Thursday, April 30, 2009

SMM Grand National Dota Tournament

Woot. Just got news about the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament(SGDNT for short). Why is this just a good news? Cause its the biggest DotA tournament to be held every year in Malaysia. And it just got much much bigger. With bigger prize pool and more goodies to win. This is just going to be so cool. Another great thing about this tournament is that it is that international teams are allowed to join too. Meaning teams like Ravens and Evil Geniuses can join too. Would be so great to see the top teams from around the world duke it out in a LAN tournament. Personally, I'm hoping that eryc get all three Ks teams to go. Ks.DotA probably needs to go through the qualifying stages. But they can win that easily. As for Ks.Int and Ks.Cn. Eryc!!!!!!! Bring them in for this tournament!!!!! I beg you!!!!!!! lol. This would be the chance to see all three Ks teams battle it out. SMM should hold a showmatch before the whole event starts. I will definitely be there to watch this if that happens. Anyway, thats all for now. See yaz.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Kingsurf is getting better and better day by day. Just moments ago. Ks-eryc(Kingsurf's manager) just announced another DotA team. The new team being Kingsurf.Cn, the china division of the KS dota team. With that, Kingsurf now has altogether three DotA teams. Not just those mid-level entry team, but one of the best around.

Ks-Best in Malaysia
Ks.Int-One of the top teams in the world now.
Ks.Cn-One of the top teams that China has to offer.

Three great teams, this is such a great achievement for Kingsurf. I hope to see them win lots of tournaments around the world. Not to mention clanwar between each other. Going to be exciting to see Ks.Int vs Ks.Cn. Europe picks vs Asian picks. Lets wait and see. Besides that, with the addition of ex-MYM player H4nn1 to Ks.Int, the team has cemented themselves as the team to beat. Heres a recap on the players in each team:


Kingsurf International:

Kingsurf China:

Good luck to all three of Kingsurf's dota team. A fanboy here is rooting for you.

Edit:Something i remembered is that has played for Ks.Int before during MGC last year. Its nice to see him back with the team again. Good luck once more.


Saturday, April 25, 2009


Update, update, update. Another post about another of the elite AWHYO clan member. This time its a very tall girl as opposed to the short one in the last one. As per tradition. A photo first.

There she is. Probably cant tell if she is tall. But trust me, she is. Anyway, enough about the tall part. Lets start with how I know her. It was four years ago. Towards the end of the school year of 2005. AWHYO|Shan and I among eighteen others were chosen to be junior committee members for the Orientation Program 2006 for the new students. Thats when I got to know AWHYO|Shan. If not mistaken, she wasnt as close or actually know AWHYO|SieN or AWHYO|BlurQueen yet. But it was all good. during that year's school holidays. We as the junior committee members were tasked to finished a drama that shows how great we are. Through that, I get to know AWHYO|Shan a little more better. Cause well, I was forced to dance the Cha Cha with here. Thats the last time you would see me doing that.

Anyway, fast forward to now. AWHYO|Shan is now doing further studies in Taiwan. Heard its very stressing there. Who told you to go Taiwan? I told you to come Perth liao lor. Hehe. If the readers are still wondering why, its rather simple. Her mum is from Taiwan, so going there would be easier for accommodation and so on. Anyway, more about her. Starting of our Form 4 year. I got to be in the same class with her and the rest of the elitist members. Thats how its was formed. With that, I get to know more about her. Firstly, she is rather smart. Forgot how many As in SPM. A fair bit I must say. Besides that, she knows how to cook rather well. I heard that her sushis are nice. I dont know about that, never had the chance to try it before. Probably not as nice as said, due to the high standard of my tastebud. Hehe.

She has two pet dogs which are so damn aggressive. Barks at anyone who goes near her house. Grr. Stupid dogs. Oops. Probably shouldnt have said that. Ahem. Next thing, due to her cooking talents. She wishes to open a restaurant named "Little Bear Restaurant". As to how that name came about, I have absolutely no idea. Your guesses are just as good as mine. So start guessing.

AWHYO|Shan, AWHYO|BlurQueen, AWHYO|SieN and AWHYO|Olic have formed a sub-group in the elitist clan, called the sisterhood. Its exclusive to the above members only. No addition, no subtraction. I guess Melo is way too emo to be considered as part of the sisterhood(Yeah Melo, I'm going to jio you in every post about AWHYO). As the sisterhood, share the deepest and most darkest secrets with each other which they have sworn to keep in utmost secrecy. Well, probably not darkest, definitely the deepest.

That should be all about her now. I cant think of much about her. Oh wait, she is just as evil as AWHYO|SieN. Very evil. Thats really all I can think off. Signing out now. See yaz peeps.

Edit: Something I forgot. How can I forget that? Thats like one of the most important things about her. What is it? Her birthday. Her birthday is the same day as mine. However she is one year younger than. Interesting eh?


Thursday, April 23, 2009


As a student here in Perth. I sometimes feel very sienz. Not because of the school or no friends and so on. Its just about life. Feeling stressed from parents, from my aunt here, about my results not being good enough. Its all very emotionally taxing for me.

Its been three months since I have came here. In three months. My parents only called me three times. Not to say hello or to ask how am I. But to scold me. First time I admit its my fault. I used up 30aud worth of credit in 1 week. That I admit. Second time was because I dint tell them I was going to the beach to play. Got scolded again. Third time, due to the ridiculous mobile phone call and sms rates, I decided on using the 29 aud cap. Which for your info, by paying 29aud, I get 150 of credit and last for 1 month. But the 30 dollars one, I just get 30 dollars, and it has to last me for 2 months. How de heck can anyone achieve that? Maybe some people who dont have friends can. But not me. So I got scold for deciding what i think its best.

My mum said 29 aud is equivalent to RM100. But honestly, I dont cant even make it out to that amount. At most it is would be RM70. That is expensive I agree. However I pay RM70 but its equivalent of getting RM300 of phone credit. Is that so wrong? Due to this, I now dont dare to spend money on anything anymore. From now on, I wont go out with my friends, I wont go out to the city, I wont go watch movies. I will just stay at home. Everyone needs entertainment right? I cant go out, so I stay at home. I stay at home to play games. I still get scolded for not spending money. I play to release stress and so on. But I get scolded for not doing any work. What do you guy want of me?

Looking some of my friends' blog. Those who have gone overseas studying. They seem to be living a better life than me. They can go out and hang out with friends. They can make their own decision about the amount of phone credit they want to reload. What about me? Deprived of all those. I cant spend. I cant play games. I cant even decide anything for myself now. I always thought you guys are two of the best parents around. I thought you guys would let me make my own decisions. I guess I was so totally wrong. I cant.

About my aunt. What the heck is wrong with you? When I go over the internet limit. I get scolded. When I have controlled myself and not go over the limit. I get scolded. So that means no matter how hard I try, I still get scolded right? Fine. I'll just use up the limit then. I'll get scolded anyway when the time is up, might as well download the series I want to watch and have fun while I can. No point at trying to save it. I'll get scolded anyway.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crazy japanese

Geez. I wonder how crazy those Japanese can get. Not that I dont like their craziness. But some of the things they do are just pure craziness. Maybe I should nag my dad to bring us over for once. Hmm. Anyway, Here are two things that show how crazy they are.

Life size Gundam
First thing. We all know the Japanese are into Mechas and Gundam. What better way to bring it to the whole otaku level than building a life-size gundam model? After completion, it would be 59-foot tall. Woah man. Otakuness at its best.

Next is giant robotic beetle. Its huge and it can be controlled by a remote or in a cockpit. It weighs over 15tonnes. Incredible. I want that. Hehe.

Thats all for now. I'll post more stuff about the crazy Japanese next time. See yaz.


Monday, April 20, 2009


AWHYO|Mr^Blue~ was a great guy eh? You cant ask to know someone better than that. Hehe. Anyway, now for the next person since I have been nagged continuously to continue with the AWHYO member's introduction. Starting it off. A photo of the next member. AWHYO|BlurQueen

There she is. The blur queen herself. Why is she called AWHYO|BlurQueen? The answer is extremely simple. She is so damn blur. You can tell her something straight and she can not get what is being tried to convey to here. This also means she is very forgetful. AWHYO|Olic once asked her to bring a CD to school to give her. Even going so far as to remind her, but AWHYO|BlurQueen still forgot about it. Blur eh? Forgetful too.

Actually, I dont really know that much about this particular member. Besides being extremely blur and extremely frogetful. She's not bad in her studies, netting 9As in her SPM. I think. Or was that someone else? Hmm. No idea. Dont care also. Hehe. Oh, another important feature about her. Get ready for it. Drumrolls.....................................................................................................................................................................She is short. Lol. Strange seeing one of her best sister is like hell tall. Tall and short. Maybe they compliment each other?

Adding something AWHYO|Olic said about her. She is a loud talker. Telling her something secretly, she would say it out loud like afraid no one can hear it. I have no idea about the validity of this character. Cause, well I dont tell her my secrets. So I'm just taking AWHYO|Olic's word for it.Dont blame me if I got it wrong.

Ok, thats all for the third member. I'm off


PS. Melo, I will skip your intro. Hehe.
PPS. Almost forgot to do my traditional jio melo in my post. MELO!!!!!! Your a big Noob. Ok. Done.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update on College life

Woot!!!!! Holidays right now!!!!!! But a bit boring. No car to drive to go around. Even if i do, Perth is a boring city nothing much to do. Hehe. So I guess I'll update on my friends and life in College. College life is stressful yet fun. Life in general is full of sadness and hardships. Not as cheerful as a person as I am before I suppose.

Anyway, life in college. All is ok i suppose. Trying very hard to get my grades better than what it used to be. But honestly, I dont even know why I am trying. My parents wont give me a word of encouragement when I do go. Not even calling to ask "How are you?" Just scolding me for the things I am doing wrong. It makes me to be so afraid to do things in case I did something wrong and got scolded again.

Right, back on topic. Life in college. Stressful but fun. Stressful cause my grades aint what i liked it to be. Fun because I have made new and great friends in the college. Friends from all walks of life, from all around the world. Friends who I may not be able to trust, but at least I can smile and pretend I am ok. For that little while, I can forget about my things.

As for the actual college itself, its not exactly very overwhelming. Its a rather small college. Yes, you heard it right. Small. Even Chung Hua is way bigger. And i mean WAY bigger. I think Chung Hua is like 2 times bigger than Canning College. What they fail in size, they make it up in its facilities. Computer lab, Library, Science labs. All of them way better than the ones back in Chung Hua. The teachers here are also much better. Patient and willing to go over the same thing until you understand it. Thats what college is about.

I guess thats enough with the talking, I'll upload some photos now. About my school and my friends here. Here it goes.

The door entrance to the International office. Where we international students pay our fews and make our enquiries here.

My science lab entrance. More specifically my Chemistry lab. Where all the booms and kapau happens.

The library. Big aint it? Theres lots of computers for students to use and a learning center where students can get help on subjects they are weak in.

This is Himal. No, not hamil. Its Himal. He's from Zambia. A country in Africa. A very friendly guy. Good in Chemistry too. Keeps beating me. Hehe.

Michael from...................... Miri!!!!!! A fellow Mirian. Met up with him during the orientation. Apparently he is Leh Bing's and Agan's mate too. He's lucky though. His family is migrating over to Perth.

A Hongky. Shirley. Pretty eh? Hehe. She loves Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. And I mean loves. All her things are Stitch. Bag, file, pens. Everything I tell you.

The black dude from Bangladesh. No offense meant in that last sentence. Anyway, this guy is Tawsif. He's the same class with me in ELACS and Physics. Pretty smart guy. Top of my ELACS class.

Probably cant see her face. But I'll introduce her anyway. She is Lyn from ummm.... I think Sabah. Hehe. Sleeping during Aplic class. Tsk Tsk Tsk.

Last one for this post. A shot taken during Chemistry class. See that teacher? He is the most boring Chemistry teacher ever. Damn boring. But his powerpoints are useful. Hehe.

Ok, thats all for now folks. See yaz. Signing out


Friday, April 10, 2009


Since I've done the post about our clan lord AWHYO|SieN. Let me do an introduction to another all time member: AWHYO|Mr^Blue~. As the title says it, he is a guy. A great guy to be exact. He has been with AWHYO through good times and bad. He is one of the most important and most prominent member out of the whole gang. Why so? Cause he is always the one to pay for the gatherings first.

AWHYO|Mr^Blue~ is a technology geek. He owns quite a few of the latest and greatest gadgets. Wii, Nokia N95 8GB, Apple MacBook Pro to name a few. Besides that, he loves to play games. From DotA, to DS, to PSP, to the Wii. PS3 coming soon for him. Hehe. He recently became a Windows hater due to Windows being an ass and Bill Gates being so damn rich. Support Mac!!!!!!!

Enough about his hobbies. Now to his character. To many, he is a funny person. And indeed he is. He crack jokes every now and then, lightening the atmosphere. Oh, he like to jio Melo alot. Hehe. Melo, your a noob hai. Design such a shirt for what? Back so ugly. Hehe. Besides that, he is a true friend. He's there when you need him. Willing to listen and help.

Saying so much. I guess everyone would want to see a photo of him right? Here it is:

Great guy eh? His name is Terrence Wong. Hehe.


Thursday, April 9, 2009


Guess what I am doing now? Having my computer science class. Its so boring right now. Half of the class isnt around because today is the last day of term 1. Everyone is just skipping class to go home and relax. Since I am such a good student. I decided to stay for the whole day which is until 3pm. Hehe. Apllicable Maths after lunch. All my friends arent around too. Its going to be lonely lunch today. Anyway, thats all for now. Lecturer is still talking so cant type too much. Hehe. See ya peeps.


Monday, April 6, 2009


Since I have already done the introduction about AWHYO. Let me continue with the introduction of each member. I will add a post about each member when I am free. So dont rush me man. Starting with the oldest.

The girl you see above. Is none other than our clan lord. AWHYO|SieN aka Wong Sing Sien. Melo's Ai Ren. How can she balance so many gfs? Sure damn rich to support all umm.... how many gf does Melo have? 6? No wonder she so emo. Cant balance properly. Hehe.

Anyway, back to AWHYO|SieN. Known her since Form 2. I use to sit behind her back in the days. My row was the last row closest to the window while one of AWHYO|SieN's best pal. Wan Xin sat next row. I remember i would always fall asleep in class especially classes like History and BM. There was one very funny case though. One fine morning, during Arts class. I fell asleep. The way i slept is with my hand supporting my head. And with the stealth and silence of a ninja. The art teacher came to me, and wrote the words "Sleeping Beauty" on my hand. When I woke up and saw it, I was so baffled. But it was funny.

Ok. Back to topic. AWHYO|SieN is an evil evil evil girl. She can talk bad things about a teacher for like the whole lesson. She dares to skip Community Service when she was punished to. She dares not to go to school for few days straight without any reasons at all. She dares to forge the AirAsia tickets to say that she leaves one day earlier than she was suppose to, just to get out of school. Hehe.

Other from the evilness in her. She is a good friend. Willing to help people out when needed. I remember she taught me the accounting that was needed to help me passed that particular exam. Although I dropped Accounting in the end. Oh, and she is damn Kia Su. But i guess that suits her since she is going to Singapore soon and the people there are also as Kia Su. She dint dare tell us she went for her driving test until she passed. Come on girl. I failed my theory exam and i dared to tell also. Zzz. Why dont you?

Oh most important thing. The guys who are reading my blog and you think you have a chance. Just scram. She's taken, unless you can buy her a Ferrari then she will consider. If you cant. Dont even bother dreaming. Lol.

What else to say? I guess nothing anymore. Just a shout out i suppose. Good luck my friend while in Singapore. AWHYO will always remember you as the Clan Lord. Do start a AWHYO-Singpore Division. Hehe. Once again. Good luck, take care and be careful.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Test again.

Aiks. I have test starting tomorrow. Phys and Chem tomorrow. English report writing and Phys Practical test on Wednesday. The best part. I have done much studying. So dead. Aiks. Got to go study again. On the bright side. I'll be having two weeks of holidays after next week. Woot. Come one baby. Ok off to study. See ya peeps.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu: Thin pieces of chicken folded with ham and cheese then sauteed.

See that? Chicken Cordon Bleu. For 19 years of my life. The first time i cooked something so delicious. I feel so proud of myself. Although its a rather simple dish and I had help from Brandon. But it was still a great dish. And its so damn delicious. I feel so good. Hehe. Going to cook it for my mum when i go back. Have a taste of my great Chicken Cordon Bleu. You wait mum. You wait. Hehe.

Anyway, I'll let the photos of my Chicken Cordon Bleu do the talking. Muahahahhaha.

During the baking process. Drools at the aroma being given out.

Taking out of oven. Drools somemore.

Ready to be eaten. Stops drooling.

Mr^Blue~ the top chef(lol)