Wednesday, May 6, 2009


After a long hiatus. It is time to continue the introduction of the members of the AWHYO clan. This time, its the loudest and the one i hate the most. Hehe. AWHYO|Olic. As per usual. Photo first.

Lets see. First, let me tell you why i chose this photo. To answer that question, let me ask another question. Can you see a ghost in this photo? No right. But due to some great eyesight some of the other member have, mainly, AWHYO|SieN, AWHYO|BlurQueen, AWHYO|Olic and AWHYO|$$MoneY$$. They said they have seen a ghost in this photo. These members have some amazing imagination. All i see is a fan, and they can make it into a ghost. Amazing. Just amazing.

Ok. A bit off topic. Back on topic. AWHYO|Olic. The loudest member of the clan. When she gets excited, you can hear her voice from over a mile away. Thats not shouting too, thats just raising voice when being excited. Imagine when she shouts. I dont want to. Maybe I can hear it all the way from here in Perth. Hmm. I should do an experiment next time. Hehe.

I guess I should do an intro on how I know her. Well, its during that faithful year. The year when I was a committee member for the Orientation committee. Being the pervert I am, I arranged for her to be placed in my group. But due to some circumstances, it wasnt possible. However, due to AWHYO|SieN being in my group. I get to know her more. Score one for being perverty. lol. Thats how I get to know her. Through the years, I get to know she is just so damnn loud. Cool down a bit will you? Hehe.

AWHYO|Olic has a catchphrase that every member knows. When she says that, everyone would know it is her. If she doesnt say that. Then you better check if you have the real person or not. That catchphrase is "Wei!!! ____________________". Insert phrase of your choice in the blanks. Sometimes, I imagine her playing DotA. Wei!!! Dont kill me!!! Wei!!! How to move my hero!!!! Wei!!! How to buy items!!!! Would be so damn hilarious. Mission for going back to Miri, bring AWHYO|Olic to cyber to play DotA. Hehe.

By some strange chance, AWHYO|Olic loves to play with my Wii. Keeps wanting me to give her my Wii. Or just let her play my Wii. Which is a big no no from me. Its one of my most precious thing man. How can I give you? Grr... Warning to those who wants to challenge her at Wii Boxing. She is good, beat me quite a number of times, and i am the owner of the Wii. Malu. Zzzz. Got to brush up on my technique. Cant let her win.

Due to AWHYO|Olic's good relationship with AWHYO|SieN. She has formed a sub-division of AWHYO named FIB, which sadly consists of only three members. AWHYO|Olic as president, AWHYO|Mr^Blue~ and AWHYO|Mr^Eric. Due to the name of the subdivision being very vulgar, the full name will not be exposed to the public. Another guess work for all my precious readers. Hint, F is for AWHYO|Mr^Eric, I is for AWHYO|Mr^Blue~ and B is for AWHYO|Olic.

That should be all for this member. Before I end my post. I would like to add my traditional jio Melo sentence her. Melo, your a noob!!!!! Dont get my name wrong in the stickers or I will kill you!!!!!!


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MeLo♥ said...

nice post..
till I reached the bottom part larh.. lol !!

yea luhh they all simply say got ghost, only me (Being the clever one) wasn't fooled hohoho !!! :P