Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update on College life

Woot!!!!! Holidays right now!!!!!! But a bit boring. No car to drive to go around. Even if i do, Perth is a boring city nothing much to do. Hehe. So I guess I'll update on my friends and life in College. College life is stressful yet fun. Life in general is full of sadness and hardships. Not as cheerful as a person as I am before I suppose.

Anyway, life in college. All is ok i suppose. Trying very hard to get my grades better than what it used to be. But honestly, I dont even know why I am trying. My parents wont give me a word of encouragement when I do go. Not even calling to ask "How are you?" Just scolding me for the things I am doing wrong. It makes me to be so afraid to do things in case I did something wrong and got scolded again.

Right, back on topic. Life in college. Stressful but fun. Stressful cause my grades aint what i liked it to be. Fun because I have made new and great friends in the college. Friends from all walks of life, from all around the world. Friends who I may not be able to trust, but at least I can smile and pretend I am ok. For that little while, I can forget about my things.

As for the actual college itself, its not exactly very overwhelming. Its a rather small college. Yes, you heard it right. Small. Even Chung Hua is way bigger. And i mean WAY bigger. I think Chung Hua is like 2 times bigger than Canning College. What they fail in size, they make it up in its facilities. Computer lab, Library, Science labs. All of them way better than the ones back in Chung Hua. The teachers here are also much better. Patient and willing to go over the same thing until you understand it. Thats what college is about.

I guess thats enough with the talking, I'll upload some photos now. About my school and my friends here. Here it goes.

The door entrance to the International office. Where we international students pay our fews and make our enquiries here.

My science lab entrance. More specifically my Chemistry lab. Where all the booms and kapau happens.

The library. Big aint it? Theres lots of computers for students to use and a learning center where students can get help on subjects they are weak in.

This is Himal. No, not hamil. Its Himal. He's from Zambia. A country in Africa. A very friendly guy. Good in Chemistry too. Keeps beating me. Hehe.

Michael from...................... Miri!!!!!! A fellow Mirian. Met up with him during the orientation. Apparently he is Leh Bing's and Agan's mate too. He's lucky though. His family is migrating over to Perth.

A Hongky. Shirley. Pretty eh? Hehe. She loves Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. And I mean loves. All her things are Stitch. Bag, file, pens. Everything I tell you.

The black dude from Bangladesh. No offense meant in that last sentence. Anyway, this guy is Tawsif. He's the same class with me in ELACS and Physics. Pretty smart guy. Top of my ELACS class.

Probably cant see her face. But I'll introduce her anyway. She is Lyn from ummm.... I think Sabah. Hehe. Sleeping during Aplic class. Tsk Tsk Tsk.

Last one for this post. A shot taken during Chemistry class. See that teacher? He is the most boring Chemistry teacher ever. Damn boring. But his powerpoints are useful. Hehe.

Ok, thats all for now folks. See yaz. Signing out



MeLo♥ said...

continue with the awhyo post larhh =p=p

BlueBerry~ said...

It wont reach you so soon anyway. HEhe.

MeLo♥ said...

quite true,..
that;s why want you to hurry with it so I can read what you have to write about me lah!! lolol

BlueBerry~ said...

Meh. I'll skip yours altogether. Hehe.

madmoz said...

Perth boring? Not a chance wor! Canning College is near Curtin right? Methink i dorve pass it a fair few times.

No wheels? Bummer. Perth's so spread out that that it's kinda hard to get going otherwise.

Try renting a car. You can drive all the way down to Albany :)
Or start with the Swan Valley... get wasted on wine and cheese.

Or get one of the locals to bring you fishing?
Or try what has to be the best eggtarts i've ever had in a crummy old chinese eatery (at least it was five years ago) in Chinatown called Wai Yip. Their salad-ha is a killer too.
Or go makan snow crabs/king crabs at one of the chinese eateries near the chinatown 'gate', methinks the best shop back then was called city garden - the first one from the road.
Or if food ain't your thing, you can always goto exotica :)
Or visit me in the Perth museum!