Sunday, February 22, 2009

Maths test tomorrow

Aiks. I have my first ever maths test since coming to Perth. Hope i can do good. Its the topic about transformation of graphs and graphical solutions of graphs and inequalities. Its not that hard. But just hope i dont get anything by careless, i do that a lot of times. This test also accounts for part of my final mark. So better do well. Prays and crosses fingers. Anyways, i've done most of my preparations and stuff. So wish me luck my friends. I really need it. Hehe. Anyway, thats about it for tonight. See yaz peeps.

-Mr^Blue~(Changing nick)


Shera said...

all the best!!... Mr^Blue :)


haha u can de lah!!
hmm.. y my test onli for transformation!!? -.-''
stupid teacher =x