Monday, June 30, 2008

Theres a PS3 in my room.

Woot. I got a PS3!!!!!!! Not. There maybe a PS3 in my room. But it isnt mine. Then whose is it you may ask? Well, its the richest prefect of Chung Hua for 2007/2008. Who is it? Who is it? The suspense is killing me. Oh no. lolz. Enough with the drama. Its How Ven's PS3. As some of you may know. I am selling consoles as side income. And well, How Ven's PS3 is my first deal. lolz. So very happy about it. All in all, he bought 1.8k worth of gaming goods from me. Bu yeah. lolz. Anyway, just to poison some of you. Heres the photo of the things he bought:

He bought a 40GB console, A MGS4 game and a DS3 controller.

Thats all for today. See yaz.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Most high spot check ever

Wahkakaka. Today, we had one of the most high spot checks ever. Why is that? Imagine, we had to clean our classroom for the Parents-Teachers day tomorrow. And during the last 10 minutes, Noel comes to my class and ask all the prefects to take their blazers and go to Block E and conduct the spot check. No planning whatsoever. Memang high i tell you. Whats with the sudden spot check? Well, its because one of the computer teacher's phone got stolen and the most suspicious class is at Block E. So we had an emergency spot check. It maybe a little chaotic for this spot check. But it was rather fun and very very high. Hehe. I dont think we managed to find the stolen phone. But we did get some rather nice haul. CDs, comics and so on. Wahkakaka. I just love spot checks. Although I wont have much chances to do them after a few weeks. Very pity. Meh. Whatever. Enjoy all the spot check chances we have left.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My juniors

Probation officially starts tomorrow. So we get to know who is our juniors today. And my god am i not satisfied with the ones i got. Dammit. From past experiences, I have seen he is a person who does not follow the rules, a person who does not even respect the prefects in general. I wonder why the hell did he even apply???? Anyway, I have two juniors. So i hope the other one is ok. He strikes me as fairly quite, but i guess it takes some getting use to. I'll need to train him good to make him talk and on on. Come one, the discipline department cant have prefects which are way too quite can we? Hehe. Anyway, I see a lot of potential councilors and so on in the discipline department this time. Like Choon Man, Jacky, Ga Li and Kurt. Not saying my juniors dont have potential. But they have to prove themselves from now on. I hope I can really train up some really good and responsible prefects. This would be my aim for this probation. This would probably make my time in the prefectorial board worthwhile.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Probation coming up

Its the time of the year again. The never-ending ritual of Chung Hua's form 4 students. What time is it? Its that infamous time of choosing the new batch of prefects. Before the installation of the new prefects, there is always this period of probation to test the students to see if they are worthy of the post or not.

So what about it? Well for starters, this year there is only 80+ students applying for the post compared to 120+ last year. This is rather staggering, why you may ask? Well, it means that those who are willing to sacrifice for this school has greatly dwindled. And it may soon dwindle to nothing. Lets see how the school will be like when that happens. Which i hope wouldnt.

Anyway, our batch of prefects keep wanting for probation to start soon. I find it rather funny lor. They choose to apply for this job last year, then what for do would you want to end it so soon? Not saying i liked this job so much. But to me, since i applied for this job, i will do it until the end no matter probation starts early or what. Maybe that is part of my stupidity, but that is how i feel. So dont flame me here.

As a prefect myself, i find that lots of my batch of prefects dont take pride in being part of this board. Maybe some just want it for their testimonials, some just for power. I dunno and i dont give a damn. I just see the point in applying for this job if your not going to take pride in it or even do it to the fullest.

I think i am one of the different ones who actually hold pride in being a prefect. This actually results in me being labeled stupid by most of my fellow prefects i think. They say duty starts at 6.30am. I arrive at 6.30 sharp, the only one at the gate doing my duties as usual. When do the rest arrive? 6.45 or 6.40am the earliest. I am the only one there for 10minutes plus. Trying to do my duties, but i cant perform well. Why? Because i am the only one there. I cant catch everyone myself can I?

Sometimes i feel very tiring sometimes, being different, being responsible and so on. In the end, I dont think anyone would really appreciate it. Why do I want to do so much? Simple, I applied for the job, I would do it until the end. Simple as that. I hope to teach my juniors about this, being responsible.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New PSP!!!!!

Woot. Just got my new PSP today. Ok, you may ask. Why the hell do i need a new PSP. Doesnt my old one work fine? Well, it does. But its the very old model lor, the 1000 series, also known as the phat PSP. So i want a new one. Hehe. Actually, i can live with my old one, was thinking of waiting until 09 to get a new slim. So why would i get a new one so soon? The answer is very simple. The new PSP i got is the special God Of War limited edition bundle. It maybe a bit pricey, RM950. But i think its well worth its money. Besides, it comes with the limited edition PSP, a God Of War UMD game, a SuperBad UMD movie and a voucher for the game Syphon Filter: Combat Ops. Here are pictures of it.

This is the front of the Packaging. Really cool. Dontcha think?

And this is the back. Nothing to blog about the back. Hehe.

This is the PSP, thats not the real screen for your info. Its like a piece of plastic stuck to it so that it looks better when it is packaged.

This is the back of the PSP. See that Kratos's potrait? Thats what makes it limited edition. Really love it.

A close up of the potrait. Sorry if you cant see properly. Phone doesnt have good macro mode.

This is the whole package of the special edition bundle minus the Syphon Filter: Combat Ops voucher.

Now this is my handheld console collection. I'm so loving it. Hehe

I think thats all for now. See ya peeps.


Friday, June 13, 2008

EZ Flash 3 in 1

Woot. Just got my EZ Flash 3 in 1 today. For those of you who do not know what is an EZFlash 3 in 1. Its an expansion pack for the DS. It consist of a rumble pack, a Ram extension and the ability to play GBA games. Hence the name 3 in 1. Well, this isnt an official item. But what to do? Cant really find the official Opera Browser selling around. So have to settle with this. And i dont want to start another collection of GBA games. Going to put a big hole in my Pocket. So i'll settle with just collecting my Wii, DS and PSP games.

Anyway. Heres a picture of my EZFlash 3 in 1

It works really nicely with my R4. Although there isnt any tutorials on the official website. But you can find some tutorials on youtube. Just type R4+EZFlash 3 in 1. And it should do the trick.

I'll skip the reviews as i really suck at it. Just wanna say. It works great with the R4. Thats all for now.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Post!!!!

First Post!!!!! Ok. I always hated how people did that on forums and comments. So i'll stop right there. Anyway. This is my blog. Not sure how often i will be updating since i'm not the type who keeps updating his stuff. So tell me if you wanna see something added.

Whats my blog about? Well. The url of my blog and the title description would probably give you a good idea. About gaming. I'm a gamer, its part of my lifestyle. So thats what i'll be blogging about. But not just about gaming though. I'll be blogging on everything under the sun. Meaning, anything i want to write about. Be it rants, games, school life or so on.

That'll be all for now. So wait up for the next post.