Monday, May 18, 2009


The above photo is the next member of the elite AWHYO clan. He will go by the name AWHYO|Mr^Sim. I just got word that AWHYO|Mr^Sim just returned back to Miri. As to what he's doing back there. I have no idea. Need to ask him or the other fellow members back in Miri some other time.

AWHYO|Mr^Sim. He is a person who likes to sing a lot. And i mean a lot. He's always the one to grab the microphone while singing Karaoke. Honestly, he doesnt sing that well. Zzz. The pitch and everything doesnt match at all. I can sing much much better. Hehe. I think i can start a concert soon. Free for all AWHYO members. Come come support.

Besides singing, AWHYO|Mr^Sim is an avid fan of cellphones. Whatever info you want to know about cellphones. The latest news, the best fads. He'll know. Even my knowledge isnt up to match with him. But I have more things to keep track of so I guess its forgivable that I dont know that much about phones.

"Sao ar" Thats the quote that AWHYO|Mr^Sim would always say. If something is too crazy, He'll say that. If theres like 10 clones of him. I would know which one is the real AWHYO|Mr^Sim by what he says. Hehe.

Basketball. AWHYO|Mr^Sim most favorite sport. He can do dunks like Kobe. Run like cheetah. Stamina of iron steel. Height of a giraffe. Yeah, he's that good. He is being contracted to play for the national team of Malaysia as we speak. It is rumoured that he will bring the first Olympic gold to Malaysia in the 2012 Olympic games. Gambateh!!!!!!!!!

Sadly, I ran out of ideas liao. Grr. So thats all for AWHYO|Mr^Sim. See ya peeps.



MeLo♥ said...

you sure he play ball THAT pro?? @@

BlueBerry~ said...

I bullshit cannot? Hehe.

NOtObEaLOnE^^ said...
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NOtObEaLOnE^^ said...

eh. i dun wan go ur concert le. free ticket for me oso dun wan =Phahaha,.

MeLo♥ said...

hahaha!! ai ren so bad!!
and what that comment? why removed? LOL