Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Knowledge and Wisdom

Knowledge and Wisdom. Two words which are similar in meaning, yet mean totally different things. An old man with no education since young can have zero knowledge of the world, yet he can have a wealth of wisdom in him. Likewise, a person with a degree, pHd or any other high level education certificate can have lots of knowledge of the world, and yet, be poor in wisdom.

Wisdom is the understanding of how to treat people, things and the environment properly. In short, wisdom teaches you the virtues of life. Be fair to people, love the environment and so on. Wisdom can only be obtained through experiences in life. Through the daily routine of interacting with people. It can be thaught from one person to another, but i can never be learnt through the books we see everyday.

Knowledge is but the understanding of how our world works. Why do plants need sunlight to survive? How can fish survive in water? The quest to understand anything and everything about our small small world. These knowledge although important, but if not used right. Can be deadly. Just to the opposite of wisdom. Knowledge can be thaught from one person to another, and it can also be learnt through the thousands of books we find lying all around us.

How does these two things affect us? In a big way. Those who have great knowledge, yet no wisdom on how to use it can cause great havoc on this world. Those who have great wisdom, but lacks knowledge can still make this world a better place by teaching the great virtues of life. A balance of both is the best anyone can hope for.

As humanity's search for greater knowledge about outer space, about nano particles continue. May we pause and think. Do we need all these knowledge? Does all these contribute to the greater good of the world? May we discard all those that is unneeded and strive for better.

With this i end my post by leaving a quote i thought myself

"Knowledge can be learnt through books, but Wisdom can only be learnt through the experiences in life."


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