Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fed Up

I am so freaking fed up right now. Since 5th December, I have been waiting for an answer to get a new laptop from my dad. That amounts to 23 days. And not to mention the past year that i have to suffer using the freaking idiot ACER laptop that my dad let me use. I ask for the G71 during the PC fair, dad said he doesnt want me to get a gaming laptop. Fine i am ok with that. I suggest the Mac. He said its too expensive. I suggest a HP laptop. But they dont have stock. I told him, he said he wants to call and check. What the heck???? You dont believe your own son???? I am not lying ok? I am not. Fine, you called, then what? No stock right? Need to check for availability right????? I told you!!!!!! Fine, i wait. I ask if i can get the Macbook Pro if the HP is really unavailable. What do you say? Dont want me to get such an expensive one. Its and Apple product for crying out loud. They are expensive. But there are good laptops. Freaking idiot. Now i have to wait again. I have no idea how much longer i would have to wait. I am extremely fed up now. I'm leaving for Perth on 16th. Cant you make up your mind sooner? Dammit.


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Pure Raver said...

So, done feeling fed up now? :p