Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fed Up

I am so freaking fed up right now. Since 5th December, I have been waiting for an answer to get a new laptop from my dad. That amounts to 23 days. And not to mention the past year that i have to suffer using the freaking idiot ACER laptop that my dad let me use. I ask for the G71 during the PC fair, dad said he doesnt want me to get a gaming laptop. Fine i am ok with that. I suggest the Mac. He said its too expensive. I suggest a HP laptop. But they dont have stock. I told him, he said he wants to call and check. What the heck???? You dont believe your own son???? I am not lying ok? I am not. Fine, you called, then what? No stock right? Need to check for availability right????? I told you!!!!!! Fine, i wait. I ask if i can get the Macbook Pro if the HP is really unavailable. What do you say? Dont want me to get such an expensive one. Its and Apple product for crying out loud. They are expensive. But there are good laptops. Freaking idiot. Now i have to wait again. I have no idea how much longer i would have to wait. I am extremely fed up now. I'm leaving for Perth on 16th. Cant you make up your mind sooner? Dammit.


Monday, December 1, 2008


Everyone has a hobby, whether is collecting stamps, collecting coins, watching TV, sleep or even shopping. Everyone is bound to have something that he/she likes to do and enjoy doing it. And well, my hobby if you havent already guess from my blog is non other than..... Gaming.

Parents say my hobby is expensive. Friends say my hobby is wasteful and i am a "Pai Jai Zi". I really really hate people saying this. Ok, i'll admit that gaming is an expensive hobby. Especially if your an original gaming supporter like me. That i can accept. But if you say its wasteful. I really dont like it. Come on,. some people spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on something like a car part for their car modding. I just spend 150 on a DS game. A car part will break down eventually and you would need to shell out more money to replace it. But with a DS game, i can clock in at least 50 hours for it. And i can sell it with a decent price once i have finished it. Isnt it more worth it than modding a car?

I guess its probably the mind-set of Malaysian also. Piracy is like part of life here. Its extremely hard to buy original games or DVDs easily. People would argue why should i buy a RM150 game, while i can just download it off the internet. Downloading doesnt even cost a total of RM10. Sure that may be true. But heck, you like the game. Go buy it, support the game company they made it. They might just make some better and cooler games for you to play.

Its hard for an ori game supporter like me. Every of them in fact. Its so hard to get a decent pricing on console games here. But guess i'll just have to do my bit to support them. As for my hobby. Seriously, dont critize me about it. You can say i have an expensive hobby. But never say i should spend my money on something else. Its my money, so shut up on how i use it.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

The End

As the clock starts slowly ticking down. Every student in class eyes the second hand of the clock move slowly yet surely. Second by second. Then, as fast as it started. The second hand struck 12 and the whistle goes off. The students all give out a big roar of excitement. Yes folks. Its THE END. The End of our dreaded SPM. The day we Form 5 students are looking forward to the most. The day all stress and worries have been taken off from our shoulder.

Well, to be fair. Its just only ended for those science stream students who did not take up account. Those who do, ends only on 1st December. As for the Art side. They end at 4th December.

Boy, was it a crazy ending. Before the start of EST paper 1. Jeen Yan's gang, the FBI (Female Body Investigator) all reverse parked into the road leading into the hall. A total of 10 cars if not mistaken. The scene was hell cool. When everyone came down. All went to their respective cars. And then, on the count of 3. All started honking like mad. That was seriously fun man. The noise. The happiness. So fun. I was honking too. Hehe.

Anyway, its over. What do i have to say? Nothing much. Its just over. Can relax for 1 month more. Then, i will be off to Perth. I'll miss it here. My dear, my family, my brothers in church, my friends, my bed and many many more. Bah, enough with all that emoing. I'm off now. Cyaz


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Countdown. Countdown to my birthday, countdown to my bro coming back. Thats some of the countdowns you can see from people's nick and so on. As for now, people would be counting down to the end of our dreaded SPM exams. One all form 5 students are waiting for. All waiting for it to end. A countdown symbolizes that you have something to look forward to. A hope that something will happen after the countdown. Your birthday, your dearest brother coming back. All of these give you a hope of something.

As i said, alot of Form 5 students are looking forward to finish our SPM. Some earlier than others. Some later. They all have plans for their after-exam parties or events. A few days ago, i was looking forward to it too. Looking forward to everything finishing so that i can buy a PS3. Something that i have been looking forward to for over a year liao. But now, after what my mum said. I dont think i will be getting it. As with my previous post. My mum and aunt is not allowing me to bring my PS3 over. The said its cause they want me to study. But i believe there are other reasons behind.

If i was to buy and play it until i go over to Australia. I would only have one month plus to play with it. Thats why i have decided not to get it. Its a very hard choice that i have to live with. And its a choice that i rather not make. But what to do? Two people are forbidding me from bringing it. And i'd rather not enjoy it than enjoying it for a brief period of time. So there goes my countdown to the end of my SPM. The hope to finish my SPM to finish faster. The event i am hoping after my SPM. All gone.

As of now, i have absolutely nothing to look forward to for finishing my SPM. Sure i would want it to end. But its just the same to me now. Nothing special about ending it. No hope. No countdown. No nothing.


Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ever had something plan long beforehand, but in the end the plan can never go according to plan? Know how that feels like? Yeah, i feel seriously like that. As some may know. I've already planned to get a PS3 long long ago. Heck, i've even done the calculations as when i should do the bank in for it and everything. Timing it so i would get it on the exact day i finish my SPM.

Things happened and i can say i do not know that i should buy the PS3 or not. Heres a low down on what happened.

1. I already bought the games i wanted to play on my future PS3
2. Older sister got scammed of RM680
3. Younger sister getting straight As in UPSR, asking for a new phone
4. Aunt and mum doesnt want me to bring my PS3 over if i want to buy it

No. 1 is still very much tolerable as i can still keep the games in mint condition and keep it as my collection. Who knows they might be worth more in the future. No. 2 and 3 are basically just financial problems, but I can pretty much solve that by finding a second hand seller. Which i already have. No. 4 is the bigger problem. Put it this way, if i buy the PS3 and not bring it over. I would only have a max enjoyment time of lets say 1 month. Whats the point then? Thats the biggest dilemma of them all. Give me some comments on what you guys think for those who do read my blog. I need all the advice i can get. Thankz for reading.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Kingsurf won!!!!!!

Buyeah. Kingsurf won!!!!!! Kingsurf won the Farm 4 Fame round 3. Woot. They were up against a strangely named European team Mom Equals Toilet. If you ask me, their team name is a bit how should i say insulting the great moms all around the world. Dont really like the team name. Anyway. The finals was a Best of 3 match. Kingsurf won 2 to 1. Means they won the first match. Lost the second and won the third. Very nice. Congrats to Kingsurf. Honestly, i dint think they would get this far for an online tournaments giving the lag issue and delay. Heard the ping for Kingsurf was 350. Woah man. 350 thats very high, i'm already having problems playing on 100+ ping and they can play on 350. Respect man. Respect.

Dont have much to add about it so see ya peeps.

BTW, SPM in 4 days.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Malaysian team in for finals in Farm 4 Fame 3

Wasnt really expecting this. But despite all odds. Our Malaysian DotA team will definitely be going to the finals for Farm 4 Fame 3. Its either team Kingsurf or ucpro-tbun`w4sl will represent team Malaysian to the Finals. Well, this tournament isnt about representing your country anyway. But, the fact that Kingsurf and ucpro-tbun`w4sl will be fighting out for a spot in the finals leaves a spectacle to behold. They will be going against a name strangely named as Mom equals Toilet. Very strange name indeed.

What i wasnt really expecting was that Kingsurf could beat out MYM during the prelimanaries. Kingsurf is a good team, but due to connection issues. We normally lose in online games. KS-hyhy even said the ping during that game was 250. 250 man. Thats freaking high. And considering on MYM's part, the connection should be alot better. Also note that MYM placed second in F4F 2. Another amazing thing is that ucpro-tbun`w4sl was also able to beat out mousesports. Again due to connection issues. Very amazing indeed. Mousesports was the champion for both F4F 1 and F4F 2.

Anyway, thats all i can say about both teams. Great achievement for the DotA teams of Malaysian. Means a guaranteed 3rd place finishing for Malaysia. But we cant be content with 3rd right? Hehe. Aim for 1st!!!! I'm hoping Kingsurf would win. But either way, good luck to both teams.

Click for results of F4F 3


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Knowledge and Wisdom

Knowledge and Wisdom. Two words which are similar in meaning, yet mean totally different things. An old man with no education since young can have zero knowledge of the world, yet he can have a wealth of wisdom in him. Likewise, a person with a degree, pHd or any other high level education certificate can have lots of knowledge of the world, and yet, be poor in wisdom.

Wisdom is the understanding of how to treat people, things and the environment properly. In short, wisdom teaches you the virtues of life. Be fair to people, love the environment and so on. Wisdom can only be obtained through experiences in life. Through the daily routine of interacting with people. It can be thaught from one person to another, but i can never be learnt through the books we see everyday.

Knowledge is but the understanding of how our world works. Why do plants need sunlight to survive? How can fish survive in water? The quest to understand anything and everything about our small small world. These knowledge although important, but if not used right. Can be deadly. Just to the opposite of wisdom. Knowledge can be thaught from one person to another, and it can also be learnt through the thousands of books we find lying all around us.

How does these two things affect us? In a big way. Those who have great knowledge, yet no wisdom on how to use it can cause great havoc on this world. Those who have great wisdom, but lacks knowledge can still make this world a better place by teaching the great virtues of life. A balance of both is the best anyone can hope for.

As humanity's search for greater knowledge about outer space, about nano particles continue. May we pause and think. Do we need all these knowledge? Does all these contribute to the greater good of the world? May we discard all those that is unneeded and strive for better.

With this i end my post by leaving a quote i thought myself

"Knowledge can be learnt through books, but Wisdom can only be learnt through the experiences in life."


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bitten by a Lachesis

Ouch it hurts. I have just been bitten by a Lachesis. What is a Lachesis you may ask? Its the largest pit viper in the world. Oddly enough, i'm enjoying being bitten. Hurts, but enjoyable. But wait, its not really the snake that bit me. Its the new gaming mouse i got. The Razer Lachesis. Where does it hurt you may ask? The wallet. Man is it painful. The thing cost me RM200+. Ouch.

Short introduction to Razer. Razer is a company which makes premium gaming equipments for professional gamers worldwide. I know some of you may think, Professional gamers? Theres such a thing? Mind you, there is, and they get paid for playing games. Professional gamers are the athletes of the new era of sports-eSports. Razer makes professional gaming keyboards, mouses, sound cards and headsets. Their products are very well-made and very expensive. Your paying for what you buy, so I'm not that fussy. Hehe.

Anyway, like I said, I got a Razer gaming mouse. The Lachesis, its the best mouse in the current product portfolio of Razer. Whats so special about it? Well, for one thing. It has 9 keys on the mouse alone. 9 keys man. How many does yours have? Hehe. Another thing is the DPI, it has sensitivity which you can adjust up to 4000 DPI. Normal mouses have less than 1000 DPI if not mistaken. Another feature that i like is the Profile selection. You can customize what all the 9 keys of the mouse can do, and you can set specific profiles for specific programs. Like when i launch FireFox, I have one button which goes back a page, a button which opens another tab, and another which refreshes the page. Very cool. Expensive, but worth it.

EDIT: Forgot to add the part where i got the mouse pad too. Well, i originally wanted to get the Destructor gaming mouse pad, which is the preferred mouse pad for the Lachesis from what i saw on the Razer website. But my mum got an eXactmat instead. Still cool either way. The eXactMat is great too. It has two surfaces. The X Control for low sensitivity games such as DotA and Starcraft, another surface is the X Speed for high sensitivity games such as CS. What i like about it, is that it comes with a handrest with memory comformance. Meaning the handrest will change its shape according to you wrist and it wont change shape unless you delibrately squeeze it. Another thing which i like is they made the pad so that it has these "feet" on them. They keep the pad in its position so that it doesnt move about when you are gaming.

That should be all about the Lachesis and eXactMat for now. Now i shall poison everyone with some photos of my Lachesis and eXactMat. Next target: Razer Lycosa Mirror edition gaming keyboard. After my PS3 and laptop that is.

The Razer Lachesis in the box

The Razer Lachesis and eXactMat in its glory

Lachesis out of the box.

The Lachesis and eXactMat at work.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My future.

Yesterday, I just got my offer letter to join Canning College for my further studies next year. What does this mean? Well. its official. I'll be leaving this place where i call my home next year and start a new life, with new friends and new environment.

If you know me, I think most of you would agree that i look like someone who is more than looking forward to leave this country. I guess, its true to some extent. I used to have this thinking, but its changed. I am quite a sentimental guy. I cant easily leave everything behind. My feelings towards my friends. Towards my family. Towards my dear. Its something that i have been accustomed to. People who i have been with all my life. Its hard for me to just leave them.

Although I may think like this. I know i have to leave one day. Every bird leaves its nest when it has grown up. Same thing to a boy when he grows to become a man. Its just a matter of time. I guess going earlier is good, learn about other people and culture more than other people. All i can do is suck all those feelings up and just head over to my new life as a college student next year. May God's peace be with me. I really need it.

It may be a new place to me. But I think it wont be too unfamiliar. My aunts and cousins have already migrated there long before i was born. I will be living with them. But still, I'll need to be accustomed to being alone. With no Mum, no Dad and no Sister. Ironically, I'll miss them. But what to do? Its for my own future. I'll just leave everything to the big guy in heaven to decide for me.

This is to my new life next year. May God's peace be with me and guide over while i am there.

For your info, my class starts 18th January 2009. Means no CNY for me. Thats all for now. Cyaz.


Thursday, October 16, 2008


Death. A very frightening word indeed. Death symbolises the end of a persons life. The ending to a very very long soap opera about your life. Quite a number of people are afraid of death. Why? Cause, well they dont know how is life after death. Where they will go after they die? Will they go to heaven? Will their preparations for the afterworld during their time of living enough? And so on.

I for one, am not afraid of death. For i know, when i take my last breathe in this world and leave this world. I will be somewhere better. Somewhere without pain and suffering. Although i am not afraid of death. I wont be looking for forward to it. To me, theres still a lot of things in this world i have yet to accomplish. My studies. My career. My future spouse. My future kids.

I have this thinking which my former BM tuition teacher told me. Only towards the end of your life would you know how much you have impacted the world around you. The people and everything. Its just as the saying "When a tiger dies, it leaves its fur; when a person dies, he leaves his name and legacy". I really like this saying. When you die, everything you once owned, you once cherished is all gone. You cant bring anything to your grave.

You may leave your money, your property, your car behind. But those thing will change ownerships in just a blink of an eye. But what you can leave behind is your undying legacy. People will forget that you once left them RM1000. But people wont ever forget that you helped them during their times of greatest despair. This, to me, is one of the most important things you can do in life. Affect people. Help people and so on.

You can see how a person is greatly respected and impacted people's lives during their funeral session. It is during the funeral. There are a lot of people who attend it. It shows that he/she is a greatly respected person. One that people do not want to see dead if possible.

This is to hope that once day, when my last breathe have been taken. I will leave a great legacy behind. One which will be remembered by people. This is to hoping that during my funeral. There would be a great number of people attending. People who i have helped and so on.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trial 2 over

Wootie, woot woot. Trials just ended a few days ago. But just thought of posting it up now. Overall. I think it went rather well. Second trial was easier than the first trial, which is a good thing. As my trial one result was rather bad. Dont dare use those results for my college application. Hope i get better result for this trial. Fingers crossed. Heres a recap on my exams:

Physics: Just one part in structure i dint manage to do. Damn, forgot to study the Logic gates and transistor part. Still should be able to do ok.
Chemistry: Ok ok too. Hehe. Paper 3 was damn lucky. Saw Doris when going to the toilet. She told me how to plan and write the experiment.
Biology: Quite confident with this subject. Always did like Biology more. Paper 3 was a breeze. Managed to read the subject on Variation.
English: One of my best subjects. Nuff said.
English for Science and Technology: EST=English. Do the math.
Malay Language: Useless for me. Go figure.
Moral Education: Useless. Go figure again.
History: Uselss. Go figure x 3.
Additional maths: Worried about this one. No idea why, but i was so moodless to do the paper one after paper two. The simplest question i wasnt even able to do. Dang. Hope its alright.
Maths: Maths teacher said i got 69 i think. Not bad.
Bible Knowledge: Just had it today. Dint study. Test based on memory. Wonder how it goes?

Thats all for now. Cyaz peeps.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Time. A word synonymous to all. People fight for fairness. To get the worth of money from your boss. To get the love from parents. But one thing is for sure, time is always fair. Everyone is gifted with the same 24hours a day. 7 days a week. 52 weeks a year. And so on. As time passes, so does the memories of our past. Good memories, bad memories. Its all there.

Been reading Ah Sian's blog. Went through every single entry. Damn my eyes are blur right now. But his blog. It brings back lots of memories. Lots of fun times and lots of sad times. The time when we were all together. Serving in the name of GOD for Pujut's Teenage society. Those were the times. I dare say this. My times as a teenage is well lived. I wouldnt exchange it for anything. Some people might spend their teenage years going to cyber cafes and everything. But i dint. I stuck to my religion. I never ever regretted.

My teenager years were full of joy and laughter. Me, Ah Sian, Ah Yap, Josh and Chi Enn. We were the invincible five brothers. We worked for the Teenage society. We served GOD in all the small small ways we can at that time. It was the best. The camps, the game everything. I miss them. But if you ask me now. Would i trade something to reset the past. I would bravely answer you. NO. Why? Memories are meant to be that memories. If you can relive that part of your life that you call a memory. It wont be a memory anymore. It will be like a show you downloaded off the internet. Where you can watch it over and over and over again. Its no longer precious. Its not longer a memory.

With that. I end my post.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Time to pee your pants.

Today is the Nintendo Media Conference. And guess what? The big N just announced the new DSi. It has all the features that Nikkei stated. A slightly larger screen .25 more inches than the DSl. SD card slot and camera. Pretty cool. Gotta buy. Oh now. My wallet. Zzz. Anyway. I'm rather sleepy right now. Lazy to add more for now. So hope over to DSFanboy and take a look at the new DSi.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Did I mix with the wrong group of friends?

Did I mix with the wrong group of friends?

Monday, September 29, 2008

DS redesign? Or new DS?

Yesterday, on They ran a story saying that the Japanese newspaper have an article about the new DS which would be announced next Thursday during a Nintendo conference. The article says that the new DS would have music playback, built in camera, bigger screen and a SD card slot. Well, this sounds like a whole new DS rather than a DS redesign. I was hoping to have a redesign rather than a new console at such a time. I mean, the DS is still selling very well in places all around the world. So why release one right now? Strange. Anyway, we will have to wait till the conference to find out. Till then. Have fun with your DSes.



Friday, September 19, 2008

The hackery

Hacking. What is it? Its a word we come to think as evil, bad and everything in between. Hacking credit card numbers to buy stuff, hacking Game ids to pump their own up and so on. But did you know, the word "hack" is not all bad? Its society that has associated it with being bad and evil. Although the word "hacking" means using a computer to gain unauthorized access to data, it was actually meant in a good way. When the age of computers where starting to grow, hardware grew with it. But being in the infancy stage, alot of potential was left untouched. So those with some rather high understanding of programming and so on find it fit to exploit that potential. This is where hacking comes in. The big companies wouldnt just give out any of their programmes backbone to anyone. So these "hackers" had to improvise. Finding a loophole to the programme so that they can run unsigned code on a specific hardware to greatly enhance its features. So yeah, hacking wasnt meant to be all evil and everything. Its just those people who misused it that made it like it is now.

Here is just a person who hacks for good. This guys is very good with hacking. And i say very good. If you clicked on the link. You will notice he has his DSLR camera linked to his DS. What for? Well, for controlling the camera. Duh. Yeah, you heard me right. For controlling the camera. He can set almost anything with just the DS. The only thing he said that he isnt able to set via the DS is the Apertue. IT doesnt seem that important to him, so he is ok with it. Not sure about the rest. Check his work out. It is just pure ingenious and an engineering marvel. Enjoy!!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hello peeps. As some might know. I was advertising about selling my black DS lite. Why sell it? Well, to buy the limited edition pokemon DS lite. And guess what? I just got it today. Here is a photo of the packaging:

Thats it. In all its glory. I wont be opening it yet. As i want to exercise some self control over myself so that i can study for my trials. Also, i did promise Ka Yii that i would let her open it. So it stays sealed for now. Thats all folks. Cyaz.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Haul

This was suppose to be posted two days ago. But internet and everything was screw. So can only post it now. Anyway, i bought two more games woot. One DS and one PS3. Final Fantsay 4 for the DS and Soul Calibur 4 for the PS3. Dont ask. I dont have a PS3 yet. I'm stockpiling the games for my future one. Got 3 so far. GTA4, MGS4 and SC4. Woot. Gaming madness when i get it. Anyway here are the photos of the haul:

Here they are. Soul Calibur 4 and Final Fantasy 4. Dont mind the background. Hehe.

Thats all for now. Cyaz peeps.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

A gamer's desk

Hello peeps. Hows life? Mine is ok. Except my results. Oh noooooooooooooo. Meh. Dont talk about the sad stuff. Now, an artists' desk would be full of pencils, papers and so on. A photographers's would have books on photography and some of his or hers photos. And so on. I challenge you to think what a gamer's desk is like. Well, not really challenge. Just show you how my desk looks like. Randomness. So dont mind me. Some might find it cool. Or not. Anyway. Here is it:

This is my desk from a distance. Nice eh? I like how i arranged everything. Very neat. Hehe.

This is my game collection. This is my pride and joy. Small collection, but i am proud of it.

This is my DS game collection. My fav games are all on the DS. Strange eh?

Thats it, thats how a gamer's desk is. Nice eh? Hehe. I'll end here and let you marvel at the wonders. lolz


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Duck duck pt2

Continuing where i left off in the duck story. So i named her Yii Yee. One day, while she was roaming around town, looking for something to eat or rather just walking around. She somehow came across an interesting piece of object. The object isnt big. Quite small. Very useful to some, yet unuseful to known. So she decided to take this particular object. Yii Yee, walked, swimmed and did everything she could to find me. Where was i? I home of course. Suddenly, i heard, a quack on the door and flapping footsteps. Aha, my dear Yii Yee is back. Wonder what she has found today? I thought. When i opened the door. And there she was, the little cute duck duck clutching that object. Its a cure object. Interesting indeed. What is it? Its a little black ribbon with polka dots.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Duck duck.

Once upon a time. I went fishing. I saw a cute duck in the middle of it. I decided to catch it and called it my own. And i did. I named the cute duck duck. Yii Yee.

Official launch for the PS3

Woot. Great news for all Malaysian gamers. The PS3 is going to be launched in Malaysia soon. 20th September to be exact. Woot. I am so excited about this. And the timing for me is great too. I was planning to get a PS3 this year and this Malaysian launch just sealed the deal. Local warranty. So nice.

Anyway, they would be a launch event in KL on the 20th September at One Utama shopping complex. Its a good idea to camp out at One Utama before the launch date. Why? Well, for the first 3 customers who get the PS3s, they will be given a RM1000 Sony coupon, usable for any purchase of the second console. Damn cool.

I will envy whoever can get the PS3 set during launch date. So cheap man. For RM1699. You get an 80GB console, Soul Caliber 4, a PS3 game (Selected titles)and a one year warranty. Damn man. Cheap. I want man. I want. But damn you SPM!!!! Damn you!!!! Oh well, guess i'll have to wait again. I have waited so long anyway.

Great move Sony for launching the PS3 officially in Malaysia. We hope you bring more great stuff to us. Namely, PSN reload cards and out very own region PSN. Like lots of users said. We would like to use our Malaysian flag for games. That will be all for now. Cyaz peeps.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Its over!!!!!!

BuYeah. Its over!!!!!! Hell yeah. And i mean my trial exams by the way. Its over. Although far from the real thing. But its over for now. So what the heck. Relax a bit. And a recap on how i did on the subjects:

BM: I think i can pass this time. I surprisingly have enough points to write my long essay until 4 pages. Woah. Thats amazing.
English: Duh. This will be an A. English has never been a problem for me.
English for Science and Technology: Should be able to ace this one. Except for the information transfer which is a bit confusing and the objective question's answer being very similar, the rest are rather easy.
Sejarah: I think i can pass also. Cause, well, the essay and structured questions are the ones that come out from the Adabi book. Which i happen to read the day before the exam. Still able to answer some of the questions.
Moral: Meh. Useless subject. Nuff said.
Maths: Aceable. Again, they somehow dint test the chapters which i am weak in. God must be on my side.
Additional Maths: OMG, this paper is hard like hell. Especially the second paper. I cant even do the progression question. Dammit.
Chemistry: I am always weakest in Chemistry out of the three science subjects. So this one. Damn had. Dead
Physics: Miraculously, they dint test much on the form 4 topics. Which i am weakest in. Thank God.
Biology: This paper was quite easy in my opinion. But i know i lost at least 6 marks on my paper two. How should i know that tissue was a cardiac muscle? Dang.

Thats all for my test. I still have one bible knowledge test on Saturday. But that shouldnt be a problem for me. Hehe.

Anyway, in unrelated news. KingSurf.Dota of Malaysia just got second placing in the ESWC held in San Jose, USA. Grats to them. I was rather surprised they could beat the powerhouses of dota such as SK.Dota from Germany and MYM.Dota of the Danes . But great achievement nontheless. Oh, they lost to Zenith of Singapore. Interesting to see two asian countries beating the rest of the world. No?

Thats all for now folks. Cyaz.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sony PSP-3000

What? Sony PSP-3000? Whats that? Unless your an avid gamer. You wont have any idea what i am talking about. OK here is the deal, the first generation PSP, also know as the Phat are the 1000 series, the slim and lite is the 2000 series. And now, a few days ago Sony just announced the 3000 series.

As you may know, the slim boost some big improvements over the phat. Big, big BIG improvements. So i was wondering what exactly does this new PSP 3000 series have to offer. I was expecting something big. But reality hit me in the face. Slap. It dint really offer much. Here is a low down on what new features they added:

-A new screen which is twice as fast and with anti-glare
-Built in microphone
-Changed the "home" button to the "PS" button

Bug surprise eh? Not. Anti-glare on the PSP is nice, but as something an LYN member said. After applying a screen protector on the PSP 3000 series. The anti-glare would be gone just the same. Built in microphone is nice for frequent skype users. Lastly, i liked the "PS" button instead of the "Home" button. But that is purely cosmetic. Not so much difference.

No comes the question i am asking myself. Should i get this new PSP? I already have two PSPs. Why would i need another one? Well, to complete my collection of gaming consoles and games. Hehe. And whats my answer? I might just get it, only if i have the cash and so on. Even if i would get it. I wont get it as soon as it releases in September. Will wait it out a bit. Maybe wait for a Limited edition one. Anyway, click here for more info on the PSP 3000 series.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back from camp

Woah. Its so damn tiring. I am back from the dead. Nah. No one can be risen from the dead. Expect for Jesus. Anyway. Back from a 3 days, 2 nights camp. Camp name being "529". Strange name eh? Not strange if you know the meaning. If you read "529" in chinese it can be read as "I love God". A very fitting theme for the church camp.

I wasnt very keen on joining actually. Because mum wouldnt be so happy and everything. And i think she still isnt very happy. Anyway. I went, joined and came back. Its rather tiring. The games they thought of are just crazy. Pure craziness, but very fun. Good job to the committee. Clap. Clap. Clap. Hehe.

Oh, you wanna know what is my luggage for this camp? I can tell you. I brought absolutely nothing at all. Hehe. Church is just a 5 minutes drive from house. No need luggage. Just come home and shower and sleep. Hehe. I guess thats all for now. Cant think of much to add about the camp. Cyaz peeps


Thursday, August 14, 2008


OK here is the deal. Gamestop USA is selling the limited edition Pokemon DS lite soon in US. And i really want to get it. The problem? I dont have that much cash. So i am going to sell my old DS. Anyone interested. Please contact me via e-mail: Really urgent sale.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Trials=Dead Terry

Aduh. SPM first trial comes so soon. Zzz. But then, the older you get the faster you think time passes by. Its already August. Zzz. First trial is very important for me. I need it to apply for my college. So rather stressed lar. Finished BM today, Chemistry, Physics and Biology paper 3 were all taken on Saturday. Good luck to myself to the rest of the exams. Need to force myself to study for the rest. Also need to try and get rid of the distractions. Way too many. Zzz. Help. Anyway, thats all for now Cyaz peeps.


Friday, August 1, 2008

2nd hand haul

Woot. What a steal. Got another 2nd hand DS game haul again this month. So happy. Hehe. Well, zio from Lowyat forums decided to let go of some of his DS games. And I happen to snatched 3 of them. Woot. The games i got are Mario Kart DS, Professor Layton and the Curios Village and lastly Trauma Center: Under the knife 2. What a steal indeed. Especially the Trauma Center 2 if you ask me. Since its quite a new game. Anyway. Photos!!!! Hehe.

The 2nd hand games haul

This is my entire DS game collection. Hehe.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Probation Ge Si meh?

Strange title eh? Let me elaborate more below.

Wednesday Rebecca message me and told me to bring my blazer,nail cliper, notebook and pen on friday. Being part of the Disciplinary department of the prefectorial board i already had a gut feeling there was going to be a spot check this Friday.

Fast forward today. This morning there is a spot check. Woah, i'm psychic. lolz. Anyways, senior prefects were asked to enter the hall during the third period at around 8.20am. While the juniors are to come in at 8.50am. Whats with the time gap? Well, its for a small briefing on today's spot check. Each department's councillor briefed their own prefects on the reason for today's spot check. And what may that be? I was rather pissed at the reason actually.

The reason being some juniors wrote in their reports complaining that the spot check demo we did for them are just for show. We seniors dont do that during real spot check. And here is where the above title comes from. You probabtion prefects so ge si meh? Let you guys go on your own, think so dai sai har? Bull shit lar. What spot check we dont do all those we taught you guys. You come and see us check lar. And that is the reason, show those idiot juniors how we conduct spot checks.

I wont go into detail about the time period during spot checks. Just tell you guys that i was assigned to be in group 3 with Joanne as leader and we checked class 1G. Oh yeah, i can tell you, i checked very thoroughly. Those who complained come find my faults lar. I dare you.

After that, we had a debriefing at the hall. And guess what? Juniors took 25 minutes to finish checking block D and we seniors took 10 minutes to finsih block E. In your face. We are faster and more thorough. Anyway, thats all for tonight. School tomorrow. I'll update on more tomorrow.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Play-asia haul

Woot. Play asia was having a sale last week. Was so desperate to buy somethings since some are really cheap. The problem? No credit card. But luckily corez from agreed to help me purchase some games. And here it is. The haul for this sale. So happy:

There is it. My babies. lolz. Arkanoid DS with paddle controller, Contra 4 and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fate.

Oh yeah. Arkanoid with paddle controller rocks. So much more fun.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Get unplugged

Unplugged? Whats that? Strange blog title eh? Whats this conspiracy all about? Well, let me dig deep in the vault of Satech. Dig dig dig. Found it!!! What is it anyway? Well, to put things short. I got my Nyko's Nunchuck Kama for my Wii today. If you've played Wii boxing or any Wii games that require the Wiimote+Nunchuck. You will know how annoying it is to have wired ones. For games like Wii boxing anyway. So i decided to ask corez from LYN to help me order them. Before i go on about it. Here is a photo of it:

There they are. Beauties aint they? And i must say. The performance while using them to play Wii boxing is so much better. Really ALOT better. The punches are more fluid and so on. Never regret spending on these nunchucks. Need to try them with some other games. Maybe Link's Crossbow training and RE:UC. Hmm. So much possibility.

BTW, I have no idea what is Satech from above. Its just something random i typed out. Thats all for today.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Big D's birthday

Dum diddy dum. Its big D's birthday yo.

Ok enough with the lame attempt at trying to rap on the blog. Anyway, who is big D? Our infamous, Labuan kid, Daryl. lolz. Wonder should i put Labuan kid or not? He is from Labuan, but he was born in KL i think. Zzz. Anyway, he's part of the AWHYO gang. So we must remember his birthday.

As with all birthday traditions, we must have celebrations. And whats big D's birthday this year like? A Barbeque. And oh my, there are so much food during the bbq. And i mean alot.Oh yeah, this bbq is solely for the gang of AWHYO. lolz. Whats that? Well. Cant tell, confidential. lolz.

Anyway, i was late at going to Daryl's house on sat, dint expect them to be there so soon. But i brought the entertainment, so guess they cant complain. Hehe. They were crazy playing with my Wii. Especially Doris. Jumping around the whole living room. So afraid she might break Daryl's TV. Zzz. We played Wii sports and SSBB. Hao Hsiu and Daryl were owning the whole gang in Wii Tennis. Zzz. Crazy man.

Dont really know what else to write actually. Will get the photos from Daryl soon. Then i will post them. Till then. Cyaz Peeps.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Haul for July

Woot. Woot. Woot. Big haul for this month. Got myself four DS games and one PS3 game. Before you ask where i get my money. Well, three of the DS games are second hand ones. The three second hand ones equal to one new one. And the PS3 game is RM290. A bit pricey, but worth the money.

And again, you might ask why i bought a PS3 game and yet i dont have a PS3. Well, its the limited edition Metal Gear Solid 4 game. And heck, i love limited edition games. lolz. Besides, me getting a PS3 is just a matter of time. Damn you SPM!!!!!!

Anyway, here are the photos for this month's haul:

The three second hand DS games and the MGS4 LE. Nice eh? Oh yeah. The three DS title i got are New Super Mario Bros, Trauma Center and Metoes

This is the new DS game i got. Megaman Star Force: Zerker X Saurian


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Second week of probation

Another school week is ending tomorrow. It also marks the end of the second week of probation for the new batch of prefects. Nothing much about it though. Just the same routine of training my juniors and stuff. Oh yeah. I got a new junior.

My old juniors. One Yi Loi was changed to SK2 starting on monday. And Rebecca changed Joseph to be Suk Sin's junior. So guess what? I'm juniourless. Lolz. Nah. I got a new junior. This time a girl. Muahahaha. Her name is Winnie Wa. Strange surname if i must add. But unique. Have to ask what surname is that in Chinese.

Anyway, comments about my new junior? Well. She is alot better than Yi Loi, she dares to talk and catch the offenders much better than Yi Loi. Which is a big relief. And the impression she gives me is that she is rather willing to learn the ups and downs of the prefectorial board. Well, the Discipline department anyway. lolz. And she does practice what i teach. Which is a very good thing.

Although i think she is, how should i put it? A bit passive sometimes. Just sometimes. She sees offenders and she would ask me about it and then go catch them. Not a serious problem. Some more training would help. lolz.

Anyway, i think thats all about her. Thats all for now. Cyaz peeps.


Monday, June 30, 2008

Theres a PS3 in my room.

Woot. I got a PS3!!!!!!! Not. There maybe a PS3 in my room. But it isnt mine. Then whose is it you may ask? Well, its the richest prefect of Chung Hua for 2007/2008. Who is it? Who is it? The suspense is killing me. Oh no. lolz. Enough with the drama. Its How Ven's PS3. As some of you may know. I am selling consoles as side income. And well, How Ven's PS3 is my first deal. lolz. So very happy about it. All in all, he bought 1.8k worth of gaming goods from me. Bu yeah. lolz. Anyway, just to poison some of you. Heres the photo of the things he bought:

He bought a 40GB console, A MGS4 game and a DS3 controller.

Thats all for today. See yaz.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Most high spot check ever

Wahkakaka. Today, we had one of the most high spot checks ever. Why is that? Imagine, we had to clean our classroom for the Parents-Teachers day tomorrow. And during the last 10 minutes, Noel comes to my class and ask all the prefects to take their blazers and go to Block E and conduct the spot check. No planning whatsoever. Memang high i tell you. Whats with the sudden spot check? Well, its because one of the computer teacher's phone got stolen and the most suspicious class is at Block E. So we had an emergency spot check. It maybe a little chaotic for this spot check. But it was rather fun and very very high. Hehe. I dont think we managed to find the stolen phone. But we did get some rather nice haul. CDs, comics and so on. Wahkakaka. I just love spot checks. Although I wont have much chances to do them after a few weeks. Very pity. Meh. Whatever. Enjoy all the spot check chances we have left.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My juniors

Probation officially starts tomorrow. So we get to know who is our juniors today. And my god am i not satisfied with the ones i got. Dammit. From past experiences, I have seen he is a person who does not follow the rules, a person who does not even respect the prefects in general. I wonder why the hell did he even apply???? Anyway, I have two juniors. So i hope the other one is ok. He strikes me as fairly quite, but i guess it takes some getting use to. I'll need to train him good to make him talk and on on. Come one, the discipline department cant have prefects which are way too quite can we? Hehe. Anyway, I see a lot of potential councilors and so on in the discipline department this time. Like Choon Man, Jacky, Ga Li and Kurt. Not saying my juniors dont have potential. But they have to prove themselves from now on. I hope I can really train up some really good and responsible prefects. This would be my aim for this probation. This would probably make my time in the prefectorial board worthwhile.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Probation coming up

Its the time of the year again. The never-ending ritual of Chung Hua's form 4 students. What time is it? Its that infamous time of choosing the new batch of prefects. Before the installation of the new prefects, there is always this period of probation to test the students to see if they are worthy of the post or not.

So what about it? Well for starters, this year there is only 80+ students applying for the post compared to 120+ last year. This is rather staggering, why you may ask? Well, it means that those who are willing to sacrifice for this school has greatly dwindled. And it may soon dwindle to nothing. Lets see how the school will be like when that happens. Which i hope wouldnt.

Anyway, our batch of prefects keep wanting for probation to start soon. I find it rather funny lor. They choose to apply for this job last year, then what for do would you want to end it so soon? Not saying i liked this job so much. But to me, since i applied for this job, i will do it until the end no matter probation starts early or what. Maybe that is part of my stupidity, but that is how i feel. So dont flame me here.

As a prefect myself, i find that lots of my batch of prefects dont take pride in being part of this board. Maybe some just want it for their testimonials, some just for power. I dunno and i dont give a damn. I just see the point in applying for this job if your not going to take pride in it or even do it to the fullest.

I think i am one of the different ones who actually hold pride in being a prefect. This actually results in me being labeled stupid by most of my fellow prefects i think. They say duty starts at 6.30am. I arrive at 6.30 sharp, the only one at the gate doing my duties as usual. When do the rest arrive? 6.45 or 6.40am the earliest. I am the only one there for 10minutes plus. Trying to do my duties, but i cant perform well. Why? Because i am the only one there. I cant catch everyone myself can I?

Sometimes i feel very tiring sometimes, being different, being responsible and so on. In the end, I dont think anyone would really appreciate it. Why do I want to do so much? Simple, I applied for the job, I would do it until the end. Simple as that. I hope to teach my juniors about this, being responsible.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New PSP!!!!!

Woot. Just got my new PSP today. Ok, you may ask. Why the hell do i need a new PSP. Doesnt my old one work fine? Well, it does. But its the very old model lor, the 1000 series, also known as the phat PSP. So i want a new one. Hehe. Actually, i can live with my old one, was thinking of waiting until 09 to get a new slim. So why would i get a new one so soon? The answer is very simple. The new PSP i got is the special God Of War limited edition bundle. It maybe a bit pricey, RM950. But i think its well worth its money. Besides, it comes with the limited edition PSP, a God Of War UMD game, a SuperBad UMD movie and a voucher for the game Syphon Filter: Combat Ops. Here are pictures of it.

This is the front of the Packaging. Really cool. Dontcha think?

And this is the back. Nothing to blog about the back. Hehe.

This is the PSP, thats not the real screen for your info. Its like a piece of plastic stuck to it so that it looks better when it is packaged.

This is the back of the PSP. See that Kratos's potrait? Thats what makes it limited edition. Really love it.

A close up of the potrait. Sorry if you cant see properly. Phone doesnt have good macro mode.

This is the whole package of the special edition bundle minus the Syphon Filter: Combat Ops voucher.

Now this is my handheld console collection. I'm so loving it. Hehe

I think thats all for now. See ya peeps.


Friday, June 13, 2008

EZ Flash 3 in 1

Woot. Just got my EZ Flash 3 in 1 today. For those of you who do not know what is an EZFlash 3 in 1. Its an expansion pack for the DS. It consist of a rumble pack, a Ram extension and the ability to play GBA games. Hence the name 3 in 1. Well, this isnt an official item. But what to do? Cant really find the official Opera Browser selling around. So have to settle with this. And i dont want to start another collection of GBA games. Going to put a big hole in my Pocket. So i'll settle with just collecting my Wii, DS and PSP games.

Anyway. Heres a picture of my EZFlash 3 in 1

It works really nicely with my R4. Although there isnt any tutorials on the official website. But you can find some tutorials on youtube. Just type R4+EZFlash 3 in 1. And it should do the trick.

I'll skip the reviews as i really suck at it. Just wanna say. It works great with the R4. Thats all for now.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Post!!!!

First Post!!!!! Ok. I always hated how people did that on forums and comments. So i'll stop right there. Anyway. This is my blog. Not sure how often i will be updating since i'm not the type who keeps updating his stuff. So tell me if you wanna see something added.

Whats my blog about? Well. The url of my blog and the title description would probably give you a good idea. About gaming. I'm a gamer, its part of my lifestyle. So thats what i'll be blogging about. But not just about gaming though. I'll be blogging on everything under the sun. Meaning, anything i want to write about. Be it rants, games, school life or so on.

That'll be all for now. So wait up for the next post.