Friday, November 7, 2008

Kingsurf won!!!!!!

Buyeah. Kingsurf won!!!!!! Kingsurf won the Farm 4 Fame round 3. Woot. They were up against a strangely named European team Mom Equals Toilet. If you ask me, their team name is a bit how should i say insulting the great moms all around the world. Dont really like the team name. Anyway. The finals was a Best of 3 match. Kingsurf won 2 to 1. Means they won the first match. Lost the second and won the third. Very nice. Congrats to Kingsurf. Honestly, i dint think they would get this far for an online tournaments giving the lag issue and delay. Heard the ping for Kingsurf was 350. Woah man. 350 thats very high, i'm already having problems playing on 100+ ping and they can play on 350. Respect man. Respect.

Dont have much to add about it so see ya peeps.

BTW, SPM in 4 days.


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