Thursday, April 23, 2009


As a student here in Perth. I sometimes feel very sienz. Not because of the school or no friends and so on. Its just about life. Feeling stressed from parents, from my aunt here, about my results not being good enough. Its all very emotionally taxing for me.

Its been three months since I have came here. In three months. My parents only called me three times. Not to say hello or to ask how am I. But to scold me. First time I admit its my fault. I used up 30aud worth of credit in 1 week. That I admit. Second time was because I dint tell them I was going to the beach to play. Got scolded again. Third time, due to the ridiculous mobile phone call and sms rates, I decided on using the 29 aud cap. Which for your info, by paying 29aud, I get 150 of credit and last for 1 month. But the 30 dollars one, I just get 30 dollars, and it has to last me for 2 months. How de heck can anyone achieve that? Maybe some people who dont have friends can. But not me. So I got scold for deciding what i think its best.

My mum said 29 aud is equivalent to RM100. But honestly, I dont cant even make it out to that amount. At most it is would be RM70. That is expensive I agree. However I pay RM70 but its equivalent of getting RM300 of phone credit. Is that so wrong? Due to this, I now dont dare to spend money on anything anymore. From now on, I wont go out with my friends, I wont go out to the city, I wont go watch movies. I will just stay at home. Everyone needs entertainment right? I cant go out, so I stay at home. I stay at home to play games. I still get scolded for not spending money. I play to release stress and so on. But I get scolded for not doing any work. What do you guy want of me?

Looking some of my friends' blog. Those who have gone overseas studying. They seem to be living a better life than me. They can go out and hang out with friends. They can make their own decision about the amount of phone credit they want to reload. What about me? Deprived of all those. I cant spend. I cant play games. I cant even decide anything for myself now. I always thought you guys are two of the best parents around. I thought you guys would let me make my own decisions. I guess I was so totally wrong. I cant.

About my aunt. What the heck is wrong with you? When I go over the internet limit. I get scolded. When I have controlled myself and not go over the limit. I get scolded. So that means no matter how hard I try, I still get scolded right? Fine. I'll just use up the limit then. I'll get scolded anyway when the time is up, might as well download the series I want to watch and have fun while I can. No point at trying to save it. I'll get scolded anyway.



MeLo♥ said...

cheer up !!!

NOtObEaLOnE^^ said...

jia you^^ we r awhyo! we all support u dude! lalala. be happy la, wish to gathering soon soon soon! miss d 13 members~ haiz

MeLo♥ said...

'dude' ??