck???? You dont believe your own son???? I am not lying ok? I am not. Fine, you called, then what? No stock right? Need to check for availability right????? I told you!!!!!! Fine, i wait. I ask if i can get the Macbook Pro if the HP is really unavailable. What do you say? Dont want me to get such an expensive one. Its and Apple product for crying out loud. They are expensive. But there are good laptops. Freaking idiot. Now i have to wait again. I have no idea how much longer i would have to wait. I am extremely fed up now. I'm leaving for Perth on 16th. Cant you make up your mind sooner? Dammit.


Monday, December 1, 2008


Everyone has a hobby, whether is collecting stamps, collecting coins, watching TV, sleep or even shopping. Everyone is bound to have something that he/she likes to do and enjoy doing it. And well, my hobby if you havent already guess from my blog is non other than..... Gaming.

Parents say my hobby is expensive. Friends say my hobby is wasteful and i am a "Pai Jai Zi". I really really hate people saying this. Ok, i'll admit that gaming is an expensive hobby. Especially if your an original gaming supporter like me. That i can accept. But if you say its wasteful. I really dont like it. Come on,. some people spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on something like a car part for their car modding. I just spend 150 on a DS game. A car part will break down eventually and you would need to shell out more money to replace it. But with a DS game, i can clock in at least 50 hours for it. And i can sell it with a decent price once i have finished it. Isnt it more worth it than modding a car?

I guess its probably the mind-set of Malaysian also. Piracy is like part of life here. Its extremely hard to buy original games or DVDs easily. People would argue why should i buy a RM150 game, while i can just download it off the internet. Downloading doesnt even cost a total of RM10. Sure that may be true. But heck, you like the game. Go buy it, support the game company they made it. They might just make some better and cooler games for you to play.

Its hard for an ori game supporter like me. Every of them in fact. Its so hard to get a decent pricing on console games here. But guess i'll just have to do my bit to support them. As for my hobby. Seriously, dont critize me about it. You can say i have an expensive hobby. But never say i should spend my money on something else. Its my money, so shut up on how i use it.