Monday, September 29, 2008

DS redesign? Or new DS?

Yesterday, on They ran a story saying that the Japanese newspaper have an article about the new DS which would be announced next Thursday during a Nintendo conference. The article says that the new DS would have music playback, built in camera, bigger screen and a SD card slot. Well, this sounds like a whole new DS rather than a DS redesign. I was hoping to have a redesign rather than a new console at such a time. I mean, the DS is still selling very well in places all around the world. So why release one right now? Strange. Anyway, we will have to wait till the conference to find out. Till then. Have fun with your DSes.



Friday, September 19, 2008

The hackery

Hacking. What is it? Its a word we come to think as evil, bad and everything in between. Hacking credit card numbers to buy stuff, hacking Game ids to pump their own up and so on. But did you know, the word "hack" is not all bad? Its society that has associated it with being bad and evil. Although the word "hacking" means using a computer to gain unauthorized access to data, it was actually meant in a good way. When the age of computers where starting to grow, hardware grew with it. But being in the infancy stage, alot of potential was left untouched. So those with some rather high understanding of programming and so on find it fit to exploit that potential. This is where hacking comes in. The big companies wouldnt just give out any of their programmes backbone to anyone. So these "hackers" had to improvise. Finding a loophole to the programme so that they can run unsigned code on a specific hardware to greatly enhance its features. So yeah, hacking wasnt meant to be all evil and everything. Its just those people who misused it that made it like it is now.

Here is just a person who hacks for good. This guys is very good with hacking. And i say very good. If you clicked on the link. You will notice he has his DSLR camera linked to his DS. What for? Well, for controlling the camera. Duh. Yeah, you heard me right. For controlling the camera. He can set almost anything with just the DS. The only thing he said that he isnt able to set via the DS is the Apertue. IT doesnt seem that important to him, so he is ok with it. Not sure about the rest. Check his work out. It is just pure ingenious and an engineering marvel. Enjoy!!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hello peeps. As some might know. I was advertising about selling my black DS lite. Why sell it? Well, to buy the limited edition pokemon DS lite. And guess what? I just got it today. Here is a photo of the packaging:

Thats it. In all its glory. I wont be opening it yet. As i want to exercise some self control over myself so that i can study for my trials. Also, i did promise Ka Yii that i would let her open it. So it stays sealed for now. Thats all folks. Cyaz.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Haul

This was suppose to be posted two days ago. But internet and everything was screw. So can only post it now. Anyway, i bought two more games woot. One DS and one PS3. Final Fantsay 4 for the DS and Soul Calibur 4 for the PS3. Dont ask. I dont have a PS3 yet. I'm stockpiling the games for my future one. Got 3 so far. GTA4, MGS4 and SC4. Woot. Gaming madness when i get it. Anyway here are the photos of the haul:

Here they are. Soul Calibur 4 and Final Fantasy 4. Dont mind the background. Hehe.

Thats all for now. Cyaz peeps.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

A gamer's desk

Hello peeps. Hows life? Mine is ok. Except my results. Oh noooooooooooooo. Meh. Dont talk about the sad stuff. Now, an artists' desk would be full of pencils, papers and so on. A photographers's would have books on photography and some of his or hers photos. And so on. I challenge you to think what a gamer's desk is like. Well, not really challenge. Just show you how my desk looks like. Randomness. So dont mind me. Some might find it cool. Or not. Anyway. Here is it:

This is my desk from a distance. Nice eh? I like how i arranged everything. Very neat. Hehe.

This is my game collection. This is my pride and joy. Small collection, but i am proud of it.

This is my DS game collection. My fav games are all on the DS. Strange eh?

Thats it, thats how a gamer's desk is. Nice eh? Hehe. I'll end here and let you marvel at the wonders. lolz


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Duck duck pt2

Continuing where i left off in the duck story. So i named her Yii Yee. One day, while she was roaming around town, looking for something to eat or rather just walking around. She somehow came across an interesting piece of object. The object isnt big. Quite small. Very useful to some, yet unuseful to known. So she decided to take this particular object. Yii Yee, walked, swimmed and did everything she could to find me. Where was i? I home of course. Suddenly, i heard, a quack on the door and flapping footsteps. Aha, my dear Yii Yee is back. Wonder what she has found today? I thought. When i opened the door. And there she was, the little cute duck duck clutching that object. Its a cure object. Interesting indeed. What is it? Its a little black ribbon with polka dots.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Duck duck.

Once upon a time. I went fishing. I saw a cute duck in the middle of it. I decided to catch it and called it my own. And i did. I named the cute duck duck. Yii Yee.

Official launch for the PS3

Woot. Great news for all Malaysian gamers. The PS3 is going to be launched in Malaysia soon. 20th September to be exact. Woot. I am so excited about this. And the timing for me is great too. I was planning to get a PS3 this year and this Malaysian launch just sealed the deal. Local warranty. So nice.

Anyway, they would be a launch event in KL on the 20th September at One Utama shopping complex. Its a good idea to camp out at One Utama before the launch date. Why? Well, for the first 3 customers who get the PS3s, they will be given a RM1000 Sony coupon, usable for any purchase of the second console. Damn cool.

I will envy whoever can get the PS3 set during launch date. So cheap man. For RM1699. You get an 80GB console, Soul Caliber 4, a PS3 game (Selected titles)and a one year warranty. Damn man. Cheap. I want man. I want. But damn you SPM!!!! Damn you!!!! Oh well, guess i'll have to wait again. I have waited so long anyway.

Great move Sony for launching the PS3 officially in Malaysia. We hope you bring more great stuff to us. Namely, PSN reload cards and out very own region PSN. Like lots of users said. We would like to use our Malaysian flag for games. That will be all for now. Cyaz peeps.