Monday, July 14, 2008

Big D's birthday

Dum diddy dum. Its big D's birthday yo.

Ok enough with the lame attempt at trying to rap on the blog. Anyway, who is big D? Our infamous, Labuan kid, Daryl. lolz. Wonder should i put Labuan kid or not? He is from Labuan, but he was born in KL i think. Zzz. Anyway, he's part of the AWHYO gang. So we must remember his birthday.

As with all birthday traditions, we must have celebrations. And whats big D's birthday this year like? A Barbeque. And oh my, there are so much food during the bbq. And i mean alot.Oh yeah, this bbq is solely for the gang of AWHYO. lolz. Whats that? Well. Cant tell, confidential. lolz.

Anyway, i was late at going to Daryl's house on sat, dint expect them to be there so soon. But i brought the entertainment, so guess they cant complain. Hehe. They were crazy playing with my Wii. Especially Doris. Jumping around the whole living room. So afraid she might break Daryl's TV. Zzz. We played Wii sports and SSBB. Hao Hsiu and Daryl were owning the whole gang in Wii Tennis. Zzz. Crazy man.

Dont really know what else to write actually. Will get the photos from Daryl soon. Then i will post them. Till then. Cyaz Peeps.


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