Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Post!!!!

First Post!!!!! Ok. I always hated how people did that on forums and comments. So i'll stop right there. Anyway. This is my blog. Not sure how often i will be updating since i'm not the type who keeps updating his stuff. So tell me if you wanna see something added.

Whats my blog about? Well. The url of my blog and the title description would probably give you a good idea. About gaming. I'm a gamer, its part of my lifestyle. So thats what i'll be blogging about. But not just about gaming though. I'll be blogging on everything under the sun. Meaning, anything i want to write about. Be it rants, games, school life or so on.

That'll be all for now. So wait up for the next post.


Pureheart said...

heyy...glad to know that u have ur own blog~!I prefer to read other's blog than update mine,haha(any sort of blogs can do with me)...hmm..i think such an IT idiot like me might can improve my knowledge through reading ur blog,hehe..so,write more,ya~!...=)

BlueBerry~ said...

I'm more of a gaming geek. Not really that great with IT stuff. Hehe. But thankz for reading anyway. Hehe.