Thursday, November 27, 2008

The End

As the clock starts slowly ticking down. Every student in class eyes the second hand of the clock move slowly yet surely. Second by second. Then, as fast as it started. The second hand struck 12 and the whistle goes off. The students all give out a big roar of excitement. Yes folks. Its THE END. The End of our dreaded SPM. The day we Form 5 students are looking forward to the most. The day all stress and worries have been taken off from our shoulder.

Well, to be fair. Its just only ended for those science stream students who did not take up account. Those who do, ends only on 1st December. As for the Art side. They end at 4th December.

Boy, was it a crazy ending. Before the start of EST paper 1. Jeen Yan's gang, the FBI (Female Body Investigator) all reverse parked into the road leading into the hall. A total of 10 cars if not mistaken. The scene was hell cool. When everyone came down. All went to their respective cars. And then, on the count of 3. All started honking like mad. That was seriously fun man. The noise. The happiness. So fun. I was honking too. Hehe.

Anyway, its over. What do i have to say? Nothing much. Its just over. Can relax for 1 month more. Then, i will be off to Perth. I'll miss it here. My dear, my family, my brothers in church, my friends, my bed and many many more. Bah, enough with all that emoing. I'm off now. Cyaz


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Countdown. Countdown to my birthday, countdown to my bro coming back. Thats some of the countdowns you can see from people's nick and so on. As for now, people would be counting down to the end of our dreaded SPM exams. One all form 5 students are waiting for. All waiting for it to end. A countdown symbolizes that you have something to look forward to. A hope that something will happen after the countdown. Your birthday, your dearest brother coming back. All of these give you a hope of something.

As i said, alot of Form 5 students are looking forward to finish our SPM. Some earlier than others. Some later. They all have plans for their after-exam parties or events. A few days ago, i was looking forward to it too. Looking forward to everything finishing so that i can buy a PS3. Something that i have been looking forward to for over a year liao. But now, after what my mum said. I dont think i will be getting it. As with my previous post. My mum and aunt is not allowing me to bring my PS3 over. The said its cause they want me to study. But i believe there are other reasons behind.

If i was to buy and play it until i go over to Australia. I would only have one month plus to play with it. Thats why i have decided not to get it. Its a very hard choice that i have to live with. And its a choice that i rather not make. But what to do? Two people are forbidding me from bringing it. And i'd rather not enjoy it than enjoying it for a brief period of time. So there goes my countdown to the end of my SPM. The hope to finish my SPM to finish faster. The event i am hoping after my SPM. All gone.

As of now, i have absolutely nothing to look forward to for finishing my SPM. Sure i would want it to end. But its just the same to me now. Nothing special about ending it. No hope. No countdown. No nothing.


Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ever had something plan long beforehand, but in the end the plan can never go according to plan? Know how that feels like? Yeah, i feel seriously like that. As some may know. I've already planned to get a PS3 long long ago. Heck, i've even done the calculations as when i should do the bank in for it and everything. Timing it so i would get it on the exact day i finish my SPM.

Things happened and i can say i do not know that i should buy the PS3 or not. Heres a low down on what happened.

1. I already bought the games i wanted to play on my future PS3
2. Older sister got scammed of RM680
3. Younger sister getting straight As in UPSR, asking for a new phone
4. Aunt and mum doesnt want me to bring my PS3 over if i want to buy it

No. 1 is still very much tolerable as i can still keep the games in mint condition and keep it as my collection. Who knows they might be worth more in the future. No. 2 and 3 are basically just financial problems, but I can pretty much solve that by finding a second hand seller. Which i already have. No. 4 is the bigger problem. Put it this way, if i buy the PS3 and not bring it over. I would only have a max enjoyment time of lets say 1 month. Whats the point then? Thats the biggest dilemma of them all. Give me some comments on what you guys think for those who do read my blog. I need all the advice i can get. Thankz for reading.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Kingsurf won!!!!!!

Buyeah. Kingsurf won!!!!!! Kingsurf won the Farm 4 Fame round 3. Woot. They were up against a strangely named European team Mom Equals Toilet. If you ask me, their team name is a bit how should i say insulting the great moms all around the world. Dont really like the team name. Anyway. The finals was a Best of 3 match. Kingsurf won 2 to 1. Means they won the first match. Lost the second and won the third. Very nice. Congrats to Kingsurf. Honestly, i dint think they would get this far for an online tournaments giving the lag issue and delay. Heard the ping for Kingsurf was 350. Woah man. 350 thats very high, i'm already having problems playing on 100+ ping and they can play on 350. Respect man. Respect.

Dont have much to add about it so see ya peeps.

BTW, SPM in 4 days.