Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My juniors

Probation officially starts tomorrow. So we get to know who is our juniors today. And my god am i not satisfied with the ones i got. Dammit. From past experiences, I have seen he is a person who does not follow the rules, a person who does not even respect the prefects in general. I wonder why the hell did he even apply???? Anyway, I have two juniors. So i hope the other one is ok. He strikes me as fairly quite, but i guess it takes some getting use to. I'll need to train him good to make him talk and on on. Come one, the discipline department cant have prefects which are way too quite can we? Hehe. Anyway, I see a lot of potential councilors and so on in the discipline department this time. Like Choon Man, Jacky, Ga Li and Kurt. Not saying my juniors dont have potential. But they have to prove themselves from now on. I hope I can really train up some really good and responsible prefects. This would be my aim for this probation. This would probably make my time in the prefectorial board worthwhile.


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