Friday, April 10, 2009


Since I've done the post about our clan lord AWHYO|SieN. Let me do an introduction to another all time member: AWHYO|Mr^Blue~. As the title says it, he is a guy. A great guy to be exact. He has been with AWHYO through good times and bad. He is one of the most important and most prominent member out of the whole gang. Why so? Cause he is always the one to pay for the gatherings first.

AWHYO|Mr^Blue~ is a technology geek. He owns quite a few of the latest and greatest gadgets. Wii, Nokia N95 8GB, Apple MacBook Pro to name a few. Besides that, he loves to play games. From DotA, to DS, to PSP, to the Wii. PS3 coming soon for him. Hehe. He recently became a Windows hater due to Windows being an ass and Bill Gates being so damn rich. Support Mac!!!!!!!

Enough about his hobbies. Now to his character. To many, he is a funny person. And indeed he is. He crack jokes every now and then, lightening the atmosphere. Oh, he like to jio Melo alot. Hehe. Melo, your a noob hai. Design such a shirt for what? Back so ugly. Hehe. Besides that, he is a true friend. He's there when you need him. Willing to listen and help.

Saying so much. I guess everyone would want to see a photo of him right? Here it is:

Great guy eh? His name is Terrence Wong. Hehe.



MeLo♥ said...

omg =.=
never seen someone as bu yao lian as you !!!!

NOtObEaLOnE^^ said...

SOHAI!!! all LIES 1, hahahahah.. dun wan face ah.. =P

BlueBerry~ said...

Which part of it is a lie? True de hor.

MeLo♥ said...

yea luhhh
i not so bad lah say "lies"
bullshit bah