Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New PSP!!!!!

Woot. Just got my new PSP today. Ok, you may ask. Why the hell do i need a new PSP. Doesnt my old one work fine? Well, it does. But its the very old model lor, the 1000 series, also known as the phat PSP. So i want a new one. Hehe. Actually, i can live with my old one, was thinking of waiting until 09 to get a new slim. So why would i get a new one so soon? The answer is very simple. The new PSP i got is the special God Of War limited edition bundle. It maybe a bit pricey, RM950. But i think its well worth its money. Besides, it comes with the limited edition PSP, a God Of War UMD game, a SuperBad UMD movie and a voucher for the game Syphon Filter: Combat Ops. Here are pictures of it.

This is the front of the Packaging. Really cool. Dontcha think?

And this is the back. Nothing to blog about the back. Hehe.

This is the PSP, thats not the real screen for your info. Its like a piece of plastic stuck to it so that it looks better when it is packaged.

This is the back of the PSP. See that Kratos's potrait? Thats what makes it limited edition. Really love it.

A close up of the potrait. Sorry if you cant see properly. Phone doesnt have good macro mode.

This is the whole package of the special edition bundle minus the Syphon Filter: Combat Ops voucher.

Now this is my handheld console collection. I'm so loving it. Hehe

I think thats all for now. See ya peeps.



Pureheart said...

haha,I'm so envy that u have so many collections of PSP!I dun even know there's a limited edition for that..cool!

BlueBerry~ said...

I just have 2. Hehe. But i collect any gaming console. There are lots of limited edition PSPs by the way. This is just one of them.

Chriss said...

i'm hating you right now. But, withthe 3 console aside, is that ur bed? the one with hearts?