Monday, September 1, 2008

Official launch for the PS3

Woot. Great news for all Malaysian gamers. The PS3 is going to be launched in Malaysia soon. 20th September to be exact. Woot. I am so excited about this. And the timing for me is great too. I was planning to get a PS3 this year and this Malaysian launch just sealed the deal. Local warranty. So nice.

Anyway, they would be a launch event in KL on the 20th September at One Utama shopping complex. Its a good idea to camp out at One Utama before the launch date. Why? Well, for the first 3 customers who get the PS3s, they will be given a RM1000 Sony coupon, usable for any purchase of the second console. Damn cool.

I will envy whoever can get the PS3 set during launch date. So cheap man. For RM1699. You get an 80GB console, Soul Caliber 4, a PS3 game (Selected titles)and a one year warranty. Damn man. Cheap. I want man. I want. But damn you SPM!!!! Damn you!!!! Oh well, guess i'll have to wait again. I have waited so long anyway.

Great move Sony for launching the PS3 officially in Malaysia. We hope you bring more great stuff to us. Namely, PSN reload cards and out very own region PSN. Like lots of users said. We would like to use our Malaysian flag for games. That will be all for now. Cyaz peeps.


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