Friday, June 27, 2008

Most high spot check ever

Wahkakaka. Today, we had one of the most high spot checks ever. Why is that? Imagine, we had to clean our classroom for the Parents-Teachers day tomorrow. And during the last 10 minutes, Noel comes to my class and ask all the prefects to take their blazers and go to Block E and conduct the spot check. No planning whatsoever. Memang high i tell you. Whats with the sudden spot check? Well, its because one of the computer teacher's phone got stolen and the most suspicious class is at Block E. So we had an emergency spot check. It maybe a little chaotic for this spot check. But it was rather fun and very very high. Hehe. I dont think we managed to find the stolen phone. But we did get some rather nice haul. CDs, comics and so on. Wahkakaka. I just love spot checks. Although I wont have much chances to do them after a few weeks. Very pity. Meh. Whatever. Enjoy all the spot check chances we have left.



Fong Gii Yap said...

tat not high either.
when my year rite, the computer teacher's bag lost.
we are patroling then suddenly spot check the whole block.
tat baru kik.
and a student bak from the toilet get bak the bag.
one time more geng, spot check till sch end.

BlueBerry~ said...

Aiyo. That your time bar. This year no so kick one. This one most high liao. So fun. Hehe. Too bad almost no more spot check liao