Friday, June 20, 2008

Probation coming up

Its the time of the year again. The never-ending ritual of Chung Hua's form 4 students. What time is it? Its that infamous time of choosing the new batch of prefects. Before the installation of the new prefects, there is always this period of probation to test the students to see if they are worthy of the post or not.

So what about it? Well for starters, this year there is only 80+ students applying for the post compared to 120+ last year. This is rather staggering, why you may ask? Well, it means that those who are willing to sacrifice for this school has greatly dwindled. And it may soon dwindle to nothing. Lets see how the school will be like when that happens. Which i hope wouldnt.

Anyway, our batch of prefects keep wanting for probation to start soon. I find it rather funny lor. They choose to apply for this job last year, then what for do would you want to end it so soon? Not saying i liked this job so much. But to me, since i applied for this job, i will do it until the end no matter probation starts early or what. Maybe that is part of my stupidity, but that is how i feel. So dont flame me here.

As a prefect myself, i find that lots of my batch of prefects dont take pride in being part of this board. Maybe some just want it for their testimonials, some just for power. I dunno and i dont give a damn. I just see the point in applying for this job if your not going to take pride in it or even do it to the fullest.

I think i am one of the different ones who actually hold pride in being a prefect. This actually results in me being labeled stupid by most of my fellow prefects i think. They say duty starts at 6.30am. I arrive at 6.30 sharp, the only one at the gate doing my duties as usual. When do the rest arrive? 6.45 or 6.40am the earliest. I am the only one there for 10minutes plus. Trying to do my duties, but i cant perform well. Why? Because i am the only one there. I cant catch everyone myself can I?

Sometimes i feel very tiring sometimes, being different, being responsible and so on. In the end, I dont think anyone would really appreciate it. Why do I want to do so much? Simple, I applied for the job, I would do it until the end. Simple as that. I hope to teach my juniors about this, being responsible.



Pureheart said...

hmm,after reading ur blog,I feel like so guilty~know y?becoz I'm the type that didn't hold pride as a prefect at school...Honestly,I dun really have the passion on my job,I think it's just becoz of my personality...I dun like public expose and stuff..servicing is ok for me,but when it comes to job which is record down the names for those who late for school,against the school rules,etc.I really cant make it due to the lacking of my confidence+courageous,etc.
So,for me,I think i didnt play a good role as a I think I should have give u compliment for that...ya,really have to admit that most of them want testi frm school>>I think I have such thoughts slightly in my mind =P hrm,that's y I'm kinda guilty when I read ur blog..anyway,u reminded me of something which is responsibility =)
Keep up the good work ^^

BlueBerry~ said...

Thankz i suppose. But if i'm not mistaken. You guys are chosen to be prefects instead of applying right? That does have the difference. Applying means you want it, means you should do it properly since you want it so much. But being chosen is different. It means your somewhat force to do your job to some extent, i dont blame those being chosen for not doing their duties without pride though.

Pureheart said...

ya,u"re right..our school's prefects are all chosen by the school authorities,I guess..but I'm so sure that it's not through the differences between these two..I guess it's easy for u to tell..Anyway,I learn a lot through my job,enjoy it sometimes=)