Sunday, May 31, 2009


Marching on with the members of the AWHYO clan. This time its AWHYO|Mr^Bryan. To break tradition, the photo of him will be posted last. If I was to describe AWHYO|Mr^Bryan in one word. That word would be emo. He is rather emotional. Sometimes a bit over especially for a guy. Hehe. Dont kill me. Likes to do stupid yet funny things too.

Besides that AWHYO|Mr^Bryan is probably the tallest among the whole AWHYO clan. Very tall man. Its like two melo together in terms of height(Score for jioing melo). Dude, what the heck do you eat? I cant even get as tall as you. Grr. My goal for this year. Get taller than you. Hehe. Not that I care that much actually.

AWHYO|Mr^Bryan is also a very devout christian. A lot of times he cant join us on our gathering is due to his church activities and so on. I respect him for that cause I would do the same. Strangely enough, my activity time doesnt clash with any of the gathering times. Bad luck for him I suppose. God will bless you greatly.

Speaking about being blessed. AWHYO|Mr^Bryan is really blessed in my opinion. Gathering straight As in his SPM exams then getting JPA scholarship. Those who put God 1st shall be blessed by him bountifully. I can see from him that HE does. God bless my dear friend. God bless.

Feel a bit bad that I couldnt celebrate his birthday with him last year. Its probably the only one that I missed out of the whole AWHYO celebrations. Grandmother's birthday is apparently more important than a friend's. Grr. This year cant too. Sobs. Such a bad friend. Slap myself. Slap. Slap. Slap.

Currenly AWHYO|Mr^Bryan is studying in Riam. I heard he is the most handsome one in Riam for this year. lol. Not sure how true is that. Probably not true at all. Hmm. Dont kill me please. Hehe. Like I would be afraid of you. Hehe. Oh. He is also rather good at badminton. Beating everyone loads of times. All except maybe AWHYO|Mr^Soon. One things for sure. He will beat Melo with one hand tied to his back(score two).

Anyway. That will be all for now. Photo up next.

He is the one in specs. Handsome er? Your the judge.


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MeLo♥ said...

most handsome in Riam??
this line got a bit wrong loh!