Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trial 2 over

Wootie, woot woot. Trials just ended a few days ago. But just thought of posting it up now. Overall. I think it went rather well. Second trial was easier than the first trial, which is a good thing. As my trial one result was rather bad. Dont dare use those results for my college application. Hope i get better result for this trial. Fingers crossed. Heres a recap on my exams:

Physics: Just one part in structure i dint manage to do. Damn, forgot to study the Logic gates and transistor part. Still should be able to do ok.
Chemistry: Ok ok too. Hehe. Paper 3 was damn lucky. Saw Doris when going to the toilet. She told me how to plan and write the experiment.
Biology: Quite confident with this subject. Always did like Biology more. Paper 3 was a breeze. Managed to read the subject on Variation.
English: One of my best subjects. Nuff said.
English for Science and Technology: EST=English. Do the math.
Malay Language: Useless for me. Go figure.
Moral Education: Useless. Go figure again.
History: Uselss. Go figure x 3.
Additional maths: Worried about this one. No idea why, but i was so moodless to do the paper one after paper two. The simplest question i wasnt even able to do. Dang. Hope its alright.
Maths: Maths teacher said i got 69 i think. Not bad.
Bible Knowledge: Just had it today. Dint study. Test based on memory. Wonder how it goes?

Thats all for now. Cyaz peeps.


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