Thursday, April 30, 2009

SMM Grand National Dota Tournament

Woot. Just got news about the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament(SGDNT for short). Why is this just a good news? Cause its the biggest DotA tournament to be held every year in Malaysia. And it just got much much bigger. With bigger prize pool and more goodies to win. This is just going to be so cool. Another great thing about this tournament is that it is that international teams are allowed to join too. Meaning teams like Ravens and Evil Geniuses can join too. Would be so great to see the top teams from around the world duke it out in a LAN tournament. Personally, I'm hoping that eryc get all three Ks teams to go. Ks.DotA probably needs to go through the qualifying stages. But they can win that easily. As for Ks.Int and Ks.Cn. Eryc!!!!!!! Bring them in for this tournament!!!!! I beg you!!!!!!! lol. This would be the chance to see all three Ks teams battle it out. SMM should hold a showmatch before the whole event starts. I will definitely be there to watch this if that happens. Anyway, thats all for now. See yaz.


MeLo♥ said...

love dota so much oh..

BlueBerry~ said...

Tak Boleh? Beh Song ar? Come fight me DotA lor. I dont use mouse also can pawnn you. Lol.

MeLo♥ said...

ehh i girl ma.
u lose me where u hide ur face????