Saturday, April 25, 2009


Update, update, update. Another post about another of the elite AWHYO clan member. This time its a very tall girl as opposed to the short one in the last one. As per tradition. A photo first.

There she is. Probably cant tell if she is tall. But trust me, she is. Anyway, enough about the tall part. Lets start with how I know her. It was four years ago. Towards the end of the school year of 2005. AWHYO|Shan and I among eighteen others were chosen to be junior committee members for the Orientation Program 2006 for the new students. Thats when I got to know AWHYO|Shan. If not mistaken, she wasnt as close or actually know AWHYO|SieN or AWHYO|BlurQueen yet. But it was all good. during that year's school holidays. We as the junior committee members were tasked to finished a drama that shows how great we are. Through that, I get to know AWHYO|Shan a little more better. Cause well, I was forced to dance the Cha Cha with here. Thats the last time you would see me doing that.

Anyway, fast forward to now. AWHYO|Shan is now doing further studies in Taiwan. Heard its very stressing there. Who told you to go Taiwan? I told you to come Perth liao lor. Hehe. If the readers are still wondering why, its rather simple. Her mum is from Taiwan, so going there would be easier for accommodation and so on. Anyway, more about her. Starting of our Form 4 year. I got to be in the same class with her and the rest of the elitist members. Thats how its was formed. With that, I get to know more about her. Firstly, she is rather smart. Forgot how many As in SPM. A fair bit I must say. Besides that, she knows how to cook rather well. I heard that her sushis are nice. I dont know about that, never had the chance to try it before. Probably not as nice as said, due to the high standard of my tastebud. Hehe.

She has two pet dogs which are so damn aggressive. Barks at anyone who goes near her house. Grr. Stupid dogs. Oops. Probably shouldnt have said that. Ahem. Next thing, due to her cooking talents. She wishes to open a restaurant named "Little Bear Restaurant". As to how that name came about, I have absolutely no idea. Your guesses are just as good as mine. So start guessing.

AWHYO|Shan, AWHYO|BlurQueen, AWHYO|SieN and AWHYO|Olic have formed a sub-group in the elitist clan, called the sisterhood. Its exclusive to the above members only. No addition, no subtraction. I guess Melo is way too emo to be considered as part of the sisterhood(Yeah Melo, I'm going to jio you in every post about AWHYO). As the sisterhood, share the deepest and most darkest secrets with each other which they have sworn to keep in utmost secrecy. Well, probably not darkest, definitely the deepest.

That should be all about her now. I cant think of much about her. Oh wait, she is just as evil as AWHYO|SieN. Very evil. Thats really all I can think off. Signing out now. See yaz peeps.

Edit: Something I forgot. How can I forget that? Thats like one of the most important things about her. What is it? Her birthday. Her birthday is the same day as mine. However she is one year younger than. Interesting eh?


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MeLo♥ said...

what lah...
too emo to join.. walau.
*heart shatters*
....... !!

she evil meh? lol