Thursday, August 28, 2008

Its over!!!!!!

BuYeah. Its over!!!!!! Hell yeah. And i mean my trial exams by the way. Its over. Although far from the real thing. But its over for now. So what the heck. Relax a bit. And a recap on how i did on the subjects:

BM: I think i can pass this time. I surprisingly have enough points to write my long essay until 4 pages. Woah. Thats amazing.
English: Duh. This will be an A. English has never been a problem for me.
English for Science and Technology: Should be able to ace this one. Except for the information transfer which is a bit confusing and the objective question's answer being very similar, the rest are rather easy.
Sejarah: I think i can pass also. Cause, well, the essay and structured questions are the ones that come out from the Adabi book. Which i happen to read the day before the exam. Still able to answer some of the questions.
Moral: Meh. Useless subject. Nuff said.
Maths: Aceable. Again, they somehow dint test the chapters which i am weak in. God must be on my side.
Additional Maths: OMG, this paper is hard like hell. Especially the second paper. I cant even do the progression question. Dammit.
Chemistry: I am always weakest in Chemistry out of the three science subjects. So this one. Damn had. Dead
Physics: Miraculously, they dint test much on the form 4 topics. Which i am weakest in. Thank God.
Biology: This paper was quite easy in my opinion. But i know i lost at least 6 marks on my paper two. How should i know that tissue was a cardiac muscle? Dang.

Thats all for my test. I still have one bible knowledge test on Saturday. But that shouldnt be a problem for me. Hehe.

Anyway, in unrelated news. KingSurf.Dota of Malaysia just got second placing in the ESWC held in San Jose, USA. Grats to them. I was rather surprised they could beat the powerhouses of dota such as SK.Dota from Germany and MYM.Dota of the Danes . But great achievement nontheless. Oh, they lost to Zenith of Singapore. Interesting to see two asian countries beating the rest of the world. No?

Thats all for now folks. Cyaz.



madmoz said...

Heh, i got P7 for "Pendidikan Moral'.

"Estimate not stupid subject do you under" - Yoda

Karlyn said...

Terry? Woah, Terence W? =) anyways, good luck to u .

BlueBerry~ said...

p7? lolz. I dont even give a damn about that subject for my SPM. As long as i go take it.

And yes Terrence Wong. In the flesh. lolz.