Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ever had something plan long beforehand, but in the end the plan can never go according to plan? Know how that feels like? Yeah, i feel seriously like that. As some may know. I've already planned to get a PS3 long long ago. Heck, i've even done the calculations as when i should do the bank in for it and everything. Timing it so i would get it on the exact day i finish my SPM.

Things happened and i can say i do not know that i should buy the PS3 or not. Heres a low down on what happened.

1. I already bought the games i wanted to play on my future PS3
2. Older sister got scammed of RM680
3. Younger sister getting straight As in UPSR, asking for a new phone
4. Aunt and mum doesnt want me to bring my PS3 over if i want to buy it

No. 1 is still very much tolerable as i can still keep the games in mint condition and keep it as my collection. Who knows they might be worth more in the future. No. 2 and 3 are basically just financial problems, but I can pretty much solve that by finding a second hand seller. Which i already have. No. 4 is the bigger problem. Put it this way, if i buy the PS3 and not bring it over. I would only have a max enjoyment time of lets say 1 month. Whats the point then? Thats the biggest dilemma of them all. Give me some comments on what you guys think for those who do read my blog. I need all the advice i can get. Thankz for reading.



MeLo♥ said...

waa why ur aunt dun let u bring ur ps3 over d? =/
well, decision up to u bah, maybe just buy larh since u so rich haha..
play one month oso shuang, then when u come back Miri o wad u play again lorh

BlueBerry~ said...

One month really no fun lar. Havent enjoy it need to pack it away liao.