Sunday, May 31, 2009


Marching on with the members of the AWHYO clan. This time its AWHYO|Mr^Bryan. To break tradition, the photo of him will be posted last. If I was to describe AWHYO|Mr^Bryan in one word. That word would be emo. He is rather emotional. Sometimes a bit over especially for a guy. Hehe. Dont kill me. Likes to do stupid yet funny things too.

Besides that AWHYO|Mr^Bryan is probably the tallest among the whole AWHYO clan. Very tall man. Its like two melo together in terms of height(Score for jioing melo). Dude, what the heck do you eat? I cant even get as tall as you. Grr. My goal for this year. Get taller than you. Hehe. Not that I care that much actually.

AWHYO|Mr^Bryan is also a very devout christian. A lot of times he cant join us on our gathering is due to his church activities and so on. I respect him for that cause I would do the same. Strangely enough, my activity time doesnt clash with any of the gathering times. Bad luck for him I suppose. God will bless you greatly.

Speaking about being blessed. AWHYO|Mr^Bryan is really blessed in my opinion. Gathering straight As in his SPM exams then getting JPA scholarship. Those who put God 1st shall be blessed by him bountifully. I can see from him that HE does. God bless my dear friend. God bless.

Feel a bit bad that I couldnt celebrate his birthday with him last year. Its probably the only one that I missed out of the whole AWHYO celebrations. Grandmother's birthday is apparently more important than a friend's. Grr. This year cant too. Sobs. Such a bad friend. Slap myself. Slap. Slap. Slap.

Currenly AWHYO|Mr^Bryan is studying in Riam. I heard he is the most handsome one in Riam for this year. lol. Not sure how true is that. Probably not true at all. Hmm. Dont kill me please. Hehe. Like I would be afraid of you. Hehe. Oh. He is also rather good at badminton. Beating everyone loads of times. All except maybe AWHYO|Mr^Soon. One things for sure. He will beat Melo with one hand tied to his back(score two).

Anyway. That will be all for now. Photo up next.

He is the one in specs. Handsome er? Your the judge.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fnatic parts way with dota.

FnaticMSI.dota. One of the most feared name in the Asian Dota community. Tearing through the scene with their prefect teamplay and unorthodox picks. The name will no longer bring fear into the scene no more. As FnaticMSI just parted ways with their DotA team. However, the team is still playing together. Just that they are without a sponsor. Really hope they can find a sponsor soon. Its just great to see their teamplay and picks. maybe? lol. Eryc can you consider? Heres the list of players that used to play under the FnaticMSI tag:

Neha "Rinoa" Nair (Manager)
Ritter "Ritter" Rusli (Team Captain)
Ariyanto "Lakuci" Sony
Sugiarto "BaHaMuT" Cahyadi
Farand "KoaLa" Kowara
Andreas "VeLeNo" Lien


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On-stage or backstage?

Given a choice to be a performer on-stage or a stagehand backstage. Which would you choose? I suppose most if not all would choose to be the performer on-stage rather than backstage. More glamor and fame. Personally, I would choose to be a stagehand. The one who helps silently at the back, supporting the show.

Why would i chose to be a stagehand at the back rather than a performer on-stage? I guess its how I am. I was never good at music, dance or any artistic performance that warrants a show on-stage. The times I have appeared on stage can be easily counted with my ten fingers. With that, I have always been involved in the backstage productions. With all those experience and so on, I felt that the stagehands are more important that the performers. I suppose some people would say that this argument is something like the chicken and egg argument. Which came first?

Any performer without the stagehands cannot perform to their fullest. In contrast, any stagehand can make the performance spectacular. From my time as my former school concert's logistics member to vice group leader and then leader. I have always held on to this fact. Can the drama go on with the logistics group? Or the PA? Can the brassband sit correctly? Can the choir stand properly? No. It has always been a no.

One thing I have to admit though, being a stagehand isnt the best. Theres lots of request to fulfill. Some very ridiculous. Theres also a lot sweat due to the heat backstage. Theres also the prospect that you will be scolded for your efforts. Theres also the probability that no one would thank you for your effort. Truth be told, its a hard job. But its worthwhile to see all your efforts in that one spectacular moment on stage.

Thats what I think anyway. All for now. See ya dudes.


Sunday, May 24, 2009


I find that theres a huge gap between my post nowadays. I'm posting like one article per week, which is rather sad. lol. Anyway, heres some random updates on happenings around me.

-Just found out Susan is going over to Labuan for Matriculation. Rather surprised by this to be honest. Cause well, going for Matriculation is like being trained to be half Muslim. Knowing how Susan is like, its a real wonder why she would chose to go. However, it is a good thing. That way she can have a better future. All the best.

-Melo became so emo due to Susan's leaving. No surprise there. Miss Emo. Hehe. Dont kill me. Hehe. You still got your dear and laopo. Theres like lots of your other "hubbies" too.

-Got 18/20 for my Oral presentation. Stupid Tawsif made my group lose one mark due to referencing. Tawsif got like 19/20. I lost one mark for my timing. Was suppose to talk for just 5 minutes. Ended up being 10 minutes and 50 seconds for mine. Ouch.

-Have a rough idea on what I wanna study next year. Hope its the right choice I make. It aint going to be easy. But I'll preserve. Double degree with Accounting and Software Engineering. Bring it on baby. Gotta study study study.

-Semester exams end of June. Gonna try and score high on my Computer Science, Applicable Maths and Physics. Try and do somewhat ok in my Chemistry. Stupid exams.

-Aunt is coming over here next week. Uncle is planning to buy a house here, so she is here to take a look too. Dont really care if they come or not also. Hehe.

-Got my Computer Science assignment on Hardware back. Got 31/35. Not bad eh? Was suppose to be 29.5/35. But my lecturer must have forgotten to turn the last page when she was tallying up the marks for my assignment. Went and told her and she gave me the 1.5 marks. Computer Science is going to help me so much in my final score this year end. Muahahahha.

Thats all the things that I can think of. Till next time. See ya dudes.


Monday, May 18, 2009


The above photo is the next member of the elite AWHYO clan. He will go by the name AWHYO|Mr^Sim. I just got word that AWHYO|Mr^Sim just returned back to Miri. As to what he's doing back there. I have no idea. Need to ask him or the other fellow members back in Miri some other time.

AWHYO|Mr^Sim. He is a person who likes to sing a lot. And i mean a lot. He's always the one to grab the microphone while singing Karaoke. Honestly, he doesnt sing that well. Zzz. The pitch and everything doesnt match at all. I can sing much much better. Hehe. I think i can start a concert soon. Free for all AWHYO members. Come come support.

Besides singing, AWHYO|Mr^Sim is an avid fan of cellphones. Whatever info you want to know about cellphones. The latest news, the best fads. He'll know. Even my knowledge isnt up to match with him. But I have more things to keep track of so I guess its forgivable that I dont know that much about phones.

"Sao ar" Thats the quote that AWHYO|Mr^Sim would always say. If something is too crazy, He'll say that. If theres like 10 clones of him. I would know which one is the real AWHYO|Mr^Sim by what he says. Hehe.

Basketball. AWHYO|Mr^Sim most favorite sport. He can do dunks like Kobe. Run like cheetah. Stamina of iron steel. Height of a giraffe. Yeah, he's that good. He is being contracted to play for the national team of Malaysia as we speak. It is rumoured that he will bring the first Olympic gold to Malaysia in the 2012 Olympic games. Gambateh!!!!!!!!!

Sadly, I ran out of ideas liao. Grr. So thats all for AWHYO|Mr^Sim. See ya peeps.


Monday, May 11, 2009

AWHYO sticker

Woot. Melo just sent me a photo of my AWHYO car sticker. Woot. Looks really nice. Cant wait to get a hand on it. Here is a photo of it.

And i failed my physics. I got to one question calculate the orbit radius of satellite. My answer was 2.8m. How impossible is that? Was so confidentless after that. Dint do so well. Dead meat.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Test much.

Grr..... College is killing me. So many test starting tomorrow. Physics tomorrow. English on Tuesday. Thursday Applicable Maths. Grr.

Rather worried about my English. Yes. You heard me right. Worried about my English test. I think I might fail it. Unbelievable eh? Its because of the kind of test I am having. Its a summary from an oral source. Meaning we just listen to a text being read out, while we take notes on it. Then we do the summary. Its gotta be the hardest summary I have ever done. The worse part is that its included in my final year exam. I think I'll just fail that part. Get more marks on the rest.

Physics quite confident to get some decent marks I think. Gravity and circular motion. Gravity having a larger percentage. Thank God. I suck so badly at anything that has to do with motion. Gravity is pretty straight forward. Not much formula to use and explain. Fingers crossed.

As for Applicable Maths. Not really sure about it. Need to revise my time series and I should be ok. Linear Programming sap sap water. Love those kind of questions. Anything that has to do with statistics I'm ok with. So just have to remember to revise time series and I should be a-ok.

Thats all for now folks. See ya.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


After a long hiatus. It is time to continue the introduction of the members of the AWHYO clan. This time, its the loudest and the one i hate the most. Hehe. AWHYO|Olic. As per usual. Photo first.

Lets see. First, let me tell you why i chose this photo. To answer that question, let me ask another question. Can you see a ghost in this photo? No right. But due to some great eyesight some of the other member have, mainly, AWHYO|SieN, AWHYO|BlurQueen, AWHYO|Olic and AWHYO|$$MoneY$$. They said they have seen a ghost in this photo. These members have some amazing imagination. All i see is a fan, and they can make it into a ghost. Amazing. Just amazing.

Ok. A bit off topic. Back on topic. AWHYO|Olic. The loudest member of the clan. When she gets excited, you can hear her voice from over a mile away. Thats not shouting too, thats just raising voice when being excited. Imagine when she shouts. I dont want to. Maybe I can hear it all the way from here in Perth. Hmm. I should do an experiment next time. Hehe.

I guess I should do an intro on how I know her. Well, its during that faithful year. The year when I was a committee member for the Orientation committee. Being the pervert I am, I arranged for her to be placed in my group. But due to some circumstances, it wasnt possible. However, due to AWHYO|SieN being in my group. I get to know her more. Score one for being perverty. lol. Thats how I get to know her. Through the years, I get to know she is just so damnn loud. Cool down a bit will you? Hehe.

AWHYO|Olic has a catchphrase that every member knows. When she says that, everyone would know it is her. If she doesnt say that. Then you better check if you have the real person or not. That catchphrase is "Wei!!! ____________________". Insert phrase of your choice in the blanks. Sometimes, I imagine her playing DotA. Wei!!! Dont kill me!!! Wei!!! How to move my hero!!!! Wei!!! How to buy items!!!! Would be so damn hilarious. Mission for going back to Miri, bring AWHYO|Olic to cyber to play DotA. Hehe.

By some strange chance, AWHYO|Olic loves to play with my Wii. Keeps wanting me to give her my Wii. Or just let her play my Wii. Which is a big no no from me. Its one of my most precious thing man. How can I give you? Grr... Warning to those who wants to challenge her at Wii Boxing. She is good, beat me quite a number of times, and i am the owner of the Wii. Malu. Zzzz. Got to brush up on my technique. Cant let her win.

Due to AWHYO|Olic's good relationship with AWHYO|SieN. She has formed a sub-division of AWHYO named FIB, which sadly consists of only three members. AWHYO|Olic as president, AWHYO|Mr^Blue~ and AWHYO|Mr^Eric. Due to the name of the subdivision being very vulgar, the full name will not be exposed to the public. Another guess work for all my precious readers. Hint, F is for AWHYO|Mr^Eric, I is for AWHYO|Mr^Blue~ and B is for AWHYO|Olic.

That should be all for this member. Before I end my post. I would like to add my traditional jio Melo sentence her. Melo, your a noob!!!!! Dont get my name wrong in the stickers or I will kill you!!!!!!


Friday, May 1, 2009

I am an Idiot.

I am a fucking useless idiot. No so use little piece of crap.