Saturday, January 24, 2009

Update on my life in perth

Sorry about the lack of updates on my blog. Rather lazy and so on. Hehe. Anyway. Its already the 24th January and i am in Perth waiting for my class to start. So what has happened? Nothing much. But i'll say them with the aid of some photos. So here it goes.

First things first. I got my new laptop!!!!!! What is it? Its the new MacBook Pro. Mac is a new thing to me. But after using it for a while. Its great. Even better than Windows. Say no to windows!!!!!! Here is photo of my MacBook Pro.

After that would be my trip here. Nothing much about the trip. Sleepy and so on. Bu she de my hometown and so on. Really miss it.

Anyway, after that i had to go for the Canning College's orientation programme for international students. Its not very fun, but rather imformative. About course selection and subject selection and so on. Met some new friends here. Friends from Hong Kong, Kuching and Sabah. Photos again.

These are the gals from Sabah. The one doing the peace sign is Emily. While the other is Aveline.

This was taken on the bus to somewhere. Forgot where. Anyway. The guy beside me is Jonathan from Sabah. While the guy with specs is Angus from Hong Kong

This is me and my new friends here. I'm lazy to say who is who. So i'll tell you guys next time when i am free and have less people in a photo

This is some lame thing me and my friends did. Dont mind us. Hehe.

This is a cyclops. We saw this at the Murdoch Universities Anamoly Museum. Pretty cool eh?

Now this is what i call cool. Its a head of a horse which died and they used some ways to preserve it. And they cut the horse into pieces so that students can study it more closely. Vey cool.

This is the band that played during the bush dance we had during the last night of our orientation. The dance and so on was fun. Very fun.

Thats my life until now. I dont know what else to add do i'll get off first. Cyaz peeps. Happy reading


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MeLo♥ said...

wei wei wei wei wei!!!
you really unfair loh!!
post new friends de photos!!
never even mention us !!