Sunday, September 7, 2008

A gamer's desk

Hello peeps. Hows life? Mine is ok. Except my results. Oh noooooooooooooo. Meh. Dont talk about the sad stuff. Now, an artists' desk would be full of pencils, papers and so on. A photographers's would have books on photography and some of his or hers photos. And so on. I challenge you to think what a gamer's desk is like. Well, not really challenge. Just show you how my desk looks like. Randomness. So dont mind me. Some might find it cool. Or not. Anyway. Here is it:

This is my desk from a distance. Nice eh? I like how i arranged everything. Very neat. Hehe.

This is my game collection. This is my pride and joy. Small collection, but i am proud of it.

This is my DS game collection. My fav games are all on the DS. Strange eh?

Thats it, thats how a gamer's desk is. Nice eh? Hehe. I'll end here and let you marvel at the wonders. lolz



Ah Sian said...

i was thinking if u giv all to me whr should i out them........haha

BlueBerry~ said...

Wahlau. Give you? Slow slow dream. Hehe.