Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fnatic parts way with dota.

FnaticMSI.dota. One of the most feared name in the Asian Dota community. Tearing through the scene with their prefect teamplay and unorthodox picks. The name will no longer bring fear into the scene no more. As FnaticMSI just parted ways with their DotA team. However, the team is still playing together. Just that they are without a sponsor. Really hope they can find a sponsor soon. Its just great to see their teamplay and picks. maybe? lol. Eryc can you consider? Heres the list of players that used to play under the FnaticMSI tag:

Neha "Rinoa" Nair (Manager)
Ritter "Ritter" Rusli (Team Captain)
Ariyanto "Lakuci" Sony
Sugiarto "BaHaMuT" Cahyadi
Farand "KoaLa" Kowara
Andreas "VeLeNo" Lien


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