Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Duck duck pt2

Continuing where i left off in the duck story. So i named her Yii Yee. One day, while she was roaming around town, looking for something to eat or rather just walking around. She somehow came across an interesting piece of object. The object isnt big. Quite small. Very useful to some, yet unuseful to known. So she decided to take this particular object. Yii Yee, walked, swimmed and did everything she could to find me. Where was i? I home of course. Suddenly, i heard, a quack on the door and flapping footsteps. Aha, my dear Yii Yee is back. Wonder what she has found today? I thought. When i opened the door. And there she was, the little cute duck duck clutching that object. Its a cure object. Interesting indeed. What is it? Its a little black ribbon with polka dots.

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