Sunday, May 24, 2009


I find that theres a huge gap between my post nowadays. I'm posting like one article per week, which is rather sad. lol. Anyway, heres some random updates on happenings around me.

-Just found out Susan is going over to Labuan for Matriculation. Rather surprised by this to be honest. Cause well, going for Matriculation is like being trained to be half Muslim. Knowing how Susan is like, its a real wonder why she would chose to go. However, it is a good thing. That way she can have a better future. All the best.

-Melo became so emo due to Susan's leaving. No surprise there. Miss Emo. Hehe. Dont kill me. Hehe. You still got your dear and laopo. Theres like lots of your other "hubbies" too.

-Got 18/20 for my Oral presentation. Stupid Tawsif made my group lose one mark due to referencing. Tawsif got like 19/20. I lost one mark for my timing. Was suppose to talk for just 5 minutes. Ended up being 10 minutes and 50 seconds for mine. Ouch.

-Have a rough idea on what I wanna study next year. Hope its the right choice I make. It aint going to be easy. But I'll preserve. Double degree with Accounting and Software Engineering. Bring it on baby. Gotta study study study.

-Semester exams end of June. Gonna try and score high on my Computer Science, Applicable Maths and Physics. Try and do somewhat ok in my Chemistry. Stupid exams.

-Aunt is coming over here next week. Uncle is planning to buy a house here, so she is here to take a look too. Dont really care if they come or not also. Hehe.

-Got my Computer Science assignment on Hardware back. Got 31/35. Not bad eh? Was suppose to be 29.5/35. But my lecturer must have forgotten to turn the last page when she was tallying up the marks for my assignment. Went and told her and she gave me the 1.5 marks. Computer Science is going to help me so much in my final score this year end. Muahahahha.

Thats all the things that I can think of. Till next time. See ya dudes.



MeLo♥ said...

waa.. seems like you're doing extremely well in school lerh!!!
+u+U !! hahas.. !!!

Susan said...

Mr Terry, u u rite. me here reli become muslim eh. all need speak bm n bi. chinese only can speak wif chung hua student. n my darling melo where got emo? she very hapi i leave miri ah. when u wan write a post about me de? fas fas oh. better b4 nex thurs so i can c.

Susan said...

me here everyday only can use 1 baldi mandi eh. then need rebut de. then tis toilet dirtier than any public de. so july u got back mah? me 17 july back oh. dun 4get mt present oh.

BlueBerry~ said...

I somewhat know the condition there lor. I heard my friends say before. Need to share the toilet and so on. Wear baju kurung o. Hehe. Sometimes also need to wear tudung I think. Hehe. Susan come back become Muslim liao. Muahahahaha. Dunno July got back ir not lor. See first.