Friday, October 31, 2008

Malaysian team in for finals in Farm 4 Fame 3

Wasnt really expecting this. But despite all odds. Our Malaysian DotA team will definitely be going to the finals for Farm 4 Fame 3. Its either team Kingsurf or ucpro-tbun`w4sl will represent team Malaysian to the Finals. Well, this tournament isnt about representing your country anyway. But, the fact that Kingsurf and ucpro-tbun`w4sl will be fighting out for a spot in the finals leaves a spectacle to behold. They will be going against a name strangely named as Mom equals Toilet. Very strange name indeed.

What i wasnt really expecting was that Kingsurf could beat out MYM during the prelimanaries. Kingsurf is a good team, but due to connection issues. We normally lose in online games. KS-hyhy even said the ping during that game was 250. 250 man. Thats freaking high. And considering on MYM's part, the connection should be alot better. Also note that MYM placed second in F4F 2. Another amazing thing is that ucpro-tbun`w4sl was also able to beat out mousesports. Again due to connection issues. Very amazing indeed. Mousesports was the champion for both F4F 1 and F4F 2.

Anyway, thats all i can say about both teams. Great achievement for the DotA teams of Malaysian. Means a guaranteed 3rd place finishing for Malaysia. But we cant be content with 3rd right? Hehe. Aim for 1st!!!! I'm hoping Kingsurf would win. But either way, good luck to both teams.

Click for results of F4F 3


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