Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My future.

Yesterday, I just got my offer letter to join Canning College for my further studies next year. What does this mean? Well. its official. I'll be leaving this place where i call my home next year and start a new life, with new friends and new environment.

If you know me, I think most of you would agree that i look like someone who is more than looking forward to leave this country. I guess, its true to some extent. I used to have this thinking, but its changed. I am quite a sentimental guy. I cant easily leave everything behind. My feelings towards my friends. Towards my family. Towards my dear. Its something that i have been accustomed to. People who i have been with all my life. Its hard for me to just leave them.

Although I may think like this. I know i have to leave one day. Every bird leaves its nest when it has grown up. Same thing to a boy when he grows to become a man. Its just a matter of time. I guess going earlier is good, learn about other people and culture more than other people. All i can do is suck all those feelings up and just head over to my new life as a college student next year. May God's peace be with me. I really need it.

It may be a new place to me. But I think it wont be too unfamiliar. My aunts and cousins have already migrated there long before i was born. I will be living with them. But still, I'll need to be accustomed to being alone. With no Mum, no Dad and no Sister. Ironically, I'll miss them. But what to do? Its for my own future. I'll just leave everything to the big guy in heaven to decide for me.

This is to my new life next year. May God's peace be with me and guide over while i am there.

For your info, my class starts 18th January 2009. Means no CNY for me. Thats all for now. Cyaz.



Pureheart said...
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Pureheart said...

heyyy...may i know what will u gonna be study?foundation of..?or..?
the campus..is it somewhere located in Perth?
I'm still waiting for mine..

best wishes in everything =)
All the best ^^

BlueBerry~ said...

Canning College is for doing foundation. They only offer pre-u courses anyway. WAFP, year 12 and so on. I'll be doing my foundation. And yeah. Its in Perth. You going there too?

Pureheart said...

I'm applying University of Otago and uni of Catebury in Christ Church(New Zealand).still waiting the offer letter and I will pick one from two of these uni(s)..hmm..I still dunno whether I wanna further my studies overseas for my foundation year or nope..I just apply first then see how is it..because I need to consider a lot of things..and actually I wanna wait till I study my bachelor degree then I study overseas...but I"ll see how my parents plan..and God's plan.

anyway,all the best in ur studies. =)and thanks for the sharings

BlueBerry~ said...

My dad came out of the University of Otago. Seems like a nice Uni. I think most people would say if you got the cash. Just go out. I suppose that would work. But i think also dependant on what you might wanna study and what Uni you may wanna go into in the future.

Ver` said...

No worries bout it ba Terry, i'll try my best to help ya out =P Maybe we can go out for a dinner with your parents after i come back, say like a small discussion bout Canning?