Saturday, February 7, 2009

College life

Yo peeps. Wonder who is actually following my blog at all? Hmm. Please leave a comment telling me who actually follows my blog. I want to know my audiences. Hehe.

Anyway, on to the main topic. School has started. I'm studying at Canning College right now. So basically, i'm having college life right now. Its strange, i just finished my SPM a few months ago, and now I am starting school all over again. School was never fun nor great. But being at college is way better than being in Chung Hua, although Chung Hua has its perks.

One thing i find interesting about the educational system here in Australia is that the standard isnt really very high at all. High meaning, that the things we study back in Malaysia is actually harder than the people studying here locally. I'm doing the foundation program and the first chapter of my Physics is about Waves. Half of my Physics textbook is actually what i have studied back in Form 5. Revision time.

Although the educational system here isnt high as people has thought. It is however a better system to it. They have what they called "Continuous Evaluation". Our marks are taken into account based on how well we do throughout the year. My final score after i finish my class here is 50% based on the school's assessment and test while the other 50% is based on the final exam. The one is Malaysia is where our 100% is all based on our SPM exams. I prefer the "Continuous Evaluation" rather than what we have in Malaysia.

Another thing that i like about the classes here, is the fact that the class size is small. Max of 30 students per class. In Malaysia, theres at least 40 per class. Stark contrast. The 30 class per students allows for more interaction in class and the teachers can concentrate on individual students better. 40 students per class is just crazy. A nice thing about this college is that its just one leveled, so no need to climb the stairs like back in Miri. But dont worry, i still get exercise. Because unlike the school's in Malaysia, the students move about to get to their next class instead of the teachers moving. Which gives me my daily exercise equivalent of walking up the stairs.

I dont know what else i have to say about my college life here. Its just better than high school life in Miri. Thats all for now peeps. See yaz.



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Damn. Dint expect you. lolz

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Shera said...

hey there! just found ur blog thru Ah sian. Count me in as ur followers from now :p Sounds like you like ur studies there. Well, enjoy urself ya :) College / University life have been my best years so far... Cheerz.

MeLo♥ said...

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