Thursday, October 16, 2008


Death. A very frightening word indeed. Death symbolises the end of a persons life. The ending to a very very long soap opera about your life. Quite a number of people are afraid of death. Why? Cause, well they dont know how is life after death. Where they will go after they die? Will they go to heaven? Will their preparations for the afterworld during their time of living enough? And so on.

I for one, am not afraid of death. For i know, when i take my last breathe in this world and leave this world. I will be somewhere better. Somewhere without pain and suffering. Although i am not afraid of death. I wont be looking for forward to it. To me, theres still a lot of things in this world i have yet to accomplish. My studies. My career. My future spouse. My future kids.

I have this thinking which my former BM tuition teacher told me. Only towards the end of your life would you know how much you have impacted the world around you. The people and everything. Its just as the saying "When a tiger dies, it leaves its fur; when a person dies, he leaves his name and legacy". I really like this saying. When you die, everything you once owned, you once cherished is all gone. You cant bring anything to your grave.

You may leave your money, your property, your car behind. But those thing will change ownerships in just a blink of an eye. But what you can leave behind is your undying legacy. People will forget that you once left them RM1000. But people wont ever forget that you helped them during their times of greatest despair. This, to me, is one of the most important things you can do in life. Affect people. Help people and so on.

You can see how a person is greatly respected and impacted people's lives during their funeral session. It is during the funeral. There are a lot of people who attend it. It shows that he/she is a greatly respected person. One that people do not want to see dead if possible.

This is to hope that once day, when my last breathe have been taken. I will leave a great legacy behind. One which will be remembered by people. This is to hoping that during my funeral. There would be a great number of people attending. People who i have helped and so on.


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