Sunday, May 10, 2009

Test much.

Grr..... College is killing me. So many test starting tomorrow. Physics tomorrow. English on Tuesday. Thursday Applicable Maths. Grr.

Rather worried about my English. Yes. You heard me right. Worried about my English test. I think I might fail it. Unbelievable eh? Its because of the kind of test I am having. Its a summary from an oral source. Meaning we just listen to a text being read out, while we take notes on it. Then we do the summary. Its gotta be the hardest summary I have ever done. The worse part is that its included in my final year exam. I think I'll just fail that part. Get more marks on the rest.

Physics quite confident to get some decent marks I think. Gravity and circular motion. Gravity having a larger percentage. Thank God. I suck so badly at anything that has to do with motion. Gravity is pretty straight forward. Not much formula to use and explain. Fingers crossed.

As for Applicable Maths. Not really sure about it. Need to revise my time series and I should be ok. Linear Programming sap sap water. Love those kind of questions. Anything that has to do with statistics I'm ok with. So just have to remember to revise time series and I should be a-ok.

Thats all for now folks. See ya.


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