Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stress, emoness and homesick

Finally decided to post something. Well, like I expected, I will start posting when I am in Perth. Due to three factors. The stress, emoness of life and homesickness. Hence the current post title.

Its been over three weeks since i came back to Perth to pursue my studies once again. This time though, I continue my studies in one of Perth's most prestigious universities, The University of Western Australia. In short, UWA. So yeah, I'm currently studying Computer Science/Commerce. It was Engineering/Commerce before, but i decided to change it like three days before lectures start. Why? You may ask. Its something that I've thought about in the past few weeks. Being an engineer is not something that attracts me. Engineering isn't even something that comes close to being part of my interest. Many people wont agree with my choice. They will look down at me for not giving a try and so on. Fair argument. In the end however, its me who is going to be studying, not you. So respect my choice.

Besides that, I've been pretty homesick this time around. Have no idea why, but I just do. I figured its because this time around, I'll be staying alone unlike last year with my aunt. Staying with relatives changes things so much. Makes you feel much accepted easier. Feels so different living with friends. I guess that is part of life that I have to learn. So be it, bring it on baby.

I guess that will be all for today. See ya later peeps.